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Foam Airplane Glider

Updated on September 19, 2014

Foam Gliders

Foam Airplane Gliders are inexpensive, old-fashioned toys that encourage children to build and play outdoors; something that many youngsters these days do not do enough of. When I was young I used to look forward to holidays when my mother would always get me some of these airplane gliders, so here I have put together a collection for kids today.

This collection of feather-light foam airplane gliders will give lots of plane-flying fun.

These foam gliders make kids build the model independently and then they are great fun to play with friends or family; these gliders present a great opportunity for parents to play with their kids, indoors or outdoors; I hope you enjoy looking at this collection and buy some to play with at home or on holiday just like I used to do. In fact, I have just ordered myself a packet of these!

Foam World War II Airplane Gliders
Foam World War II Airplane Gliders

Foam World War II Airplane Gliders - Pack Of Twelve Planes

Buy these for hours of plane gliding fun

FOAM WWII ASSORTED GLIDERS (BOX of 12 different planes 48 in total)

Amazon Price: $5.95

Assemble these airplane gliders in order to create World War II replicas then have fun flying them in the garden. See how far they will fly or have races with these gliders. By making small adjustments to the wings, tail and nose weight these gliders will fly differently - you can make them do all sorts of stunts with practice and choreograph spectacular crashes. Finally make them have dogfights when playing with friends. Try not to annoy the neighbors by flying them into their gardens too often though, there are only so many times you can ask for them back.

Assemble your foam airplane glider

Putting these foam airplane gliders together is quite simple and children of most ages can be left alone to build the models unsupervised by following the instructions provided on the packet themselves; a sense of achievement in completing the task themselves should be the happy result for you and your child.

If you find yourself needing to assist in the construction of these models this brief set of instructions should help you.

  1. Remove all the pieces of the glider from the opened packet and check that they are all there. The packet should contain a body, a wing and a tail as well as a plastic nose weight and a propeller if it is a model of an old-fashioned airplane.
  2. Gently punch open the slot in the airplanes's body by pushing out the unwanted piece of foam to make a space for the wing to slot into.Slide the wing piece into place in the slot that you have just created. I have found that sometimes the slot has not been cut quite to the the right size so you may need to enlarge it with an appropriate instrument such as scissors or a knife; adults may need to help here.
  3. Punch open the slot in the tail section of the body and then slide the tailpiece into this slot in the same way as you did with the wing. Exactly how the tail is placed will affect the plane's flight. You may need to come back and adjust the tail after a few test flights.
  4. Slide the plastic nose weight over the nose cone of the plane and then attach the propeller. Again, the nose weight may need adjustments as you play with the glider and find out how well it flies.
  5. Throw the foam airplane glider as you would a paper airplane and watch it glide (or crash).
  6. Adjust the tail, wing and nose cone and experiment to see how the flight pattern can be changed for long flights or aerobatics.

12 Jet Fighter Gliders Military Airplanes Planes
12 Jet Fighter Gliders Military Airplanes Planes

Here are some more modern planes for more modern children. This is a pack of twelve airplane gliders but this time they are all jet planes in style. These models are easy to assemble and fun to play with and are great for staging foam airplane races and distance flying events!

Super Plane Foam Gliders 11 inch (2 dozen)
Super Plane Foam Gliders 11 inch (2 dozen)

If you want something bigger than normal then this set of 24 foam airplane gliders is the answer. These plane are all in the style of propeller aircraft (propellers provided) and all measure eleven inches long; larger than the normal foam airplanes that are available.


A Short Story Of My Fun Playing With Foam Airplane Gliders

When we were kids my sister and I were taken on family holidays by my parents to places like The New Forest or Brecon Beacons in UK. One of the features of these holidays was that I always ended up with some of these foam gliders to play with in the garden or some nearby open space. I used to put the planes together, watched by my younger sister, and then we would glide them to each other.

After getting bored of such pleasant play we would usually turn things up a notch or two by flying two planes at each other in dogfights, being very pleased when they crashed into each other in mid air. Amazingly, they stood up to this treatment fairly well. What they did not stand up to so well was flying over a nearby fence and being trampled by sheep!

Why Buy Foam Airplane Gliders? Here Are Four Good Reasons

1. They make an inexpensive gift.

2. They encourage kids to play outdoors but at the same time can be played with inside too.

3. They are colorful and closely resemble the real aircraft.

4. They can be played with in groups or alone.

Foam Giant Bomber Gliders - Assemble, Adjust And Glide - Buy these for someone who likes to tinker around with their toys

Foam Giant Bomber Gliders
Foam Giant Bomber Gliders

These giant bomber gliders are cool. Based on World War II bombers these gliders have multiple "engines" and are more challenging to fly. For those who like to mess around and adjust these bombers, the reward will be watching these bombers glide across the garden.These are more complicated, don't expect them to glide perfectly immediately after you assemble them.

Buy the Giant Bomber foam gliders on

Buy these bombers to go with your fighter collection - fly them in the garden or hang them in your bedroom for display.

Are You A Foam Airplane Glider Enthusiast Or Are They Just Rubbish?

Have you ever played with these airplane gliders?

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Bird Gliders
Bird Gliders

Want To Collect Foam Gliders? Here Are Some More

Bird Gliders

Plenty of bird flying fun can be found with this collection of polystyrene bird gliders; suitable for play indoors or outdoors. Twelve models in each set, representing different bird species.

Foam Gliders
Foam Gliders

Foam Gliders

An assortment of foam gliders in a variety of designs; traditional airplanes as well as novelty birds, dinosaurs, dragons, witches and even a Buzz Lightyear glider.

Insect Glider
Insect Glider

Insect Gliders

Brightly colored insect gliders in a variety of shapes and sizes. Assemble them and fly them with your friends or hang them from the ceiling for display.

Dinosaur Gliders
Dinosaur Gliders

Dinosaur Gliders

Colorful and realistic dinosaur gliders to assemble and fly in your own home. Also great fun for the park and these make excellent inexpensive party favors.

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