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The Best Free Printable Word Searches

Updated on September 5, 2014

Do your kids enjoy a challenge? Give them some free printable word searches to tackle!

As a child, one of my favourite pass-times when I wasn't drawing or playing outdoors was sitting down quietly and doing a word search puzzle. Whilst word searches may not be the first activity that pops into the minds of technology-driven modern day kids, they nevertheless prove very useful in improving concentration, spelling and problem solving skills. This can be said not only for children, but for teenagers, adults, and those learning a second language as well.If you are looking for free printable word searches to download and give to your kids, then you have come to the right place. On this page, you will find a wide variety of word search puzzles to print, as well as a few you can do online for free. I know you'll find just the word search puzzle you're looking for!

Photo credit: DowntownCofC on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Free Online Word Search Maker - Make your own word searches with these online word search makers!

If you don't want to go out and buy a word search book, there are myriad websites that offer free online word search makers such as the ones you see below. With these programs, you can generate hundreds of word searches which will never turn out the same.

Free Printable Halloween Word Searches
Free Printable Halloween Word Searches

Looking for Halloween Word Searches?

Teach your kids how to spell spooky Halloween words!

On my page about Halloween Word Searches, you will find three different Halloween word search puzzles for different levels - one for small kids, one for older kids, and one for adults/English as a second language learners.The word searches for kids are smaller and feature fewer words that only appear horizontally and vertically. The word search for adults, on the other hand, aims to introduce more challenging terms with difficult spellings. These words may appear in any direction.

Looking for Christmas Word Searches?

Get into the festive spirit with Christmas word searches!

Christmas is just around the corner, so don't forget to print off one of these fun Christmas Word Searches in time for the holiday season!As with the Halloween word searches above, these Christmas word searches are divided into three levels - easy (for small kids just learning to read and write), intermediate (for older kids with a good grasp on reading and writing), and advanced (for adults and second language learners).

The Benefits of Word Search Puzzles - Why everyone should do a word search every now and then

Contrary to popular belief, word search puzzles are far more than mindless entertainment for the bored and uncreative! In fact, there are more benefits to doing word searches than I can count on one hand!

  1. Word searches teach you how to spell difficult words
  2. Word searches increase your vocabulary as long as they are suitable to your level.
  3. Word searches keep your brain active. This is very important for elderly people and those who suffer from memory loss.
  4. Word searches can help you learn other languages. If you are learning French, try doing a word search puzzle in the French language!
  5. Word searches encourage pattern recognition, especially in small children.
  6. Puzzle books sold in stores aside, word searches are completely free. You can make one on your own with a simple piece of paper, a few words, and a ruler.
  7. Word searches instil a sense of accomplishment in those who struggle with reading or writing.
  8. Word searches are fun to do, especially in groups or a class setting!

Thinking of buying a word search puzzle book?

Word search puzzle books can make great stocking stuffers at Christmas. They don't cost a lot of money, and they can be used throughout the year on plane trips, car trips, while waiting in the doctor's office, or about anywhere else you can think of!

Word Searches in Other Languages - French, Spanish, Japanese and more!

As I mentioned before, word searches are an excellent way of increasing your vocabulary not only in your native tongue but also in other languages. They allow you to learn while having fun at the same time. To see some of my favourite word searches in other languages, have a look below!

Have I convinced you? Download a word search puzzle today!

Why do you need a free printable word search? - Please let us know you stopped by!

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