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How to Come Up with Free Baby Shower Games

Updated on November 2, 2010

If you have attended a baby shower of a family member or a friend, you should know that games are not really a mandatory part of the celebration. However, having games during a baby shower surely gets things going and makes the event a whole lot of fun.

There are plenty of free baby shower games you can find online and in magazines for planning parties and other social events. Some of these games may require that you purchase or already have a certain product or item which is needed for the game. If you want to, it is possible that you come up with baby shower games to play, and below are a few ideas to help you do just so.

Items Needed:

* A pen and paper

* The theme of the baby shower

* How many guests are expected to arrive

* When and where the baby shower is to be held

* Materials for the games

1. When coming up with games to play for a baby shower, you will definitely need to have a pen and paper handy. This is where you will jot down any creative ideas that come to mind as well as how you intend the games to be played. In this way, you won’t end up coming up with a brilliant idea only to end up forgetting it in an hour or so.

2. A lot of parents choose to have a theme for their baby shower to make the event unique, and you should know what theme it is so that you can plan games that go well with the theme. You can even make the materials needed for your games to match the colors of the theme of the baby shower if you want to.

3. Knowing how many guests are expected to arrive allows you to plan games properly. You will already have an idea of how many participants you will have, as well as whether you should come up with games for a small group of people or a game that everybody can pitch in at the same time.

4. Knowing the venue where the baby shower is to be held also helps you to come up with free baby shower games as you will have an idea of how much space is available for the baby shower games. Plus, you can also plan quiet games if the baby shower is to be held late in the afternoon so as to not disturb the neighbors, or if it is to be held in the mornings so that being loud won’t be a problem.

5. Once you have planned on playing certain games for the baby shower, you should prepare the needed materials for the games to be carried out. If the games you came up with require a deck of cards, pieces of paper to write on and something to write with, tape, or anything else, have them ready at least a day or two before the event. This is to ensure you aren’t rushing to the store at the last minute just because you forgot something you absolutely needed.


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