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Fisher Price Loving Family - Where to Find Fisher Price Loving Family Dolls, Furniture, Dollhouses and Accessories

Updated on September 2, 2011

The Fisher Price Loving Family Collection

The Fisher Price Loving Family collection has been loved for years both by children and parents alike due to the realistic details each of its products provide.

The large six inch tall figures are the perfect size for little hands to handle and includes just about every family member imaginable such as Mom, Dad, Big Sister, Little Sister, Little Brother, Baby, Twins, Grandma, Grandpa, Babysitter - even the family dog, cat, and bird!

The Fisher Price doll houses are all large enough to fit the fun fully-inclusive furniture sets and there are so many add-on sets there is pretty much nothing the Fisher Price family cannot do.

There are backyard sets, patio sets, pool sets, family van, family car, camping sets and so many other add-ons that your little one can play for hours without getting bored.

The Fisher Price doll houses look great on display as well, and there are many adults who have actually collected these sets just because they look so fun and inviting.

Another great thing about the Fisher Price Loving Family is the way the sets change with the times. Updated appliances, furniture - even pretend electronics - is one of the things that continue to make these toys so popular.

Read on to find out more about the newest Loving Family collection available for 2011 (as well as find some of the older, discontinued and hard-to-find collections).

Fisher Price Loving Family Grand Dollhouse

This year you have three choices when it comes to the Loving Family Grand Dollhouse.

There is the unfurnished house you can decorate yourself, the Grand Dollhouse with the Bonus Patio Set or the Super Set Grand Dollhouse which comes with Living Room, Bathroom and Kitchen furnishings as well as a family with twins to enjoy it.

The Grand Dollhouse is a Victorian styled house that includes 8 extra large rooms that kids can spend hours moving furniture around and it folds up neatly and quickly so you can store all things inside. There are 4 rooms in the center of the house (that includes an awesome winding staircase) and 2 rooms on each side.

I don't think there is a parent or grandparent around who does not love this house and swears it keeps their kids and grandkids entertained for hours. (See the reviews on Amazon.)

One grandmother even said she bought the fully furnished version and it is the first thing that all of her grandkids run to play with as soon as they get there - including the boys!

Fisher Price Loving Family - Family Manor House

Here is a second Loving Family dollhouse to choose from. This is the Fisher Price Loving Family - Family Manor.

This is a wonderful portable Loving Family dollhouse that can be packed up and brought anywhere ensuring your child always has their favorite plaything by their side.

This dollhouse has 4 large rooms to decorate and play in. It also includes: Mom, Dad and baby figures as well as parent's bed and a cradle.

Fisher Price Loving Family Figures and Dolls

As mentioned above, Fisher Price has come out with just about every doll or figure imaginable to ensure that no one is left out of this family unit.

Figures include:

  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Grandma
  • Grandpa
  • Little Brother
  • Toddler
  • Sister
  • Baby
  • Twins
  • Pets

There are different ways you can purchase these figures. You can purchase certain characters in boxes of 2, or figure sets of 6. (The Grandma and Grandpa set are particularly hard to find and usually cannot be found in stores. Your best bet is to probably buy online).

As mentioned above there are also certain dollhouses that include figures so be sure to check if your new dollhouse includes these so you do not purchase duplicates.

Fisher Price Loving Family Furniture Sets

Now for just about everyone's favorite thing about the Fisher Price Loving Family collection....the awesome furniture sets!

These Loving Family Furniture sets are what keep people coming back year after year. Constantly updated with the changing times, these furniture sets also come with accessories that either light up or make appropriate noises, making pretend play that much more real.

While there are way too many furniture sets to include here I will try and give a quick rundown of the most popular.

Loving Family Furniture Kitchen Set includes:

  • A refrigerator that opens
  • A freezer that opens to find a frozen pizza
  • An oven door that opens and a light comes on
  • A dishwasher rack you can pull out to load the dirty dishes
  • A sink
  • Coffee pot
  • Cooking pot
  • Double highchair and two bibs for the twin babies
  • Items that make corresponding sounds such as the sound of coffee brewing, water running, food cooking on the range, the oven timer beeping, and the phone ringing.(Requires 3 "AAA" batteries (included).

Loving Family Furniture Living Room and Family Room

There are 5 different Loving Family Living Rooms to choose from. Some are older versions and some are new. Some are also listed as family rooms.

There are too many items in all of them to list but you have options to choose from sets that include:

  • Couch
  • Arm Chair
  • Coffee Table
  • End Table
  • Lamp
  • Bookcase
  • Fireplace
  • Entertainment Unit
  • Flatscreen Televsion
  • Rugs
  • Plants
  • Dog
  • Twins Chairs and More!

Many items in these sets make noises as well. Click on the item you are interested in for further details.

Fisher Price Loving Family Furniture - Bathroom

There are two different options when it comes to the Loving Family Bathroom Set.

The first one includes items such as:

  • Bathtub
  • Double Sink
  • Vanity with drawers that open
  • Mirror
  • Toilet Bowl
  • Towel Rack with Towel
  • Bathroom Rug
  • Baby Bathtub
  • Adorable Little accessories

The second bathroom set includes:

  • Bathtub/Shower with a shower curtain you can pull
  • A step stool for a peek in the mirror
  • Toilet Bowl
  • Potty Training Bowl
  • Vanity with Bench, Mirror and drawers that open
  • Bathroom Rug
  • Other cute little accessories to make bathroom complete

Loving Family Furniture - Baby Nursery

Almost every kid loves the adorable Loving Family Baby Nursery Furniture set to take care of baby or twins. Parents say putting the little ones to bed is one of their little one's favorite things to do.

This set also has pieces that make noise and most include items that move or can be opened to hold accessories.

Pieces in this nursery set include:

  • Changing table has real lights and music
  • Two beautiful bassinets with skirts that have spinning mobiles
  • Rocking chair for mom or dad

There are two other baby sets available for purchase as well.

One is the Everything for Baby set which includes high chair, baby car seat, stroller, and walker and a second baby nursery set with different furniture.

Loving Family Bedroom Furniture and Other Add on Sets

As mentioned above - the Fisher Price Loving Family Collection has so many different furniture sets and add-ons there are too many to possibly mention here.

These sets include:

  • Parents Master Bedroom
  • 4 different Kids Bedrooms to choose from
  • Laundry Room (strangely another child favorite)
  • Dining Room Set
  • Patio Set
  • Backyard Fun Set
  • Family Car and/or Van
  • Seasonal Room
  • Puppy Playtime
  • ATV Fun Set
  • Garden Fun Set
  • Home Office Furniture Set
  • Horse Set
  • and so many more options!


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