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Furby 2012 UK

Updated on April 16, 2013

Yes, Furby 2012 is available in the UK

Buy Furby 2012 in the UK. Preorder available for September 2012 delivery. Furbies are back and they'll be available in the UK.

The original Furby was very popular and now 14 years later the new Furby is set to be one of the top toys for Christmas 2012.

Furby 2012 is made by Hasbro and has modernized the electronic features of the original Furby. New Furby has LCD eyes that can display a variety of graphics. This Furby speaks Furbish and learns English. And Furby has a range of sensors to detect touch and movement. There's even an app for interacting with your Furby.

Furby Plush UK

Where can you buy Furby in the UK?

Furbies are very popular this Christmas and some retailers are already out of stock. Here are some places to try and see if they have the colour of Furby that you are looking for:

Furby @ Amazon UK

Furby at Argos (including new colours)

Voodoo the Purple Furby


This is Voodoo the Purple Furby with pink highlights.

Phoenix the Orange/Red Furby


Here's Phoenix the orangey-red Furby.

Taboo the Teal Furby


Taboo is the teal blue Furby.

Black Magic the Black Furby


This is Black Magic, the black Furby.

Yeti the White Furby


Meet Yeti the sophisticated White Furby (no sticky fingers please!)

Sprite the Yellow Furby


And here's Sprite the cheerful sunshine yellow Furby.

Furby Colours

At time of writing the 6 initial Furby colours are available for pre-order in the UK.

A further 4 colours of Furby are planned for 2012, we expect that these will also be available in the UK.

The four additional colours are: Pink Puff, Twilight Navy Blue, Plum Dark Purple and Green Man.

UK Release Date

In the UK, Furby will be available from September 24th 2012, this is a week later than in the US.

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Furby 2012 UK Pre-Order

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    • nicks44 profile image

      nicks44 5 years ago

      Man I just love these critters! Plus I got first comment and like, that has to mean something right?