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Frog Bath Toys For Bath Time Fun

Updated on November 8, 2014

Fun Frog Bath Toys

There's nothing better than making bath time a fun time for your kids, a time that they look forward to!

A few fun bath toys can make bath time enjoyable for you and your kids and these frog bath toys are no exception!

Browse through our selection of some of the best frog bath toys available, there are plenty to choose from so which frog bath toy will be the one that you choose?

Elegant Baby Frog Bath Set

Elegant Baby Rubber Soap Dish with 3 Squirties Baby Shower or Birthday Tub Squirt Toys Gift Set - Frog
Elegant Baby Rubber Soap Dish with 3 Squirties Baby Shower or Birthday Tub Squirt Toys Gift Set - Frog

These bright and cheery frogs make bath time more enjoyable! Kids will love floating the little frogs on the rings in the bath and playing with the squirties.

This bath time gift set comes complete with a giant soap dish, bath mitt, sponge and bath squirt toy, and, though your kids have outgrown bath time toys, this set would make a great baby shower gift.


Swimming Frog Amphibious-Pal

Swimming Frog Bath Toy
Swimming Frog Bath Toy

My little nephew has one of these swimming frog bath toys and he loves trying to catch it in the bath tub!

The swimming frog bath toy is also available for UK customers, just follow the link below:

Swimming Frog Bath Toy


Make Bath Time Safer For Your Kids

These fun frog accessories can help make bath time safer for your kids:

Vital Baby Play 'n' Splash Family Frog Bath Toys, 3 Pack

Vital Baby Play 'n' Splash Family, Frogs, 3 Pack
Vital Baby Play 'n' Splash Family, Frogs, 3 Pack

These squeeze and squeak bath toys are the perfect size for your baby to play in the bath with and to develop their hand eye coordination.


Cuddly Bath Pal Frog

Sassy Cuddly Bath Pal, Frog
Sassy Cuddly Bath Pal, Frog

This cuddly frog bath pal is soft and bath friendly. It makes silly sounds when you squeeze it's tummy and has fun textures to stimulate baby's senses. The frog bath pal is great for introducing baby to a fun and friendly bath time.


Organic Mommy & Baby Wash Mitts: Frogs

Organic Mommy & Baby Wash Mitts: Frogs
Organic Mommy & Baby Wash Mitts: Frogs

Some kids can be a little bit apprehensive about bath time but these fun frog bath mitts can help to make your baby feel happier about bath time while also managing to promote good hygiene. Let these little frogs put little minds at ease by performing a silly puppet show and bath time will soon become your baby's favorite time.


Jumping Beans® Frog Hooded Bath Towel, in GreenBUY NOW

Frog - Hooded Bath Towel For Kids..BUY NOW

KidorableTM frog towel


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