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Race The Fastest Cars in The World

Updated on October 29, 2012

Formula 1 2012

The game F1 2012 will is officially released. There is a demo out, where you can race one track: Monza. This racing game feels incredibly fast. Put down the pedal and experience what F1 driving is about. With incredibly realistic graphics and great sound for a good racing experience. The picture to the left is an ingame screenshot! Buy the game on Amazon or try it out on Steam.

Formula 1 2012

F1: 2012 - Playstation 3
F1: 2012 - Playstation 3

Just released racing game with the most realistic F1 experience out there. Reviewers are raving on the racing experience, especially the realistic and tough controls, F1 2012 provides and happy with the level of challenge it provides and the graphics of tracks and vehicles. Read Reviews


F1 2012

Try Out The Demo

A F1 Car's top speed is not all that impressive, racers were able to attain the same speeds as early as WWII, because of loads and loads of restrictions on speed by the FIA. A F1 car takes turns like nothing else. The incredible downforce is something that allows F1 cars to take off the throttle only a minimal amount and outrace all other vehicles on any track containing turns.

The F1 PC series of games by CODEMASTERS has won the BAFTA award and contains the official circuits from the 2012 FIA Formula 1 World Championship. The new PC game has an upgraded weather experience. You can race through storms and over soaking wet tracks. The game also has a multiplayer option.

try the game out on Steam here: DEMO F1 2012

Demo Gameplay F1 2012 - Best PC Racer Series

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F1 2012 Track
F1 2012 Track

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