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Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace Detailed Review With Pictures

Updated on January 3, 2014

A Really Wonderful Playset For Your Little Princess

This Christmas one of our daughter's big presents was the Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace by Fisher Price, including all of the princesses that go with it.

The thing that started us on the path to purchasing this playset is that my cousin sent our daughter the princesses from the US. After she had the princesses I started looking into the castle and we bought it for her when she was about 7 months old. It then lived in my closet in its box for about a year.

We decided not to give it to her for her first birthday because she just wasn't ready for that sort of toy yet. My cousin's daughter got her castle for her first birthday (she is 2 months younger than our daughter) and she played with it quite happily but that just goes to show you that you know your own child well enough to determine which toys they're ready for regardless of the recommended ages printed on the package. (this toy is recommended for ages 1.5-5yrs)

I'm glad we held out though, because at 19 months she really loves the castle,she has the dexterity to play with it and she's past the stage where she wanted to sit on everything which was also a concern.

The main idea behind the toy is that it's basically a doll house for the figures and each princess figure interacts with the castle differently. Each princess also sings a (partial) song from her associated film.

The volume on the castle is adjustable between low and high. We find the low setting to be sufficiently loud.

It comes with Snow White and Cinderella figures and takes less than 10 minutes to assemble. Assembly includes clipping some parts of the castle together, screwing some parts together, inserting batteries and sticking on a few stickers.

The castle also comes with a dining table and chairs as well as a bed which holds two figures.

Below I have detailed the features of the Princess Songs Palace with photographs. I've also included a list of the songs which you can expect from each individual princess as well as where to find the character dolls.

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace (Discontinued by manufacturer)
Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace (Discontinued by manufacturer)

This is the core playset which comes with two princesses (Cinderella & Snow White) as well as the dining table, chairs and bed.

It's readily available at toy stores online and off. I've found the best price to come from Target.

Since I'm in the UK I paid a lot of money for the one we got for our daughter but luckily we did get a break with the additional doll sets, receiving them as gifts or buying them in the US.

Unfortunately the accessories are unreasonably overpriced in the UK. Just be aware of that before you buy if you live in the UK and shop around because the core playset is greatly expanded on with the rest of the princesses so you're going to want them.

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Figures: Cinderella, Ariel, Rapunzel, Tiana, Belle, Snow White, & Aurora
Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Figures: Cinderella, Ariel, Rapunzel, Tiana, Belle, Snow White, & Aurora

This is the set where you'll get all of the princesses except for Jasmine. I have no idea why they give you a double Snow White and a double Cinderella instead, but that's the way that they are packaged and to be honest, our daughter isn't really bothered about the double figures.


All of the photos featured on this page which aren't linked to Amazon products were taken by the author.

Castle Features

Dance Floor

The dance floor is really the primary feature of this playset. It plays music and it's where you put the figures on the sensor in the center to bring out their phrases and songs.

This is our little girl's favorite part. She's not really old enough to play with the dolls in a doll house sort of way yet, but she's crazy about making them dance and sing. She will carefully arrange as many princesses on the dance floor as she can before she grabs a hold of the little flower bush shaped peg and starts swinging it back and forth.

The motion of moving the floor by the peg is what triggers the music and the peg will only move back and forth in a half circle. The dolls in the seats at the edges of the floor will spin when the floor is moving.

If you put a figure on the center seat it will read the figure and give you the appropriate phrases and song for the individual character. Unfortunately the prince dolls (which come in 2 figure sets that you must purchase separately) only make the main dance floor music play. This is a bit of a disappointment but to be fair, the way it's designed, they probably had a limit to how many individual figures it could read before it became cumbersome and breakable.

Musical Doors

The front doors of the palace will play a fanfare tune when the doors are opened.

There are a lot of clever design touches all over the castle tying in elements of the 8 films that the 8 princesses belong to. For example you can see here, just inside the door lies Cinderella's glass slipper.

There are also little suits of armor and lit torches in the molded plastic on either side of the door.

Kitchen With Kettle

There is a cute little kitchen to the right of the doors with an oven and a stove top. In the oven there is a pie baking and on top of the stove is a pink kettle which is also a button.

The kettle plays one of two different sounds when depressed. The first sound is that of a kettle boiling and the second sound is of birds twittering.

The first time I pressed the kettle I heard the bird sound and was considerably confused.

You can see some of the details to this area in the photo. There are cupboards stacked with dishes and some woodland creatures helping with the clean up (belonging I believe to Snow White) as well as a cute little key in the molded plastic hanging in the upper left, next to the door.

This is also the area where the speaker is located.

Love Seat

To the left of the doors is a love seat with a colorful bookcase sticker containing some characters from Beauty and The Beast including Mrs. Potts, Chip and Lumiere.

The figures fit easily and loosely in the love seat so that little hands don't have to force them in or out.

There is also a lit candle detailed in the molded plastic.

Big Window/Mural

The second floor has three play areas as well.

In the middle is this platformed area which I assume is a big window or mural revealing a fountain with Flounder and Sebastian as well as a night sky with Ray and Evangeline.

Evangeline spins and on the front side of the play set spinning Evangeline will move the clock hands on the tower.


On the right hand side of the second floor you will find the bedroom which is large enough to fit the bed.

Behind the headboard is a stickered shelf with Aladdin's lamp and the Genie coming out of it as well as the three good fairies from Sleeping Beauty.

The bed can be removed from the playset and is recessed to cradle two figures.

There are curtains detailed in the molded plastic of this room.

Dressing Table With Seat & Mirror

On the left hand side of the second floor you will find a little step down into a dressing room with a chair and a dressing table with mirrored foil.

The dolls come in and out of the chair easily as with the love seat.

Beneath the window is a sticker detailing the mice from Cinderella.

Attic Room With Dress Making Fairytale Mice

The third floor has two rooms. The first of which is in the center and it's a tiny attic where mice are busily preparing Cinderella's gown.

Tower With Pascal & Abu

The second room on the third floor is to the left and it features a large open tower window as well as Pascal from Tangled with floating lanterns and Abu (in the molded plastic) from Aladdin.

Lift / Elevator

Along the left hand side of the back or the right hand side from the front of the castle there is an elevator that moves up and down and clicks into place without much pressure, enabling the princesses to be transported between floors.

This is probably our daughters second favorite feature of the playset so far because it moves.

Dining Table & Chairs

The set also comes with a dining table and two chairs which is supposed to sit outside of the castle. The chairs are easy to place the figures in and out of and the stickers detailed on the table feature two place settings. One of which containing Prince Naveen as a frog, looking adorably casual.

View Of Castle From Front

The front of the castle isn't all that exciting from a play perspective however the designers did do a pretty good job to make it attractive and detailed.

Here you can see the clock hands that spin with Evangeline on the opposite side of the playset. The hands are molded into a right angle so there really isn't a whole lot else you can do with the clock.


This is a great toy for our little girl. Whether it's a great choice for your little girl is up to you.

I am personally really happy with the product in terms of functionality and durability and I'm very pleased that we bit the financial bullet and decided to get it.

It's a good first dollhouse with a lot of room for a budding imagination to form her own stories. I am impressed with the clever design details and the standard of the product as a whole.

I love the way that it has opened doors for my daughter being introduced to fairy tales through Disney and for me rediscovering my appreciation of Disney films.

Princess Songs

When applied to the songs palace dance floor each princess says a 3 different phrases and sings a portion of one of the songs associated with her for a total of 4 separate sound clips from each doll. Unfortunately the boys do not have any phrases of their own and just play the dance floor music.


Part Of Your World


Once Upon A Dream


Beauty And The Beast


A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes


A Whole New World


I See The Light

Snow White:

Waiting For My Prince


Almost there

Close Up Photos Of The Dolls

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Additional Princess Sets

Additional Princess Sets

Several 2 figure packs were released to go with this set. The best bargain you'll find on the basic princesses is to get the 7 pack, even though you will end up with duplicates.

The best 2 pack sets feature princesses in different outfits than the basic sets.

The frustrating part about these sets for me is that they are inconsistent, for example, if you're going to release wedding sets, why not release ALL of them? In fact a wedding expansion pack would have been awesome. I would have also loved to acquire a Tiana and Naveen set but maybe it will be making an appearance in the future.

Fisher-Price Little People Disney's Aladdin and Jasmine
Fisher-Price Little People Disney's Aladdin and Jasmine

I've found that the 2 piece princess sets are very reasonably priced in America but they're extortionate in the UK.

This is one of two options for acquiring a Jasmine character doll.

We got our Aladdin and Jasmine set out of Target.

Fisher-Price Little People Disney 2 Pack: Belle and Prince Adam Exclusive
Fisher-Price Little People Disney 2 Pack: Belle and Prince Adam Exclusive

Belle and prince Adam are a wedding set so that if you buy the set you will have two Belle dolls which say the same phrases however, they will be in different outfits.

There is also a Belle and Beast set that you can get but the Belle is identical to the one you get in the multipack.

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Prince Charming & Cinderella Figures
Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Prince Charming & Cinderella Figures

Cinderella and Prince Charming are also a wedding set so that you won't have two identical Cinderella's.

Fisher-Price Little People Disney 2 Pack: Ariel and Prince Eric Exclusive
Fisher-Price Little People Disney 2 Pack: Ariel and Prince Eric Exclusive

We do not have this set but as with the previous two sets above Ariel is in a wedding dress so you won't have two identical dolls if you already have the multipack set.

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Rapunzel and Flynn Toy, 2-Pack
Fisher-Price Little People Disney Rapunzel and Flynn Toy, 2-Pack

Our daughter also doesn't have this set as of yet. It's not a wedding set but Rapunzel is wearing a crown which means you also wouldn't have two identical dolls if you had already purchased the multipack.

I wish they had released her with short brown hair which would have been in line with the film but there are so many other thoughtful details in the set as a whole that I can't really complain.


Additional Accessories

Additional Accessories

I have not handled any of these sets as of yet so I can't say anything about the functionality of them. You're best off reading reviews and shopping around for prices.

Each transportation device features one additional (non removable) character from the story and plays music.

The best thing about the three sets is that the princesses outfits aren't duplicated in the 2 pack sets or the 7 pack set.

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Cinderella's Coach
Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Cinderella's Coach

Cinderella has a pearly pretty ball gown on in this set. The top of the coach hinges open so that the doll can be placed inside and out the back of the coach the chest will open to reveal 2 stowaways.

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Aladdin's Magic Carpet
Fisher-Price Little People Disney Aladdin's Magic Carpet

Here is the second option for acquiring a Jasmine doll. She is in a pretty shimmery outfit in this one and Aladdin is in a different outfit from the 2 pack set as well.

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess: Ariel's Coach
Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess: Ariel's Coach

This set comes with Ariel as a mermaid and a Prince Eric figure which is the same as the wedding figure set.


Corresponding Films

At Christmas we only had The Princess and the Frog, Beauty and the Beast and Tangled so I decided to pick up the rest of the films on Amazon so that our daughter could get to know her princesses better. (and because watching the same films all the time is really annoying)

Below I have listed all of the films that correspond with the princesses in the songs palace. Some are better than others and I'll write more about them as soon as the ones I've ordered arrive and I get a much needed refresher.

The Little Mermaid (Diamond Edition) [DVD +Digital Copy]
The Little Mermaid (Diamond Edition) [DVD +Digital Copy]

(Princess Ariel)

Ariel is a very headstrong and adventurous princess. She doesn't think about the consequences of her actions, is selfish, immature and pretty much blows off her entire family over a little crush.

It works out in the end, I'm just not entirely sure it sends the best message, but I tend to over analyze everything.

She isn't my favorite character but the movie is pretty good as a whole, incorporating engaging animation and fantastic songs.

Sleeping Beauty (Two-Disc Platinum Edition)
Sleeping Beauty (Two-Disc Platinum Edition)

(Princess Aurora)

Princess Auora is a kind and sweet princess who dreams of romance. She isn't exactly a multidimensional character but the story is pretty superficial as far as Disney films go anyway.

This is a good film in its own right, but it doesn't really engage my toddler and I found myself bored watching it as an adult. It's a straight forward Sleeping Beauty story with some extra characters thrown in to round it out but I much prefer the clever writing and songs of the more recent Disney films.


(Princess Cinderella)

Beauty and the Beast (Platinum Edition)
Beauty and the Beast (Platinum Edition)

(Princess Belle) Belle is the supportive daughter of an ambitious inventor. She loves to read and she is not interested in boys or marriage. She goes against the grain of what a typical girl is supposed to be in her love of educating herself. People in her village think she's very odd but she doesn't care, she also doesn't care that she's gorgeous. For me, those are some pretty great Disney princess qualities.

I loved this film when I saw it at the theater as a child however, the first time I saw it as an adult I was really disappointed for two reasons.

The first is that Gaston disturbingly predatory when it comes to women and the second is the timeline is awful, implying that the beast deserved his curse and yet he was only a child when the castle was enchanted because 10 years have passed to his 21st birthday which made him 11 when it happened.

If you can ignore those two points (as most children can quite happily) it's an easy to follow Beauty and the Beast story with a lot of extra characters written in to create humor and drama.


(Princess Rapunzel)

Tangled is an interesting take on the story of Rapunzel. It's extremely well written and the songs are fantastic.

Princess Rapunzel is a very resourceful, talented and creative princess, however she's extremely unworldly due to spending her life locked away in a tower.

The story in the film takes you through her experience as she reaches her threshold of boredom, escapes the tower and accidentally discovers her birthright.

The Princess and the Frog (Single-Disc Edition)
The Princess and the Frog (Single-Disc Edition)

(Princess Tiana)

I love that Tiana is probably the single best role model princess that Disney has ever produced. She is hard working and street smart and she is NOT waiting for any man to sweep her off her feet.

A semi modern adaptation of the frog prince. This is my favorite recent Disney film since Lilo and Stitch. It's cleverly written and the songs are fabulous.

It's also my daughter's favorite Disney film next to Robin Hood.

I've seen it about 30 times (I wish I was exaggerating) but I still enjoy watching it.



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