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free online multiplayer games for the pc to download

Updated on June 27, 2012

Best Free online Multiplayer Games

This List of the best free online multiplayer games for the PC and internet playable.
Includes Multiplayer games such as : mmoRPG, First person shooters, sci fi games, and many more. If your a broke ass gamer, or your just sick of overpriced software, checkout this list of the best free multiuplayer games to get your gaming fix.

I am an avid gamer so all these games have been played,
and i can tell you right away, they are great.

Quake Live

 Quake Live is proabably the most sophisticated free online game available. It is based on the quake 3 arena engine, and is played via a plugin in your browser. You need to make sure your PC is uptodate, as its quite PC intensive. The games available include Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, and Instagib.

There is lots of online servers all over the world to connect to, and one of the most advanced recording and statistics reporting in any online game. All of your kills, and everything that contributes a point for you or against you is accessable in the main browser window when you finish playing.

There is awards for almost every level of achievment in the game including some really fun ones like how many people you've killed in mid air with your guilatine.You can also add to your friends list anyone who you've played with, and chat to them.

Overall If your a fast FPS maniac then you will love quake live.

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FEAR Multiplayer

 FEAR, is the multiplayer part of the original single player campaign from the game fear. This is just the multiplayer part though, but who cares about the single player campaign anyway!

Its easy to register on the main sierra website, and all you need is your email address to get the link to download.

Fear multi player is a great FPS for anyone that likes half life counterstrike, as it really feels like a darker, and better version of that. Although the game itself is a few years old it really has a good online following with lots of online servers available to play on, and also has a very sophisticated graphics engine, that means if you have a high end PC you can crank up the graphics, and really get the best from a free online game.

There is lots of match modes, and only a few weapons to choose from though, but the real enjoyment factor is from the actual strategic playing, and hiding in wait for your enemies.

Great game, and even better when its free.

Unreal Tournament

 Although this is only the demo of unreal tournament, it still has enough action, features, and maps to allow you to have a great free online game.

There is the newest version of unreal tournament, but this may be too much for your PC as its a high specification game. If you have an older PC then the unreal tournament 2004 is still a popular choice with loads of support, and servers still available.

Both games are big chunky downloads, but once you get them downloaded you'll be more than happy. Unreal is an online FPS with the largest selection of destructive weapons in any game, along with some alternative game modes including flying ships, gun trucks, and also tanks.

Great hardcore FPS experiance.

alien arena logo

alien arena logo
alien arena logo

Alien Arena

Alien Arena is a sick sci fi FPS. In Alien Arena you play an alien, and with lots of deadly guns, blast your fellow multiplayer opponents into oblivion.

Alien Area is open source multiplayer deathmatch game for windows, linux, and OSX.

You can now have great fun playing mutliplayer friends on PC vs ipad, Linux, or imac.

There are servers worldwide, and if you want to host a server, thats easy also.

Although based on an original quake 3 engine, Alien Arena has a very different taste to action, with lots of original ideas and graphics.


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      clarklao 7 years ago

      wow Quake Live is great!!!