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Foot Finders - The First Toy They Will Love

Updated on July 28, 2014

From about 3 months of age, Lamaze Foot Finders were the first toys my daughter ever had any real interest in.

When babies are very small they're just adorable pooping little bundles of need. Let's be honest, half the time you're not sure if you're getting a smile or if they're making a gassy bubble face at you, but the first time they interact with a toy and you see genuine enjoyment and curiosity in their expression is a moment you'll never forget.

As new parents we purchased a lot of toys that she never looked at twice. Foot finders were the first exception and she loved her foot finders for many months, even after she was far too old to appreciate them in the context they were designed for.

The set comes with two bug shaped rattles that fasten to the wrists and two that are attached to socks.

The socks are pretty large so they might not be much use to you to use on the feet at first unless you've got a big baby or if you put them on over layers of clothing. The socks are also great for babies to grip in their tiny fists because they can really flail it around and get great rattles out that way.

In addition to securing to baby's wrists the wrist rattles can also be fastened to the feet and don't slip or kick off as easily as the socks do if you secure the velcro nice and snug (see photos below).

The foot finders set is designed (as all Lamaze products are) with contrast and bright colors in mind. Besides being made to stimulate the sense of sight they are also designed to stimulate the senses of touch and sound with different textures incorporated into each piece as well as the rattles and crinkly wings.

While keeping babies entertained this toy also encourages them to develop their coordination and strengthens their muscles as they wiggle about.

Our daughter is nearly 18 months old now, and the foot finders went away a long time ago but I have held onto them in anticipation of having another baby in the next couple of years.

I would strongly recommend buying a toy like this over a stuffed animal or clothes if you're thinking about a new baby gift. It's something that will bring so much enjoyment for the little one as well as to everyone around them who is observing their silly antics!

Photo Gallery

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Our little Genevieve with her feetie pals
Our little Genevieve with her feetie pals
Our little Genevieve with her feetie pals
Sassy Floor Mirror, Blue
Sassy Floor Mirror, Blue

If I had seen this in the store when my daughter was small I would have picked it up. Babies are crazy about mirrors and it would have coordinated with her foot finders so well!!

Lamaze Soft Chime Garden
Lamaze Soft Chime Garden

This is a toy that I have observed a lot of babies, including my own, interact with at the local baby group we attended when she was under a year old. It is especially good for when baby is first learning to sit as it fits well between their legs and encourages them to balance upright. It lights up and the music it plays is pleasant as opposed to the more abrasive sounds that often come out of baby toys.



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    • ecogranny profile image

      Kathryn Grace 4 years ago from San Francisco

      I agree. These make a much better gift than stuffed toys, which tend to gather dust and get in the way, after awhile, no matter how cute they are. All our grandchildren received foot and arm finders somewhere along the way. They enjoyed playing with them in different ways at different stages of development. I second your recommendation. : )

    • davenjilli lm profile image

      davenjilli lm 4 years ago

      oh, these are so adorable!