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5 Free Puzzle iPad Games

Updated on February 9, 2013

In this article, we present 5 puzzle-type games for those who like puzzles.

Both articles were written April 2011 and the games mentioned were free at the time of the writing. But who knows by the time you are reading this, they may no longer be by the time you are reading this. The game author may have changed their pricing.

Many free games also have a paid version upgrade.

Blocks Free

Free the golden block by sliding the gray block out of the way. You can only slide blocks in the direction of their orientation.

It is similar to the game "Traffic Jam".

The free version has 25 "easy" level puzzles. The full paid version upgrade has three more difficulty levels.


You are the penguin whose job is to push blocks of ice to quench fires.

The first few levels are designed to be easy so that you can learn the game. Don't worry, the levels get more progressively more difficult.  There are nine levels in this free version.

Implode Nature

Place bombs at strategic locations in order to blow up the structure.

You drag the bombs with your finger.  Taps on the plunger to blow them up.  And watch the building fall.  To succeed, all parts of the building must fall below the line drawn.

There are 10 levels to play in this free version.

Cogs HD Lite

This is a slider puzzle game where you slide tiles in order to connect gears. Your objective is to connect gears in such a way as to make the golden gear turn.

After the first level, you get to work on the surface of a 3 dimensional cube (as shown in the screen shot). You can rotate the display of the cube by swiping with two fingers.


This game is hard to explain.

Let's just say that it is like Tetris (hence the similarly sounding name).

But unlike Tetris, there is no time element. So you have time to think and plan the next move.  The next shape to come is shown at the top and it will appear at the center of the grid.  You drag your shape on the grid such that if blocks take up a complete row, the blocks disappear.


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