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flexees as seen on tv

Updated on September 29, 2010

Flexees As Seen On TV Building Toys

I was watching tv and texting back and forth with my Sister when a new infomercial came on for a new building toy call Flexees. Flexees are these little colorful flexible and bendable connecting building sets for kids. They are fun colored and have sort of non set shapes so they really challenge kids to use their imagination.

Imagination and creativity are important for kids to use. It helps them become better writers, story tellers and keeps their minds running and working. Instead of buying them toys that talk and walk, buying them toys like Flexees As Seen On TV you can encourage them to not only use their imaginations, but also to use their hands to build new fun toys and then also create fun shapes.

In the Flexees as seen on tv commercial, it showed a ton of different things you can build with Flexees. You can create flexees animals like a shark or you can create a huge flexees pirate ship for the shark to swim under. You can also create a flexees pirate or even flexees pirate accessories for yourself or your kids to wear while they play with their flexees sharks and pirate ships. Then when they are done playing they can easily unsnap the flexees and build a brand new play set and brand new animals or toys to play with. The amount of toys and things that your kids will be able to do with flexees are just about endless.

They showed a little girl who had created flexees ice cream sundays on the show and she had also created flexees bracelets and hair bands. She made a large brown dog and even a fun kaleidoscope. They had a boy who was playing with a Trex and a snake made from flexees and then they showed kids carrying framed flexees artwork.

It is actually pretty cool how many things you can build when you let your imagination take over and toys like flexees are ways to help inspire your kids to get creative and build their own favorite toys to play. If they sit there stuck on what to do you could always help encourage them to think of new ideas by building your own flexees animals or toys and get their minds thinking of how they can do it better.

If you get your kids thinking creatively and using their imaginations when they are young you will be helping them think their way through creative writing courses and school for the rest of their lives. Imagination and creativity are some of the most important things a kid can learn and if you help keep them using their imaginations by creating voices with them for the toys and animals they create as well as get them to come up with their own then you will be helping them with thinking creatively and helping to prepare them to problem solve for the rest of their lives.

Handing them a pile of shapeless bendable toys is one thing. Handing them a pile of them and telling them to create their favorite animal is another. Watching them figure out how to put the pieces together and build their own toys is even better. It helps to prepare them for when they are in the real world and their bosses ask them for things that seem impossible. If you help them problem solve and solve these impossible tasks when they are younger like turning flexees into animals then you are helping to prepare them for when they are in the real world and have to think of ways to do things that they don't really know how to do. That is why I love toys like flexees and highly recommend them to people for their kids, as long as their ids are old enough to play with them and are under adult supervision.

If you have bought flexees or like them, please feel free to leave a comment below and tell us how you used your flexees and what you built them.


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    • profile image

      melissa 6 years ago

      We saw them at our local oys r us toy store and I bought a small 5.00 package to try, my 14 year old sat next to me and built so mamany things on the trip home it was distracting my driving! And those were all his own designs-he had not looked at the instructions! I made the investment later I'm the day and bought the 200+ piece set.they are endless fun!

    • profile image

      Emily 6 years ago

      Just bought a package at toys r us and my kids (5 and 2 yrs) have been playing with them non stop! Great toy with no limitations.

    • profile image

      Liv 7 years ago

      My niece is the little girl in the commercial. I was there for the commercial shoot. I have to say that it is a pretty fun toy. I'm not sure where you can get them yet. The commercial was filmed in Canada last year. They said that they were going to have them available in Cleveland first and then expand to other areas this year.

    • profile image

      Diane 7 years ago

      I found them on They spell it Flexeez. Thanks for the help.

    • profile image

      RollerbladerDC 7 years ago

      I tried looking on Amazon for them but didn't see them up yet. I'll post a link as soon as I find something or when they go on Amazon. Maybe try one of the large toy stores.

    • profile image

      diane 7 years ago

      My son saw the commercial and would like a set. I have been trying to find them on the internet with no luck. Any suggestions?