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Fisher Price Incrediblock

Updated on April 22, 2016

Fisher Price Incrediblock - Building Minds And Possibilities

Encourage your children with everything you can - you never know what their imaginations will conjure up, you could bring out the inventor in him!

Fisher Price Incrediblocks are ideal for small hands and big imaginations and can teach children many things while they play.

Of course, being a Fisher Price toy this is made from sturdy and safe materials.

They know that toddlers may be small but they have the ability to give toys a severe beating over time.

These can withstand almost whatever your child can dish out.

What Is The Incrediblock?

Incrediblocks are perfect big toys, even for children that are not yet walking. They’re sturdy enough to allow a toddler to pull himself up, but if he’s not at that stage yet there are dozens of things for him to explore and look at. Blocks are great for small kids. I remember playing with mine, but they were simply brightly painted cubes of wood. Stacking blocks requires hand-eye coordination, motor skills and that also helps children understand balance. When the stack falls over, oh well, with the Incrediblocks there are dozens of other things they can do.

There are 8 blocks in the set which can be stacked up in a rack and come tumbling down with the pull of a lever. Add some batteries and the child will be rewarded with flashing lights and sounds when he drops the blocks and moves them through mazes. There are wheels that go round and flaps that make noises, plus a mirror he can look into so he gets a sense of “me”.

When he puts a block in the center of the set a description plays, plus a song and a sound effect, so there’s hours of fun and learning contained in this compact yet very clever toy.

There are 8 songs in total, 8 words to learn and lots of different sound effects so every part of him will be learning as he plays, although he won’t know it! Two of the sides of the block drop down and it’s big enough to hold 30 Fisher Price blocks or a bunch of action toys and other things my grandson likes to throw in.

The whole Fisher Price Incrediblock set is built to last from about 9 months through 2 years or older and takes up little space when it’s all folded up – it sits on a 16” square base and is approximately 15” high, so it’s ideal for a wobbly toddler to lean on and play at the same time. There’s even a drawer underneath so it can be kept all together after play.

The blocks in themselves are fascinating and safe for children who are teething. They have a brightly colored top and bottom and clear plastic sides. Inside is a letter of the alphabet and a little toy or a cute and colorful animal. They are designed to have no sharp edges, can be wiped over with a damp cloth and are large enough so they will never be a choking hazard.

Your toddler will love his Fisher Price Incrediblock.

Check Out Why The Incrediblock Is Appropriately Named - It's Incredible!

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    • profile image

      MaryMitchell 4 years ago

      This toy seems very aptly named - it looks incredible fun for the little ones!

    • steverayg13 profile image

      steverayg13 4 years ago

      My kids would have played with this for hours at a time when they were little!