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Fishing for Fun and Profit in The Sims 3

Updated on September 5, 2012

Fishing is a Profitable Hobby in The Sims 3

If I had to pick one thing that I enjoy most about The Sims 3, it would have to be the fact that my sims can be self sustaining. They are no longer forced to go to the grocery store or to order groceries over the phone.

Money that is hard earned can go into important things such as furniture, entertainment and a bigger and better house instead of into the fridge. After all, what good are all those groceries if they are being placed into a fridge where they will only spoil?

A Bit About You....

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Self-Sustaining Sims

The Sims 3 allows your sims to be self-sustaining in two ways: through gardening and through fishing. In this lens, I will talk about fishing as a hobby (and one where you can make a great profit!) in The Sims 3.

To this end I will be beginning with two sims: The first will be my angler, and the other will be what I have heard called "a utility sim:" a sim who's purpose is to take care of the cooking and cleaning in order to allow our angler the maximum amount of time spent fishing!

The family's sole income will come from revenue generated fishing.

This page is part of my Sims 3 Strategy Guide. If you are confused about anything, you may want to check out my Review of The Sims 3 for more information.

Justine and Geoff Pettit -- A Self-Sustaining Family in The Sims 3
Justine and Geoff Pettit -- A Self-Sustaining Family in The Sims 3

Meet the Pettits

Our Self-Sustaining Family

Meet Justine and Geoff Pettit, our self-sustaining family in The Sims 3, Justine, at the foreground, is our angler. She will be the one who will be earning the money for our family as well as providing the food.

Justine has the angler trait. This means that she will learn fishing skill faster than other sims, as well as being able to catch bigger and better fish. Her other traits are:

  • Loner -- So that her social doesn't deteriorate as quickly (This also gives her a positive moodlet when she is "enjoying solitude")
  • Loves the Outdoors -- Since she will be outdoors so much (this gives her a positive moodlet when she's outside)
  • Over Emotional -- This trait boosts the moodlets (both positive and negative) that a sim has. The higher the mood, the faster skills are gained
  • Lucky -- Just because I needed a fifth trait. Also, when Justine wakes up "feeling lucky" she gets a positive moodlet.

So what about Geoff? Well, his traits are:

  • Handy -- So that if one of the cheap appliances around the house breaks, he can fix it more easily (he also gains handiness skill faster)
  • Natural Cook -- So that Geoff will gain cooking skill faster
  • Neat -- This trait will allow Geoff to have fun when he's cleaning the house so that Justine won't have to
  • Green Thumb -- This trait allows Geoff to earn gardening skill faster, which in turn will allow him to supplement the family's diet with home grown vegetables. Also a supplement for fishing, as many produce items are used for bait
  • Loves the Outdoors -- Gives Geoff a positive moodlet when gardening

While these two are technically married, they won't be spending too much time together, as each of them will be busy with their own pursuits. You won't see a lo of Geoff, since the focus of this lens is on fishing and therefore on Justine.

Choosing a Spot to Fish - Where There's Water, There's Usually Fish!

Best Fishing Locations in Sunset Valley in The Sims 3
Best Fishing Locations in Sunset Valley in The Sims 3

The first thing that you're going to need to do in order to begin fishing is to choose a spot to fish. Even if the lot that you chose for your sims has water, these spots are usually only "decent" spots to fish instead of "great" spots to fish. You're looking for no less than "great!"

Zoom out on your town by pressing the hotkey "M" (for Map). This will give you the map view of Sunset Valley (or whatever town you are in). Several locations should appear with a fish hook over the spot. These are good fishing locations, but aren't the only possibilities. Make sure to check out parks and of course the beach.

At this point you should bear in mind that there are several types of fish in The Sims. I will talk about all of them, but the most crucial right now are salt water and fresh water. If you choose the beach, you will be fishing for salt water fish. If you choose one of the park locations or a home lot, you will be fishing for fresh water fish. Other, "special" fish are only available once you've reached a certain level. Since your sim is currently at level 0, there are only two kinds of fish that you can catch: the minnow (fresh water) and the anchovy (salt water).

I have my screen focused on my favorite spot to fish for fresh water fish. It is just outside of town and therefore may be a long trip for you sim depending on where they are living. This park is right across the street from what I think of as "The Legacy Lot."

Look for the jumping fish when telling your Sim where to go fishing in The Sims 3
Look for the jumping fish when telling your Sim where to go fishing in The Sims 3

Finding the Fish in The Sims 3

Looking for Good Spots to Fish

Once you have chosen a lot on which to fish, you will need to check the water for places where you will see the jumping fish. Fishing in other areas will yield nothing or next to nothing. Areas with jumping fish look similar to the image to the right and you should recognize them easily.

Once your sim has reached a skill level of 1, you will be able to "inspect water" which will tell you which kinds of fish are available in that spot. This comes in very handy later on, especially if you are trying to successfully complete one of the skill challenges!

Gaining Fishing Skill in The Sims 3

There's Only One Way to Do It!

Some skills in The Sims 3 allow you to read a book in order to gain skill. This is especially effective for bookworms who enjoy being at the library, because the library boosts skill acquisition.

Fishing is not one of those skills. In The Sims 3, there is only one way to gain fishing skill, and that is to get out there in the sun and fish!

I sent Justine out fishing immediately after moving her into the new house, while Geoff went to the store to purchase some produce to plant (I will talk about gardening in a future lens). While he was busy doing his thing, Justine enjoyed the solitude by the lake (obtaining the moodlets "one with nature" and "enjoying solitude").

Justine reached level 1 of fishing skill very quickly. By that point, as an angler, she had caught six minnows and immediately afteward she caught the next level of fresh-water fish: a gold fish.

Now Justine can "inspect water" to discover which fish are biting in which locations.

Summer Hill Springs

Day 1 of Learning Fishing Skill in The Sims 3

The first day of fishing goes by very quickly, and I am surprised to find how slowly Justine's mood deteriorates. Because she doesn't become hungry at lunchtime and she isn't doing "dirty work" her mood stays very high, meaning that she is able to gain skills much faster than she would be able to do if her mood were average or low.

By the end of the first day, Justine has reached level 4 of fishing skill, has caught 17 fish and has sold those fish for §114. It's never going to earn the family a full living at this level, but it's a very promising start to the fishing game!

At the end of the day, Justine goes home only because she is very hungry. Geoff has already prepared dinner and leftovers are waiting for her in the fridge, so I allow her to eat and send her to bed.

Justine Pettit fishes at Old Pier Beach in Sunset Valley (The Sims 3)
Justine Pettit fishes at Old Pier Beach in Sunset Valley (The Sims 3)

Old Pier Beach

Day 2 of Learning Fishing Skill in The Sims 3

When day 2 arrives, I get Justine up, feed her breakfast and have her use the toilet and take a bath. This gets her entirely prepared for a day of fishing. She drops by the grocery store to sell the fish from the previous day's work, and then heads down to Old Pier Beach to do some fishing.

This opens up two new types of fish that are available at her level: Anchovy and Jellyfish. These two fish are only available in Salt Water locations (such as the beach). The Red Herring is also available in both Salt and Fresh water (see below for the fish list).

Day 2 ends when Justine has met my conditions and caught as many fish as she had the previous day. By this point she is famished, but none of her other needs have dropped significantly. She goes home, eats her supper, and falls asleep.

On day 2, Justine has caught 17 fish worth §166. It is an improvement over the previous day in terms of the revenue that will be earned when she sells.

Justine is now at level 5 of fishing skill and skilling has slowed down considerably. She is fishing at the highest possible mood levels, however, and should continue to progress quickly (at least a level a day, I am hoping).

Staying Ahead of the Bills

Paying the Bills without a Conventional Career in The Sims 3 isn't Hard!

I would like to take a moment to state that at this point, the first set of bills have come in, at §83. If you've been following along, this shows that Justine's fishing has more than covered the basic bills that the family has in a small house. If the house was bigger and they had more possessions, she would need to make more money from fishing (and be further advanced, skill-wise.

At this point the family's only income is from fishing. I am not selling any of Geoff's produce!

Pinochle Pond in Sunset Valley (The Sims 3)
Pinochle Pond in Sunset Valley (The Sims 3)

Pinochle Pond

Day 3 of Learning Fishing Skill in The Sims 3

For the third day of learning fishing Skill, I decided to send Justine somewhere a bit different. When I play The Sims I tend to stick closely to Summer Hill Springs and Old Pier Beach in the very early days of fishing -- until my sim has earned enough skill to go after some of the more difficult fish. In this case, however, a bit of exploration told me that Pinochle Pond is home to a fish that is difficult to catch elsewhere (which had previously gone almost entirely unnoticed by me!).

A quick inspection of the water tells me that the spot I have chosen is a "great" spot to catch Red Herrings and piranha, which Justine hasn't caught yet. In fact, Pinochle pond is, generally speaking, an "advanced" area to fish.

When Justine heads home she is at level 7 fishing skill and has caught 17 fish. She's "very hungry" but I am pleased with the value of the fish that she has caught: §263. The value is going up every day on the same number of fish. This is because she is catching more advanced fish and because they are higher quality and heavier in weight.

Fishing at Crystal Springs in The Sims 3
Fishing at Crystal Springs in The Sims 3

Crystal Springs

Day 4 of Learning Fishing Skill in The Sims 3

For the fourth day of learning fishing skill, I sent Justine to Crystal Springs, a rock pond in the east (as the ocean faces the south). My immediate observation was that there weren't very many different fish types available to Justine at level 7 (though there were several "unknown fish" that could be caught at this location, meaning that this is another high-level fishing spot). I had almost turned away when I noticed that she could catch Salmon here, a fish that she hadn't yet obtained.

Justine settled in at Fishing Level 7 and immediately began to reel in the Salmon. After a while there were several other fish types, including Goldfish, Black Goldfish and Sharks (very lucrative at this level!).

Disappointingly, this was not a very lucrative fishing spot for Justine. At the end of Day 4 she had reached level 8 of fishing skill but left with only fourteen fish (worth §231), a loss from the previous day.

I'm beginning to run out of non-Ocean fishing spots in Sunset Valley now.

Checking in on the Fishing Bait in The Sims 3
Checking in on the Fishing Bait in The Sims 3

Checking in on the Bait

Geoff's Garden

I thought that this would be a good time to check in on the bait. I have been instructing Geoff to work in his garden every day from the beginning, which means that Day 4 is the first day that any plants can be harvested. Though he has gained quite a bit of gardening skill already, I have only set him to work on the very basic of plants.

I won't go into details about gardening (yet), but after four days Justine has three types of potential bait: Apples, Tomatoes and Lettuce. Geoff has also planted grapes, but they aren't quite ready yet.

This leaves me with a couple of choices for Justine. I can either have her experiment with the produce that has been grown, or I can have her read books to discover which baits attract which fish.

Since I know which of these produce items attract what, I think that I'll pass on the books (saving money) and set Justine about "trying" them in order to discover the different fish types attracted by Apples, Lettuce and Tomatoes. Stay tuned: I'll fill you in later in this lens.

One additional benefit of Geoff's garden is that Justine can now pack an apple or other produce item as a "snack" and can take a short break from fishing to eat if none of her other needs are low (which would indicate that she needs to go home).

Fishing at Stoney Falls in The Sims 3
Fishing at Stoney Falls in The Sims 3

Stony Falls

Day 5 of Learning the Fishing Skill in The Sims 3

Day 5 finds Justine getting a rather late start, as you can see from the picture (it's already dusk). I've been pushing her to the point of being "tired" before sending her home, which means that she's been waking up later and later every morning. Tomorrow she won't wake up in the morning at all -- she'll wake up in the afternoon or early evening.

Stony Falls has to be the prettiest location that I've seen for fishing so far. I love the shot that I got at the right. You can just make out Justine with her rod!

This hasn't been the most impressive spot for Justine to fish (so far). There are a very small and limited number of fish available (in terms of fish types), but at least there is a fish that she hasn't caught yet -- the Alley Catfish, one of the fish that is available at level 1 but which Justine hadn't yet had an opportunity to catch. The downside of this is of course that the earlier you can catch the fish, the less it is worth, even at perfect quality.

Justine winds up surprising me, however. During Day 5 she reaches level 9 of fishing skill, which appears to have the bonus of causing her to catch more fish, faster. This isn't a documented effect of level 9, but it definitely proved out in the last hour or so of fishing.

On day 5 Justine manages to catch a whopping 24 fish worth §533. The best day yet!

My hope is that Justine will reach level 10 of the fishing skill on Day 6, leaving me to focus on her lifetime wish: Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium.

Fishing at Old Pier Beach (again)
Fishing at Old Pier Beach (again)

Back to Old Pier Beach

Day 6 of Learning Fishing Skill

On day 6 I've run out of new locations to send Justine (without going for the special locations that I will talk about in a moment), so I send her back to Old Pier Beach to pick up some of the fish that she hasn't yet caught -- in this case the Siamese Catfish, Swordfish and Blowfish. She is at a level nine fishing skill and I am hoping to get her to level ten, but don't quite make it.

In The Sims 3, you can change the free will settings on your sims. I have mine set to high so that Geoff will take care of himself while Justine is fishing. Unfortunately this means that now and again Justine just does her own thing. In this case, that means that she didn't quite get to level 10 fishing skill before she was exhausted and famished and had to head home.

Justine will finish off her fishing skill while fishing in one of the two "special" locations for fishing.

At the end of day 6 Justine has caught 20 fish worth §483. It's a downturn, but given the wasted time, it isn't a surprise. I know that she can do much better than this in terms of earning for he family though. So if you're thinking that this isn't enough of a living to make fishing worthwhile in The Sims 3, be prepared to be surprised!

Special Fish in Special Fishing Locations

The Sims 3 Offers Several "Special" Fish

If you've been playing The Sims 3 for a while, and you've been fishing, you still may have missed out on some of these special fish, especially if you aren't active in the Sims community. You're going to like these, I promise you!

There are two special fish locations in Sunset Valley. I am not playing with Riverview installed, but am informed that these fish are also available in certain locations in Riverview. Check back later for more information on the Riverview town.

Just a note about why I am not running Riverview: My experience tells me that this Town glitches my game badly. I know that there has been a very effective patch since the last time I played with it, but since the Town ruined my game I am very careful of any add-on towns and have therefore stuck with Sunset Valley.

Landgraab Industries Science Facility -- Special Fishing Spot in The Sims 3
Landgraab Industries Science Facility -- Special Fishing Spot in The Sims 3

"Special" Location #1: Landgraab Industries Science Facility

Robot Fish and Vampire Fish

The first of the two special fishing locations would like to introduce to you is the Landgraab Industries Science Facility. This is the same Science Facility where your sim would go to obtain a job in the science career track.

Around the back of the building, you will notice that there is a small pond and a fenced-in area that has some trees and other plants (including an omni plant that you can't feed -- very disappointing!).

Now that you're able to "inspect water" you should do so. There are two places where you will be able to see fish, and only one of them is really very good for fishing. While both locations boast the "special" fish available at this location, one of them only yielded black goldfish for me.

The other spot, on the other hand, will allow you to catch both of the two fish you are looking for (with or without bait -- I was fishing without): Robot Fish and Vampire Fish. These two fish are the most high value that you will have caught to date if you've been following along with me.

At the finish of this session Justine has caught 28 fish worth §935. Now we're getting somewhere! This is nearly double the previous day's efforts.

At this point it is noteworthy that I made a critical mistake by selling all of Justine's fish. I wasn't watching what I was doing and considering the need for later live bait. To make matters worse, the live bait that I am going to be needing requires live bait to catch in abundance. This is going to put me a bit behind where I should be tomorrow.

Pleasant Rest Graveyard in Sunset Valley in The Sims 3
Pleasant Rest Graveyard in Sunset Valley in The Sims 3

"Special" Location #2: Pleasant Rest Graveyard

Vampire Fish and.... Deathfish!

Please bear in mind that the numbers below could be doubled with the proper bait. I will take some time later on to prove them out once I have finished this lens (then come back and edit this information later).

The second of the two "Special" locations to go fishing in The Sims 3 is the graveyard in Sunset Valley. There is a catch, however! You must be fishing between 12 and 5 am in order to catch either the Vampire Fish or the very special deathfish (which is the highest value fish in the game. The Deathfish can bring in as much as §1000 for a perfect catch (which first requires perfect bait which requires perfect bait). However difficult they may be to get, Deathfish are nonetheless worth every moment spent building skill and working on catching those Angelfish (and before them the Alley Catfish).

By the time that the fishing excursion was over for the night (5 am), Justine has caught only 3 fish (once again, I had no bait) worth §894. If those fish had been perfect, imagine what having perfect Deathfish and double the number could have done for us! Wow!

Purchase The Sims 3 on Amazon!
Purchase The Sims 3 on Amazon!

If You Aren't Playing The Sims 3 Yet, You're Missing Out!

Interested yet?

(Tutorial is continued below -- if you already own The Sims 3, you can skip this section!)

I know -- I KNOW that some of you may have stepped into this page with little more than a bit of curiosity. After all, didn't The Sims 2 offer us fishing in the "Seasons" expansion pack? How different could fishing be? How much more of a challenge could these skills be in The Sims 3 than they were in The Sims 2? You might have come here because you were curious, or maybe because you wanted to satisfy yourself that The Sims 2 is still better than The Sims 3.

The truth is that I haven't seen anything like the fishing and gardening skills in The Sims 3. I, too, scoffed at first, thinking "Well, they just included Seasons in the base game this time around. Big deal!" Boy, was I ever wrong.

Fishing and gardening are my two favorite skills in The Sims 3. They aren't new, as some of the skills are. For that reason they may not even be as exciting. But The Sims 2 Seasons never offered this type of discovery, bait types, fish types, fishing locations. Fishing in The Sims has never been so dynamic and fun.

If you enjoy the fishing and gardening skills in The Sims 2, you owe it to yourself to try out The Sims 3.

You've waited this long already. It's time to give in. It's time to....

Buy on Amazon

(Link will open in a new page so that you can continue with the tutorial below.)

Fishing Challenges in The Sims 3

Extending your Skill

One of the things that I most enjoy about The Sims 3 is the fact that there are additional challenges to enjoy after you have mastered a skill.

The fishing skill includes two additional challenges:

Amateur Ichthyologist: Amateur Ichthyologists have caught at least 20 types of fish. Their deep understanding of marine life helps them to catch fish faster than normal Sims.

Commercial Fisherman: Commercial Fishermen have caught at least 350 fish. They often catch more fish in less time than normal Sims.

Note: I am playing with World Adventures installed on my computer and am understanding that the Amateur Ichthyologist challenge is different for the base game, requiring that you catch all 21 fish that come with the base game (there are 10 additional fish that come with World Adventures, as I will explain below).

At this point Justine has achieved the Amateur Ichthyologist challenge. I am about to send her off to explore in the various locations that came with World Adventures in the hopes of catching some of the more exotic fish, and while she is there I anticipate her completing the Commercial Fisherman challenge as well!

Fish and Bait List for The Sims 3

These are for the base game ONLY

This section contains spoilers. If you do not wish to view the spoilers, then please skip to the next module of this lens. The best way for you to learn the baits for each fish is to purchase books from the bookstore!

The following list applies only to the base game. The fish are listed in the order in which they can be caught (by level) along with the bait that is required in order to catch them.

Many of these baits can be purchased at the supermarket, but others (particularly the live bait) must be obtained through playing the game. Higher bait quality may mean catching higher quality fish, which means that growing your own bait to perfect quality is always a plus!

Note: I have not listed average/maximum values here because they are so ambiguous and variable based on a number of factors. I don't want to make promises that don't come true for you in your game. It is a safe bet, however, that the further down this list the fish is, the higher its value is!

Also note: There are supposed to be images in this module. They were hosted off-site, and the images are no longer available. I have not recently logged into the game in order to obtain fresh images, and it will take some time in terms of taking the screen shots and then editing the images. Please be patient with me while I make this happen!

Anchovies are a saltwater fish that can be caught at skill level 0. The Bait for Anchovies is Tomatoes.

Minnows are a freshwater fish that can be caught at skill level 0. The Bait for Minnows is Apples.

Goldfish are a freshwater fish that can be caught at skill level 1. The Bait for Goldfish is Lettuce.

Alley Catfish can be caught in both salt and fresh water at skill level 1. The Bait for Alley Catfish is Cheese.

Jellyfish are a salt water fish that can be caught at skill level 2. The Bait for Jellyfish is Grapes.

Rainbow Trout are a fresh water fish that can be caught at skill level 2. The Bait for Rainbow Trout is Egg.

Red Herrings can be caught in both salt and fresh water at skill level 3. The Bait for Red Herrings is (Sausage) Links.

Tuna are a salt water fish that can be caught at skill level 3. The Bait for Tuna is Onion.

Siamese Catfish can be caught in both salt and fresh water at skill level 4. The Bait for Siamese Catfish is Bell Pepper.

Tragic Clownfish are a salt water fish that can be caught at skill level 4. The Bait for Tragic Clownfish is Watermelon.

Blowfish are a salt water fish that can be caught at skill level 5. The Bait for Blowfish is Potato.

Pirhana are a fresh water fish that can be caught at skill level 5. The Bait for Pirhana is Minnow.

Black Goldfish are a fresh water fish that can be caught at skill level 6. The Bait for Black Goldfish is Goldfish.

Salmon can be caught in both salt and fresh water at skill level 6. The Bait for Salmon is Lime.

Swordfish are a salt water fish that can be caught at skill level 7. The Bait for Swordfish is Anchovy.

Sharks can be caught in both salt and fresh water at skill level 7. The Bait for Sharks is Red Herring.

Angelfish can be caught in both salt and fresh water at skill level 8. The Bait for Angelfish is Alley Catfish.

Vampire Fish are special fish that can be caught at skill level 8. The Bait for Vampire Fish is Garlic.

Robot Fish are a special fish that can be caught at skill level 9. The Bait for Robot Fish is Pirhana.

Lobster are salt water fish that can be caught at skill level 9. The Bait for Lobster is Tuna.

Death Fish are a special fish that can be caught at skill level 10. The Bait for Death Fish is Angel Fish.

A Word About Bait

You're going to need it in The Sims 3

Because bait can be a little bit complicated, it is easy to try to overlook it and instead use a simple lure. While this is what I did with Justine in the above scenario, it is always better to use the best bait available to you. For this reason, I suggest that you always have another sim in the family who is a green thumb (and then make it a priority to purchase the super green thumb lifetime happiness reward. A sim at high fishing level with perfect bait is going to catch more, bigger, and higher value fish than a sim fishing without high quality bait.

I haven't written my gardening lens yet, but it is coming. Please stay tuned to learn more about growing the produce that will help you to catch the best fish (which incidentally turn out to be the best bait). The only bait item in the game which cannot be grown as produce is the links. These will need to be purchased at the store.

Fish and Bait List for The Sims 3 World Adventures

The first expansion pack for The Sims 3

The Sims 3 World Adventures introduced ten new fish types to The Sims 3. You will need to have The Sims 3 World Adventures installed on your computer and to travel to the new, exotic locations in order to catch the following fish.

The following contains spoilers. The best way to learn the baits for the individual fish in The Sims 3 World Adventures is to have your sim purchase the fishing books at the book stores. Each marketplace (in Shang Simla, Al Simhara and Champs les Sims) has a book store where you can purchase the bait books for the fish that are indigenous to that region. If you do not wish to view the following spoilers, please skip to the next module.

As with the fish and bait list above, most of these baits can be purchased at the market places in their respective areas. The live bait can be caught locally as well. Once again I must stress that if you have a green thumb in the family, the higher quality bait will help you to catch the higher quality fish!

The Sims 3 World Adventures
The Sims 3 World Adventures

Purchase The Sims 3 World Adventures!

The First Expansion Pack for The Sims 3

(Tutorial is continued below. If you already own The Sims 3 World Adventures you can skip this module!)

The Sims 3 changed the way that The Sims was played by adding many new dimensions to game play. For the first time players could really focus on hobbies and make an honest living fishing, gardening, painting and writing. The Sims 3 base game gave players much of what it took The Sims 2 Free Time to give us with the predecessor.

I've said it before, and I'm sure I will say it again: The Sims 3 is a brand new game, not really a sequel at all.

But it gets even better: The Sims 3 World Adventures enhances the game by adding an adventuring element that wasn't there before. Not only is World Adventures wonderful for those who enjoy the collecting element of The Sims 3 (which includes fishing), but it also puts you into a position to solve puzzles in order to proceed to the next level. Great fun!

Especially if you've been missing the paranormal element of The Sims 3, you need to buy this game. With the addition of Mummies, as well as new fish, plants, rocks, gems and skills, World Adventures is a must have expansion pack for The Sims 3!

Buy The Sims 3 World Adventures Now!

Odd Fishing Events

You'll catch more than fish in The Sims 3!

In The Sims 3, you are bound to catch more than fish if you spend enough time with your rod and reel.

During her time fishing, Justine also pulled the following items up out of the briny deep:

Though it looks as though I've put in two gnomes, I haven't: they are two different gnomes. The first is Sleeping Gnome McMulty, which can be purchased from the miscellaneous decor catalog in Buy Mode, and the other is Mysterious Mr. Gnome.

There are other items that you will occasionally catch, including birthday cakes (be sure to sell these or put them in the fridge -- they spoil!) and bubble bath. These are the most common items that you will pull up out of the water.

Mysterious Mr. Gnome

What is it?

You cannot purchase Mysterious Mr. Gnome. If you don't have World Adventures installed, the only way that you can get it is by fishing, and this is a very uncommon occurrence. You won't see him often, and when you do, you probably won't want to sell him (though he's worth a fair penny at §1,000).

Mysterious Mr. Gnome is unusual. At this point I would like to simply encourage you to place him outside on your sims' home lot and see what happens. Please do place him outside as he doesn't work if he is placed indoors. You'll have more fun if I don't spoil him for you (though you may have heard about him from other sources).

If you have World Adventures installed, each travel destination has its own version of Mysterious Mr. Gnome that can be found while adventuring (most specifically exploring tombs).

Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium
Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium

Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium

An Angler's Lifetime Wish

One of the major challenges as part of The Sims 3 is the Lifetime Wishes. Players are given the opportunity to choose a lifetime wish for their sim, and this wish is based on the traits that the sim has been given. If your sim is an Angler, you will be able to select the Perfect Private Aquarium Lifetime Wish.

In order to complete this lifetime wish, your sim must place 13 different species of perfect fish into fish bowls.

The fish bowl is available in the Buy Mode Miscellaneous Decor catalog and must be placed on a surface such as a table or a counter. I tried one of the display cases that came with World Adventures, but I couldn't place the fish bowls on the upper level of the large display case. For that reason, I would stick with tables and counters. You may only place one fish bowl per counter, and one fish in each fish bowl.

The Large Aquarium that comes with High-End Loft Stuff does not count for the lifetime wish!

Justine completed her lifetime wish of having the Perfect Private Aquarium. If you've followed along with the above, you should be able to accomplish this as well! Just remember to have a green thumb in the family!

So What Do You Think? - Which is Better?

I'd be interested to know what you think after reading through this lens, or if you've tried both games. Which is better after all? The Sims 2 Seasons or The Sims 3?

Which is Better for Fishing Sims? The Sims 2 Seasons or The Sims 3?

If you have any questions about fishing in The Sims 3, or would like to make a correction to any of the above information, this is your opportunity to do so. Logged-in Squidoo members can also rate this lens, which is always very, very much appreciated! If you aren't a member of Squidoo yet, please Sign Up to rate!

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    • Redneck Lady Luck profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      7 years ago from Canada

      How amazing the Sims online virtual fishing game is. I had thought once of joining an online virtual community but realized that I would never get off the computer if I did. Lol...I am so addicted to my computer. Best of wishes...hope your studies are going well.

    • Kevin Wilson 2 profile image

      Kevin Wilson 2 

      7 years ago

      Never played this (or any other Sims) game, but this lens makes me want to... and also warns me that I better not, or I'll get addicted!

    • pixelposy profile image


      7 years ago

      I do enjoy making a family of sims that live off the land through gardening, fishing and wine making. It's not an easy life for a Sim though!

    • tiff0315 profile image


      7 years ago

      I haven't played Sims since the first one came out. It looks like there is A LOT more to do! Great lens!

    • Everyday-Miracles profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      @resabi: Wow. I'm actually surprised. I don't get a lot of visits to this lens and have been struggling with my CAS lens of late. It got very close to the top tier last month and now it's just struggling.

      Fishing is actually kind of complicated in the game since you really need to have high skills in both fishing and gardening in order to make the most of it. I don't think I've ever quite had a single sim on regular time get all of this fish. This household was time frozen, if I remember correctly.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hmmm... I might have to try this set of parameters. I love Sims 3, although my computer isn't quite robust enough to make it a trouble-free experience... Thanks for demystifying the whole fishing experience. I'm terrible at actual gardening and have never fished, so this is my opportunity to live vicariously. A very well done lens. Blessed.

    • Everyday-Miracles profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      @athomemomblog: I love love love World Adventures! It does for me what Open for Business did for me in The sims 2: gives me an "easy" way to make a huge return on a relatively small investment. It adds *so* much. I never found that with TS2 expansions.

      I'm lucky in that I can run the game on our laptop, which is relatively new, but my computer is the desktop and it is a super computer -- 8 gigs of RAM before 8 gigs was common. I love it!

    • athomemomblog profile image

      Genesis Davies 

      8 years ago from Guatemala

      I LOVE this lens! Great job on everything. I'm a big fan of Sims and have been playing since the first game, too. Unfortunately, I don' t get a lot of time to play these days since my laptop can't handle the game and the desktop is my kids'. I get in there sometimes though and can't wait to get my hands on World Adventures.


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