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Fisher Price Klip Klop Stable Detailed Review With Pictures

Updated on April 21, 2014

A New Take On An Old Idea Which Has Left Me Pleasantly Surprised

I have been aware of this toy for some time, however it wasn't until I got my hands on one of the figure sets that I realized its potential.

My mother actually got a chance to play with the full stable in a local toy store, and she was so happy with it that she purchased one of the prince and princess sets for my daughter (1.5 years old). Later on she told me about it and I was honestly unimpressed up to the point she insisted that I watch a video review of the product. The video left me intrigued.

A week later we made a big trip to the USA where she gave our daughter the toy which consisted of two figures and two ramps and we all played with it.

After spending some time with the figure set I was thoroughly impressed with the design and then our daughter ended up being gifted the rest of the princesses as well as the Mike the Knight figure sets from various relatives so there were loads to play with.

We all (6 adults + our daughter) had a lot of fun joining the ramps together and racing the figures while my daughter clapped and cheered.

By the last day of our trip we decided that we were going to get the full stable set for her as a Christmas gift (price is extortionate in the UK by comparison) and my mother was all too happy to buy it for her.

We took the stable home in pieces and assembled it while she slept.... Then we played with it and decided that she'd been such a good girl with all of the traveling we put her through that she could have it early and she absolutely loves it.

Below I've detailed the features of the play set and I have provided many large photos.

If you're on the fence about whether this toy is a good choice for your little one, hopefully this review will help you decide!

Front View

Assembling the stable was really easy. Most of it clips together and there are a couple of screws that secure the top of the tower so you will need a star head screwdriver for that in addition to getting into the battery compartment.

There are about 20 stickers that you need to put onto the toy yourself and they are all very clearly numbered on the instructions so there is not any guesswork as to where they should go.

I would recommend that you put the stickers on before you assemble it though, just because it will be easier to get your fingers into some of the trickier spaces that way.

Back View

Klip Klop Stable Video Review

The stable is quite large when it is fully assembled because the ramps are nice and long. The video below will help you to put it into perspective and provide some animated examples of the dolls as well as the play areas and sounds that have been incorporated into the design.


Front Gateway With Lights And Music

The light that you see in the photo is a sensor so when the doll klip klops its way down the ramp it blocks the light and triggers music and sounds.

Our little girl is fascinated with this feature in particular for obvious reasons!

"Dancing Floor"

The dancing floor has two pegs which the horses fasten to by holes in their feet and when you spin the dial to make them "dance" music will play.

Rapunzel's Tower

You are going to have to imagine it with the flag stuck on the top because Miss Mischief ran off with it when I was trying to take pictures.

The tower has two floors for imaginative playtime. One of the ramps finishes off inside of the bottom floor and the top ramp begins on the top floor.


This is a funny little feature with a hurtle for the pony to jump over (with some help from tiny fingers) it combines the klip klop ridges that the horses walk on with slides.

I wasn't very impressed with it at first but it's sort of grown on me.

Water The Horses

This isn't exactly a massive feature but I thought it was a really nice touch to the design of the toy as a whole.

Walk Out Stables With Hinged Doors

There are two closed stables with mini ramps for storing the figures. They can look out the windows at the front or walk out the gates (which hinge down) at the back.

Stable Front View

There is also a mini ramp to let the ponies klip klop out of the front gate.

Buy The Fisher Price Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable On Amazon

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable (Discontinued by manufacturer)
Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable (Discontinued by manufacturer)

At the time I'm writing this, the Amazon prices for the playset is insane but the prices for the accessories aren't bad.

That doesn't mean that the Amazon prices won't be fluctuating a great deal though, especially as used sets start becoming available, so have a look but be warned, you might want to shop around.

Our stable cost $25 on sale at Walmart.



Close Up Photos Of The Dolls - Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel, Aurora, Cinderella, Prince Charming

Click thumbnail to view full-size


The troughs come with the individual sets as a play accessory as well as a practical attachment to the ramps to help them join together at the correct incline.

The're not exactly exciting in their own right but I wanted to show you a close up here to point out that the stickers inside of them are actually all different which I also thought was a nice touch.

Snack Time

Build Ramps

If you have several of the mini sets you can join the ramps and troughs together as pictured which means, you don't actually need the stables at all to play with klip klops however, if you play with these and see your little one light up at the sight of them doing their thing you're likely to really want the full playset. Unfortunately the extra ramps do not clip onto the stables themselves.


If you have enough pieces you can make two smaller ramps and race the figures! (just tap the tails to start them moving)

Fisher-Price Disney Little People Klip Klop Ariel & Prince Eric
Fisher-Price Disney Little People Klip Klop Ariel & Prince Eric

I havne't seen this set in stores and it's one we haven't got.

It features Princess Ariel and Prince Eric as well as two ramps and one feeding trough.

As with the Cinderella set above, the princess looks the same as the one sold in the single set, however the horse is different, so if you bought both you wouldn't have exact doubles.


So all in all, I'm extremely pleased with this toy and I have nothing but praise for the clever and talented people who came up with the designs for the stable and the dolls in terms of functionality as well as the thoughtful aesthetic details. There are no sharp edges and no parts of it are brittle.

The klip klop stable is fun and entertaining and really does make you want to sit on the floor and play along. I can see it holding her interest for years.

More Klip Klop Toys

Mike The Knight - For Boys And Girls

Fisher-Price Little People Mike The Knight Klip Klop Arena Playset
Fisher-Price Little People Mike The Knight Klip Klop Arena Playset

This playset is considerably lower in price than the stables and that is because there simply aren't as many features... in fact, based on the reviews I've watched it seems there is really only one feature.

The one feature is that the figure klip klops and slides down the track and crash lands at the end.

There aren't any stables, lights, music or areas of additional play. The back is just flat plastic so what you see in this photo is exactly what you get.

It still looks like a fun toy, just with far less to it than it's girly counterpart.

Fisher-Price Little People Mike The Knight Klip Klop Mike Figure Pack
Fisher-Price Little People Mike The Knight Klip Klop Mike Figure Pack

Our daughter was gifted this figure (Mike the knight) as it works in the klip klop stable just as well as the princesses do and helps to balance the boy to girl doll ratio.

Fisher-Price Little People Mike The Knight Klip Klop Evie Figure Pack
Fisher-Price Little People Mike The Knight Klip Klop Evie Figure Pack

She also received this doll which is my favorite of all the klip klop figures. Her name is Evie. She's got brown hair and a little wizard outfit on.

As a brunette girl who grew up in the 80's when most dolls were blonde, I'm always partial to brown haired dolls, even now.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

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