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Collectible Antique Food Molds

Updated on May 25, 2016

The Popularity Of Collectible Antique Candy Molds

Over the past few years antique food / candy molds have become a very popular item to collect. Over the past few years these fanciful food molds have increased in value. Do you love chocolate, did you ever ponder how some chocolate candies get their unique shapes? They get their interesting shapes from food molds.

Old vintage food molds are highly collectible, and still can be found for purchase in not only antique shops, but flea markets, and occasionally, if one is luck, also garage sales. It's my guess that people love collecting food molds perhaps because they may invoke wonderful childhood memories. Memories of the festive chocolate Santa or that cherished chocolate Easter bunny that might have appeared each year in an Easter basket. Perhaps a the memory of a scrumptious coconut lamb cake, that would be served at the end of Easter dinner. In any case, food molds were also used every day in the kitchens of long ago. Food molds were used to shape every day type foods ,such as puddings, sweetmeats, jellies, and butter.


Antique Food Molds Make Wonderful Wall Decor

Today, food molds have become very much sought after, and used, mainly as a decorative item in the home. A variety of molds can still be found on the marketplace. Over the past few years the cost of the food mold has risen. It seems it would be an opportune time to purchase a food mold if you fancy them. They are sure to go up in value over the years to come. Perhaps you may want to start a holiday tradition of your own, for your family to recall in the passing years. So start by perhaps buying a special holiday food mold, and go from there. A kitchen wall is a great place to display a unique collection of food molds.

Antique Chocolate Molds


Antique Chocolate Candy Molds

Antique chocolate candy molds have been around a very long time, actually since the early 1800s. Most were produced in Germany and Belgium. Food molds are very functional, and can be used to make beeswax candles or chalk figures, as well as chocolate and other confections. In the mid 1930s food molds were starting to be produced in plastic, and were being made in the United States as well as Japan. They were much cheaper to purchase, and easier to clean and store.

The earlier molds were made of several different materials; cast iron, tin, copper, stoneware, and pewter. They came in a variety of shapes and sizes. As a rule the molds were shaped in the likeness, animals, festive holiday figures, fruit shapes, and many more designs to numerous to mention. The molds were used to give decorative shapes to ice cream, chocolates, cakes, butter, candy.and flavored sugars -such as maple sugar.

Do you collect food molds?

So - do you collect food molds?

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Antique German Candy Mold

Antique German Candy Mold
Antique German Candy Mold | Source

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      Keaka77 9 years ago

      I have the coolest food mold that i use to make cookies.

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