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Flick Home Run

Updated on July 14, 2013

Flick Home Run

Flick Home Run is an awesome video game app for all iPhones that is bound to make you have a good time. Smashing baseballs out of the ballpark is easier than ever! Have your baseball bounce off of cars, hit balloons, and more! Feel a rush of excitement when you play Flick Home Run!

The Objective

The simple objective of Flick Home Run is to hit baseballs as far as you can to earn points. There is a bar on the top of your screen that is similar to HP. When a baseball is pitched to you, the bar level decreases. If you swing and miss, the bar decreases again, but if you hit the baseball, the bar level will increase based on how far you hit the baseball. With the simple flick of your finger, you can hit a baseball in Flick Home Run. I go a little under the baseball to get some height, and in Flick Home Run, you really need height and distance.

What I Do In Flick Home Run

When I play Flick Home Run, I always hit under the baseball. I do this because I want to get the baseball out of the ballpark. When I hit at the center of the baseball, it usually hits the scoreboard while if I hit too low, it is a grounder. So, if you want your baseball to go really far, I recommend swinging under it.


The fastball is a red baseball with a crazy facial expression. The fastball remains at a fast speed from start (when it looks like a normal baseball) to finish (when you realize it is a fastball. They never slow down, but if you hit a fastball, the rewards are high. The speed and motion of the baseball will affect the distance of the baseball. Since the fastball is fast, when you hit is hard, it will go fast (and out of the park). When I go under the fastball, I get the best results (as with any baseball).

Fast & Slow Ball

Moves Like a Change-Up

The Fast & Slow ball is the light blue baseball with the mohawk. It appears to be the fastball until it crosses the line when it dramatically loses speed. If you want to hit this baseball and don't get confused with the fastball, then you must wait until the baseball passes the line for you to swing. The blue baseball doesn't go too far since it is slow, but if you have this baseball bounce off of cars, then you will have great results.

Fast Drop Ball

Moves Like a Sinker

The fast drop baseball is the purple one at the top right hand corner. It moves like a regular baseball, but then it quickly drops. This baseball usually starts at the center, so it won't be too hard to hit this baseball even if you don't know when to expect it. This baseball goes a lot farther if you swing under it than if you swing at the center.


Moves like a Knuckleball

The Submarine ball is the blue one directly under the Fast Drop baseball. At first, it looks like a regular baseball, but then it dips up and down, but not at a dramatic pace. If you want a baseball to clobber easily in this game, then the submarine baseball is the one to hit.

Reverse S Ball

Moves like a curve ball.

The Reverse S Ball is the pink ball with the yellow hair. It has similar movement as the Submarine ball, but dramatically dips down, then goes slightly up, and then dips down until it hits the floor. If you can hit this baseball, it is very likely to surpass 600 feet especially if you hit under it.


Moves like a Knuckleball

The S-Ball is the green ball with the sunglasses. When you first see it, it dips low as if it were the fast drop ball (purple one). However, after that, the S-Ball stays up in the air and wiggles exactly like the submarine ball. The S-Ball could go a far distance when hit, but do not confuse it with the fast drop ball.

Slow & Fast

Moves Like The Change-Up's Opposite

The Slow & Fast ball is the orange one with the lightning symbol on top of its head. It appears as an under handed pitch at first, and it starts at the top of the screen. Look out after that, because the Slow & Fast ball dramatically dips down as if it was a fastball. However, sometimes it will actually be a regular baseball. So, you have to swing at the Slow & Fast Ball at the center of the screen because swinging early at a normal baseball usually results in a strikeout.

Ninja Ball

Can You Beat The Trifecta

The Ninja Ball is the black baseball with the small eyes. When you see the Ninja Ball, it will not be disguised. You will see three Ninja Balls, and when it crosses the line, the two fake Ninja Balls will turn to a light white and the real one doesn't change. If you are new to the Ninja Ball, swing under the first one all the way up. Then, you are guaranteed to hit the real Ninja Ball.

Brake & Go Ball

The Nastiest and Cruelest One

The Brake & Go Ball is a light green ball with glasses on and brown hair. The Brake & Go Ball goes at a slow speed like the light blue ball, but then, you see what it is and it zooms by you. The Brake & Go Ball must be at least two times faster than the Fastball. So, if you want to hit this one, I suggest practicing in the batting cage, and then when you see what it is, swing at the center, because that is where this ball usually goes.

Normal Baseball

No movement and easy to hit

The normal baseball has no special movement and is easy to hit. However, be aware that the normal baseball appears to follow the pattern of the Fastball and the Slow & Fast baseballs, but the normal baseball doesn't go that fast. The normal baseball could fool someone into thinking that it is another type of ball. The normal baseball looks like a baseball that you would find a group of people throwing around at a baseball game.

Gold x2 Baseball

Double The Fun

The Gold x2 Baseball is a baseball that gives you double the points. The Gold x2 Baseball is the gold baseball with the x2 sign. If you get 600 points with a Gold x2 Baseball, you gain double of that, making your final score with that baseball be 1,200. The Gold x2 Baseball when hit temporarily moves at an incredibly fast speed, but then the speed returns to normal. However, it is hard to hit one of these baseballs because it can follow any pattern of any baseball.

Gold x3 Baseball

The Gold x3 Baseball is a baseball that gives you double the points. The Gold x3 Baseball is the gold baseball with the x3 sign. If you get 1000 points with a Gold x3 Baseball, you gain double of that, making your final score with that baseball be 3,000. The Gold x3 Baseball when hit temporarily moves at an incredibly fast speed, but then the speed returns to normal. However, it is hard to hit one of these baseballs because it can follow any pattern of any baseball.

Ways to Earn More Points on Flick Home Run

When a baseball hits a balloon, you get 50 points. Eventually, as you complete more steps, the balloon value increases to 75, and then 100. The higher balloons (the ones that are alone) are worth the most points (25 points more than the balloons below it). Having a baseball bounce off of a car/vehicle gives you 200 points, and every second bounce gives you 100 extra points. So, the first car gives you 200 points, the next car gives you 300 points, then the next car gives you 400 points, and so on. Those are the ways to earn points on Flick Home Run other then hitting the baseball for a good distance.

Flick Home Run

Flick Home Run is a video game for any device made by Apple. You can play Flick Home Run on your iPhone, Mac, iPod, iPad, etc. Flick Home Run is also available on other devices such as the Android and Windows. Flick Home Run is an awesome game, and I am a happy gamer.

How Do You Like Flick Home Run?

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      going to download it now


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