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DC Comics Action Figures: Funko Pop Heroes Series 1 and 2

Updated on June 3, 2015

DC Comics Pop Heroes vinyl figures

Heroes from from the pages of DC Universe comics created by Funko. 12 action figure bobble-heads in a growing collection of characters from classic comic book heroes, heroines and villains.

Collectible character figures and soft plush toys are great gifts for your favorite superheroes. Find the best comic book characters from Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern in Series 2 from Funko Pop!

There are more heroes from DC comic books in Series 3 with Hawkman, Shazam and other Silver Age comics from Green Arrow, Aquaman, and the Martian Manhunter. See the complete Funko Pop Heroes list for Series 1 Batman figures, and Marvel Comics characters in Series 4.

Pop! Heroes Series 3 - The Flash and Wonder Woman

"Black Flash" Exclusive - 2012 Comic-Con limited edition figure

This is the third version of The Flash, made exclusively for the New York Comic Con in 2012.

Funko Pop Lanyards

Funko Pop! charm and matching 16" lanyard to hold ID cards, or take the charm off and add it to your keyring. Use it for a cell phone charm, or wear the medallion as a shoe charm on sneakers or Crocs. One side of the card in the ID holder has a group portrait of all the characters in the series. Lanyard is printed on both sides with the Pop! character and their logo.

Funko Wonder Woman Computer Sitter
Funko Wonder Woman Computer Sitter

Sitting pretty on the edge of your computer monitor, a bookcase, television or any shelf to watch over you while working. Great gift for the office workhorse.


Funko Pop Heroes Series 2

Hal Jordan - Green Lantern Movie
Hal Jordan - Green Lantern Movie
Superman Funko Force
Superman Funko Force

Funko Force figures have movable arms and a bobble head with realistic human features.


Superman - FunKo Force series - Collectable action figure / bobblehead

Funko force is a series of vinyl bobble-heads with detailed portraits of comic book heroes captured in action poses to display the full force of their super powers.

DC Universe Pop! Heroes Poll - Series 2 and 3

Which one is the best DC Universe Pop Vinyl figure?

See results

Dashboard bobble heads

Any one of these Pop! Heroes would make an excellent dashboard ornament for any kind of car, truck or RV. But how to mount the bobble head on the dash?

Command Strips are normally used to hang posters and decorations on the wall. TravelingRae says that if the surface of the dash and the PVC figure are cleaned, these removable adhesive strips will work great to keep the bottom of the little vinyl shoes of the figures planted firmly on the dashboard.

DC Universe Pop Heroes Series 1

Batman bobble heads and plush toys

Batman, Robin and Batgirl fight off the bad guys in Series 1 of the Pop! Heroes vinyl bobble-head toys made by Funko. Four rivals of the caped crusaders try ...

Funko Pop Heroes checklist

+ Limited-edition vinyl toy figures, bobbleheads, games and graphics are issued each year at major comic book conventions, including the mother of them all - the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), sometimes with a special metallic finish or jumbo-sized figures.

See the complete List of Retired Funko Pop vinyl toys for scarce figures, and find examples rare action figure toys from every toymaker on the Toy Collecting Glossary.


  • 01 Batman + SDCC 2010 metallic + chase + GITD Lego set
  • 02 Robin + metallic
  • 03 Batgirl + metallic
  • 04 Penguin (retired) + metallic
  • 05 Riddler (retired)
  • 06 Joker + GITD (Lego)


  • 07 Superman
  • 08 Wonder Woman
  • 09 Green Lantern + SDCC version
  • 10 The Flash
  • 11 Hal Jordan the Green Lantern (retired)
  • 12 Sinestro (retired) + SDCC metallic version


  • 13 Two-Face (Batman)
  • 14 Shazam! (retired) + metallic
  • 15 Green Arrow (retired) + metallic
  • 16 Aquaman (retired) + metallic
  • 17 Hawkman (retired) + metallic
  • 18 Martian Manhunter + SDCC version


  • 19 The Dark Knight Rises Batman + SDCC 2012 Patina
  • 20 The Dark Knight Rises Bane
  • 21 Cat Woman
  • 22 The Black Flash 2012 New York Comic Con exclusive

Introduction to Funko Pop! Vinyl - See all the Funko Pop toys

Funko Pop! Vinyl toy figures and bobble heads

Pop! Vinyl action figure toys created by FunKo come in ten different theme groups, with more than 150 popular characters from cartoons, movies and comic boooks.

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      hadn't seen these before, this would be something I'd buy!

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      Funko has all our favorite pop heroes....blessing these sweet memories!