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Funny Halo Reach Things You Won't Expect Series

Updated on October 4, 2014

Here are a few clips from the series in Youtube called "Things You Won't Expect", recently made famous by Kotaku in this article.

Each clip shows a still shot of an area in a map of Halo Reach. And then something happens...

The creator of the series is YouTube user Chris101b, a super hardcore Halo fan, and below are his comments on how the series came about.

"I have plenty of Halo vids that have little to no views. I decided to do this just out of fun. I knew that jetpacking up to the ceiling and falling to the ground would kill you. I wanted to see what it would look like if 8 people did it. I put it up on my file share and people loved it. It was one of the top rated films of the beta and people wanted me to do more.... so I did. I didn't think that it would turn into a series. Everyone has an opinion though I guess."

Below are the few clips from the series that I enjoyed the most.

What is fun about these clips is the anticipation of what things exactly are about to happen.

What I also like about them is their simplicity, and as quoted by Stephen Totilo from Kotaku,

"Simple is sometimes better"!


Texts below each clip contains spoilers. So watch the clips before scrolling down to read.

Things You Won't Expect #11

I shall start off with my favourite, which is #11.

What I love about this clip is the stunning beautiful scenery. It really showcases what their game engine is capable of.

The Thing...

A spartan suddenly flew across the screen.

Comment I Didn't Expect...

pshbling: 88 MPH

My Deciphering Skill Tells Me...

It looks like Dr. Bruce Banner's alter ego, frolicking around the world and have reached Antartica. He looks abit more tanned than usual though.

Products I Didn't Expect

Search results for "halo the hulk"

Things You Won't Expect #1

The Thing...

8 players jetpacking up to the ceiling (which you don't see) and falling to the ground.

Comment I Didn't Expect...

It's raning men.

My Deciphering Skill Tells Me...

As you can see near the end of the clip, 2 players flopped their bodies.

This suggests there is actually lifeform in the pond.

I presume the red player was lying in a pond as well. As he, too, had landed on a belligerent sea monster.

Products I Didn't Expect

Search results from "halo rain"

Things You Won't Expect #2

The Thing...

8 players ran down the slope.

Comment I Didn't Expect...

DukeOfPwn: The second clip took two watches to understand what was brilliant about it. Then I had a good chuckle.

Herabek: Do share. I see some Spartans running down some stairs.

DukeOfPwn: I just thought of both teams doing a marathon run together. The guy lagging behind adds realism.

My Deciphering Skill Tells Me...

A blue player just gave an announcement that he is giving a $600 Million Reward for anyone who finds his "Boomstick" shotgun!

Products I Didn't Expect

Search results of "halo runner"

Things You Won't Expect #3

The Thing...

8 players ran off a broken bridge.

Comment I Didn't Expect...

ThatLaggyNoob: The unstoppable herp-a-derp army was here.

My Deciphering Skill Tells Me...

The last player is just admiring the sky and did not see the broken bridge.

Products I Didn't Expect

Search results for "halo broken bridge"

Things You Won't Expect #4

The Thing...

7 player armour locking on top and around a poor tree and seems to be having fun, while one player tries to get up to join them.

Comment I Didn't Expect...


My Deciphering Skill Tells Me...

Okay, TBH, this one's a little too difficult for me to decipher. I'll let you guys do the deciphering.

Products I Didn't Expect

Search results for "halo christmas tree"

The Rest of the Series

These are the rest from the series, which although aren't as fun to watch. There's always something interesting for Halo fans to see.

If you would like to check them out, here they are.

Thing You Won't Expect #5-9

Thing You Won't Expect #10 (with credits)

Hope you've enjoyed watching them.

And thanks for visiting! :)

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