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Free Games For Android Phones Download

Updated on February 1, 2013

The Best Free Games For Android Phones Download

The number of application available for android phone download is just inestimable. This is particularly true for the game apps made available for android. There are free as well as paid android games getting added to the number already there. And from the collection of android games, there are well put out games while others are just plain pitiable. Read through to learn about the best free games for android phones download and which offer pure entertainment for any android user.


1. Temple run

Temple Run takes pride of place at the top of the free games for android phones download list. It is a game which has been downloaded numerous times on android and is testimony to the popularity of the game. The game has been a runaway hit. The game is about running away from monsters with the jumping and dodging achieved by swiping on the screen. It is a completely addictive game and can be downloaded for free from Google Play

2. Bebbled

The android game, Bebbled is a gem-shuffling game and carries a Nintendo badge. This not provided free but is availed at a price. The game is entirely presented in a professional format and presents a complex challenge which is all the more fun to conquer. The game involves dropping gems on other gems often to blast or nuke larger groups. The game grows complex with the need to hit and score a combo ad even flip the play field by rotating the phone. It is an incredibly fantastic game and one of the free games for android phones download.


3. Angry Birds

Angry Birds ranks highly as one of the most popular and among the free games for android phones download. It is actually one of the most downloaded games on android. It is offered free and is available on Google Play. The game is actually very fine providing a professional edge to this puzzler.

4. Newton

Newton is an android game based on taking shots at a target making it a contention with different laws of nature. Lining up the perfect shot will specifically be a challenge in physics and math as you contend with all manner of obstacles meant to deflect the shot. The game is still in Beta version and levels are getting added to it.

5. Replica Island

The Replica Island android game is an extremely polished platform game which is very playable on an Android trackball. With twists such as bottom-bouncing, jumping, collecting and the heavy momentum of the character demand the simple switching of direction with the ball or d-pad as you graduate through the levels with ease.

6. Trap!

Trap is another of the free games for android phones download is every entertaining. The game involves trying to draw line in a bid to box in the moving spheres. Once you get the hang of the game, it is as interesting as other games here on the list. Even though the game has poor graphics in the form of a bland background and poor text, it offers an experience beyond the first impression. Try out this feel from way back by downloading the game from Google Play.

7. Jewels

Among the free games for android phones download is the Jewels game app. It is an android game where colored gems are matched and the resulting pairs matched to form larger shapes and groups which disappear. The size and professional presentation of the game and numerous levels make the game rank among the best games to download on android. This is a free game offered on android.

8. Coloroid

The Coloroid game has its contemporaries but it stands out for its simplicity and professional touch to how the game is laid out. It involves expanding colored area and aiming at filling them with color with the least number of moves.

9. Cestos

Cestos is a game which takes upon a futuristic concept. The game is played by throwing marbles and intending to smash an opponent’s gems out of the zone. The game has an interesting twist where you can play online against real humans. Therefore with a number of friends, then an individual is out to have a genuine, devious, and entertaining time as you play against each other.

10. Air Control

From the wide collection of games based on the concept of an air traffic controller, the Air Control game stands out. First it is free and with the swish of a finger, the player can guide aircrafts to runways and landing strips. It definitely gets mention among best free games for android phones download.

This list has been compiled to provide the best free games for android phones download from a wide category of games made available by different developers to android users. All these free games for android phones download are available from Google Play. Proceed to get your favorite game and keep entertained whenever free.


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