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FPS Games: Why Can't They Do This?

Updated on September 9, 2014

First Person Shooter Games

Do you ever say to yourself this is a great video game but I wish I could do _____. I do all the time, but more with FPS games than any other. Don't get me wrong the games are awesome and fun to play. Although, if I was the one to make a game like this I would make it the best imaginable. There are a lot of FPS games out there a lot of times having one special thing none others have.

Halo I believe was one of the first or the first FPS games I've ever played there where others like 007 and others that might of been the first I don't remember exactly.

What If?

Imagine a game that had all the great aspects of your favorite games put in one. That would be awesome right but that would be impossible right? It didn't have to be that difficult if everyone thought the same way about a genre of game like what works and what doesn't. If game developers thought about it in the ways of making their game more like one of their high competitors and still having what they do well we will see newer better games at a faster rate then them trying to just improve or change their existing programming.

With the recent Halo 4 that came out it seems they are kinda doing what I'm hoping they will continue to do, that is incorporate things that should of been in the game since the beginning. Halo finally incorporating sprint into the game without it being a ability. I hope Halo incorporates some type of killstreak for the multiplayer, that would be interesting to see.

Call of Duty Games on Amazon

I'm not a big Black Ops fan but I liked the campaign for all COD games.

Halo 4

Change Since I First Published This Lens

When this Lens was first published I hadn't played Halo 4 don't even think it was fully out yet. Don't Remember exactly but now that I've played it for a good while now you see all the great things they have done with it. Integrating a reward system like the killstreaks system in COD. Hopefully in games in the future will take the great aspects of previously successful games, and make it their own like they did with Halo 4. The reason I'm holding the newest Halo in high regards is not because I like Halo games over COD games I play both. It is because how they have continually advanced the game in so many ways with every release dramatically more than COD and other FPS games.

Halo Games on Amazon

All Halo Games are awesome the ones I recommend most are these though. Didn't care too much for Halo Wars or ODST.

BattleField 3 on Amazon

I haven't played this but I heard a lot of great things from players that have and makes me want to try it.

Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six I find a little more challenging some times then other FPS games.

Brothers in Arms

Road to Hill 30 is the only game I've played of Brothers in Arms. I had a lot of fun playing this game though, controlling your own squad was awesome. Hope to get to play the latest ones out to find out if they still have great game controls.

Another great game that integrated ordering around a squad was Star Wars Republic Commando, that game was awesome.

ARMY of TWO Games

This is not really a FPS game (just because its 3rd person) but it has some things that should be in other games as well. Like the upgrades to the weapons and look. Also the way your able to slide to cover and spray covering fire from behind cover is also awesome.


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