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Food Toy Choices for Your Child- Which Ones are Best?

Updated on April 16, 2012

All children love to play with toy food. But there are certain things to consider for each age group, and to make the best choices, you need to think of a few things first. The following is a list of some of the best food toy choices for various ages and the reasons why each works best for the age group.

Babies and Toddlers

With babies and toddlers you know they are always gonna want to stick something in their mouth. Since many of them do not have teeth yet, you will want to make sure that they have something soft to chew on. A cloth food toy choice is best for these little guys because they will not harm their mouths and you can easily throw the toy into the wash and it is good to go again until the next time.

Early Years Li'l Shopper Playset

This comes as a 6 piece activity set which each food toy choice made up with a different texture. Each of the food pieces jingle, crinkle or chime. All of these items fit nice in snug into the soft, sturdy tote bag. This is a good learning tool because it will teach your little one about their fruits and veggies and also help them learn their shapes, recognize sounds and much more. The pieces are the perfect size for little hands and children have been known to spend hours playing with this set.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Picnic Basket Fill & Spill Soft Baby Toy

This 5 piece kit is another quality food toy choice for little ones. Melissa and Doug products have long since been favorites of mine and my children have grown with these toys as each year and new product has been released. These toys are multi-textured,and they rattle, jingle, and crinkle when played with. Made with ultra soft materials perfect for little baby hands. These toys will help your little one to learn better eye/hand coordination, improve their fine motor skills, and stimulate their senses in many delightful ways. They are easy to pack up and can be taken anywhere you want to travel.

Food Toy Choices for ages 2 to 4

When toddlers start to learn new things, they want to explore and experience as much as they can. Food toy choices for this age should be colorful, interactive and teach them about shapes, sizes, what to do, and let them use their imaginations.

Learning Resources Fruit & Vegetable Play Food Basket, Set of 13

This set comes with foods from the garden. If you are trying to get your little one to eat his fruits and veggies, then there is no better way than by letting him play with his own selection. These come in vibrant colors made from durable plastic and will get your child acquainted with bananas, apples, pears, strawberries, cucumbers, green peppers, carrots, tomatoes, red onion, celery, and a head of lettuce. They can transport these fruits around in a sturdy little shopping basket with easy to hold handles.

Learning Resources Giant Play Food Set, Set of 80

If you are looking for a set of food that will last for years as your little one grows, this is an excellent choice. These pieces are the size of a real food serving and your child will never grow bored with variety of healthy choice foods and treats. See how many foods your child can name off as there are items such as corn on the cob, strawberries, bananas, cake, chips, hot dogs, and even fried chicken. No need to worry about having to find a place for all of these pieces as they come in a plastic storage container with an easy to carry handle so you can put these away anywhere. This product is also available to select states and countries outside of the US.

Grilled Chicken with detacheable Drumsticks and Wings

Children ages 1-5 will delight in this product. This chicken is made with plastic and soft velour materials. The wings and legs are attached with velcro and can come be torn off time after time so your little one can learn to share with others. Your children will love the realistic life size of the chicken and enjoy making dinner just as mommy and daddy do.

Recommendations for Imaginative 5 to 8 year olds

This is the age where children often do the most role playing. They love to dress up and pretend they are doctors, nurses, firemen, policemen, and any other adult they may have seen who grabbed their attention. Playing mommy and daddy will always be a favorite for children. And as they do, they know that one thing their parents always do is make them something to eat.

Learning Resources - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Foods, Set of 44

This is a good set to buy for your little tike. It has all of the pieces one would need to make up the 3 important meals of the days with foods your child will recognize and want to use. Watch how you child makes you breakfast or lunch and see how well he knows what you like by the choices he picks. You may end up being surprised. This food is realistic and non toxic. This item is also available for shipping outside of the US.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Food Bundle with Sandwich-Making Set, Pizza Party, Cutting Food Box Plus Agglo 36 Piece Birthday Set

Another quality Melissa and Doug product. This is a whopper of a deal. This variety pack will allow your children to pretend to chop up fruits, bread, make sandwiches, serve pizza and have a birthday party all at the same time. They will not know what what to do first and once they get started, you will not hear from them for hours as they lose themselves in the world of make believe. Made from solid wood, these food toy choices will not be damaged and will last for years to come. Realistic sounds created when your child slices his way into the various foods.Each section of this set is packaged and stored in it's own box so there will always be a place to put away the food when your child is done playing.

Super Shopper Shopping Cart

Why not add to your little guys fun and get a whole shopping cart system? This set is great for one child or multiple children as there are a 10 grocery items,and a metal frame realistic shopping cart that even has a folding chair child seat your little girl can put her doll in as she pretends to go on a shopping trip just like Mommy. Also included are a pretend shopping list, money and coupons. At 22' high, this is the perfect size for children ages 3-8 to roll around to their hearts delight.

Your children love to explore their imagination as they grow. By purchasing the right food toy choice for each age group, you can be sure that your child will improve their coordination, skills and development all while having fun doing what the "big people" do. Watching your children try out new recipes, expand their vocabulary and learn to share is all part of the enjoyment one can have as a parent. Help prepare your children for the real world with the best choice possible.


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