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Haba Play Food

Updated on February 16, 2013

Play Food Toys by Haba for Children

Find some super cute Haba Play Food toys that your child can have so much fun with. If you want to encourage your little one to use his imagination and participate in pretend play then these toys are tops.

Play food is great for encouraging children to actively participate in fun games such as chef, restaurant, cooking show or anything else they can imagine!

Find the cutest play food sets that your child will love.

View the Haba Play Food Sets Collection Online

Haba Shopping Bag with Whole Foods Toy

Haba Play Foods

How about a fun trip to the grocery store? If you really want to encourage some healthy eating habits in your child then plan it! This adorable Haba shopping bag contains a lot of whole foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Healthy eating starts when children are young. Let her cook away in her play kitchen using these healthy options.

Haba Play Food Choices - Let's go shopping....

Choose between sweet treats, canned toy food or other fun fabric toys that you child can enjoy in her play kitchen!

Haba Play Food Toy for Sale - Yummy.. chicken

Haba Play Foods for Sale Online

Let your child spend plenty of time cooking some tasty gourmet play meals. Cooking is a fine art, after all, and anything that will encourage creative expression is great. It's time for fun chicken dinner meals with this cute play chicken toy. The Haba Biofino Grilled chicken has removable wings and legs for even more fun!

Haba Play Food Toys for Children - What will she like the most?

Children just love playing make believe and imaginary games. What's even better is for them to play together! Arrange play dates for your child or encourage siblings to play.

Haba Play Food for Kids - The Play Toy Sandwich!

See More Haba Play Toys for Sale Online like This One

Yummy! A play sandwich that is soft and will let your child assemble it from scratch and then build all over again as many times as she wants to! This sandwich toy is made from felt and is perfect for children who love playing in the kitchen. It's best for children over 3 years old.

More Haba Biofino Play Food Picks - Desserts for Playtime!

Don't forget the delicious pastries. Everyone needs a little sweet treat every once in awhile and these adorable Haba play foods will hit the spot.

Haba Kids Play Food Toys - Get ready to grill!

See More Haba Play Toys for Sale Online like This One

Oh yummy grilling treats! Let your child enjoy pretending like she's grilling outdoors or cooking something delicious on the range. Featured is the Haba Biofino Grill set and it has been made with soft fabric /felt for fun imaginary play. Included is a Shish kabob, steak fish and brats for a fun grilling time.

Haba Biofino Play Food Toys for Kids - More fun play toys

Yummy treats to encourage playtime in the kitchen. Pick your favorites below..

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