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Fisher-Price Tough Camera is Built for Kids

Updated on April 6, 2013

Kids will love taking photos with the Fisher-Price Tough cameras

Kids are fascinated by digital cameras. They love seeing the images in the viewfinder and replaying photos on the screen. It's no wonder they often want to use their parents' cameras. But parents aren't so thrilled about letting their little kids use their expensive equipment. So toy manufacturers have solved the problem by developing affordable kids digital cameras, such as the Fisher-Price Tough camera line. Learn more about this camera for little kids, as well as other digital cameras for children.

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Fisher-Price Tough Camera is Built for 3 to 7-Year-Olds

But parents might not be impressed with 1.3 MP picture quality

As digital cameras started to replace traditional film cameras, they put the power of great photography in the hands of virtually everyone who could hold a camera. Without the worry of paying for film, shutterbugs could now take as many photos as they wanted (making it easier to get great shots) and delete anything that didn't look good. The only ones left out of the fun were often little kids, who weren't trusted to play with their parents' new-fangled, high-tech (and expensive) toys.

Fisher-Price took away that barrier. At the end of 2006, they introduced the Kid-Tough Digital Camera, which they called, "the first preschool-appropriate digital camera that is tough enough and easy enough for a preschooler to use." The Fisher-Price "Tough" camera quickly became a favorite of kids, parents and critics. In 2007, the camera earned the Electronic Entertainment Toy of the Year award at the Toy Industry Association's annual T.O.T.Y. Awards in New York.

Despite its popularity, it's not the camera for everyone. It's great for parents who don't want to spend a lot of money and just want their preschoolers or kindergarteners a camera to play with, even if the pictures aren't great. The major drawback to this camera is the poor photo quality. On high resolution, it offers only 1.3 megapixel quality, and at low resolution, it's a mere .3 megapixel.

But the Fisher-Price Tough camera line has a lot of good features, too, including the fact that the line now includes a waterproof camera and a video camera, so budding photographers can expand their horizons. And the best feature and the one that make it popular in the first place is that it's "kid tough." Commercials show it bouncing down a flight of stairs with no ill effects. When you're handing a camera to a young child, durability is a KEY factor.

The newer Kid-Tough cameras also have a larger viewfinder and more storage capacity than the orignal one. They now feature a 1.6-inch viewfinder, a storage capacity of 500+ digital images, 4X digital zoom, enhanced low-light performance and photo editing software.

For young videographers, the Fisher-Price Tough camera line also includes a Kid-Tough video camera. The manufacturer says the camcorders are made to "survive drop and drop after drop." It features a 1.4-inch LCD preview screen, rubberized dual handle grips and built-in memory that will store up to 5 minutes of video.And both the cameras and camcorders come in a choice of blue and pink, so boys and girls can both sport their favorite colors.

Parents may not be thrilled with the quality of these toys, but kids will love any of these cameras. And isn't your child's happiness what it's all about?

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera (Blue) - Boys will love the blue one!

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Waterproof Camera - A waterproof camera for kids

The Fisher-Price Tough waterproof camera is a good choice for very young kids. For older kids, however, you may want to test out the new Nikon S30, one of the best Nikons for kids due to its shockproof, waterproof construction.

LEGO Digital Camera - 3.0 Megapixel digital camera for kids

If you're looking for a camera with slightly better resolution than the Fisher-Price Tough camera, the LEGO camera is another fun choice for kids. It offers 3.0 MP quality with a fun LEGO design.

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Video Camera - Blue - Kids like to shoot videos, too

More Kids Digital Cameras - Fisher-Price Tough cameras aren't the only option

There are now several models of kids digital cameras on the market, made especially for little hands. Check this list to see what else is available.

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