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Free Word Search Games

Updated on March 16, 2014

Free Word Search Puzzles

People who love doing word search puzzles can read this and find out more about getting free printable word search puzzles for all ages from adults to kids. So what's so great about word search games?

Well, for starters, they are a great way to spend some free time as they not only keep you occupied during what might otherwise be a time of boredom, but they help to keep your brain active. And recent studies into age related problems such as dementia have revealed that keeping your brain active by doing puzzles is a great way to help avoid such illnesses as you get older.

Add to that huge benefit is the fact that these puzzles are also mentally stimulating, interesting and a great educational tool for kids. Lastly, and by no means least is they are fun to do!

Image Credit: affman (self created)

This is the part I love best about them as I personally enjoy doing these puzzles when I get some free time. So if you fancy having a go at some word search puzzles that you can actually get free online, please read on!

Where Can I Find Free Word Search Puzzles Online?

Well, I guess it's not much use reading all about free word search puzzles unless you can see an obvious place to get them from online. Since you are already reading this, meaning you are already online (okay, I get it... I'm stating the obvious here) it's actually a pretty simple thing to, rather than tell you, to show you!

The image of a puzzle you can see right here to your left is clickable.

That means you only need to click your mouse on the image to visit the page where it's hosted live and where you can download or copy it from for free (including of course the list of words that you will need to find in there! Its a pretty simple puzzle but there are a whole load of other puzzles on the site of differing levels of difficulty that you can also download at your leisure.

Now isn't that just the best thing ever!

Of course, the website hosting that puzzle isn't the only one. Its just one of the better ones in my own opinion and I like the big selection it has over there. You can choose to go looking for your own websites if you like.

Just go take a look at Google and you'll find plenty, if you like. You don't have to choose the site I did.

Image Credit:

Find Great Word Search Books on Amazon

For those who can't be bothered searching around online for a few free puzzles, there are some great books full of them to keep you actively searching for words in the mazes. Take a look below at some of these:

The Everything Giant Book of Word Searches: Over 300 puzzles for big word search fans!
The Everything Giant Book of Word Searches: Over 300 puzzles for big word search fans!

If you want to have over 300 puzzles all together in one place, this is the book for you! Click the image link to find out more.


Do You Like Doing Word Search Puzzles?

Do You Like Doing Word Search Puzzles?

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