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Gadgets and cool technology for christmas 2013

Updated on January 28, 2014

Check out some of the newest gadgets that are sure to be on everyones wish list

2012 was a great year with the tablet and the big 3D revolution, but will 2013 be more interesting and beat these gadgets! I would have to say yes.

I have already found some of the coolest gadgets that will hit the market around thanksgiving this year so there are sure to be some black Friday deals if you are brave enough to face the crowds. So whats the big item this year? well on the high end it will most likely be the new version of the iphone the iphone 5 and on the lower end it is hard to say but it will probably be something compatible with iphones such as a remote control helicopter with a live view from the cockpit on your phone.

Waterproof ipad case

Take your iPad on your water-based or beach outings with the Over-Board Waterproof iPad Case, offering full use of the device while it is safely sealed away. Over-Boards waterproof iPad pouch has a clear front so you can use all the touch screen functions and seals tightly with Over-Boards Slide Seal System , making it guaranteed submersible to 19' (5.8 meters). That means you can check your emails from the pool! If you do accidentally drop it in the water, Over-Boards waterproof iPad case will neatly float to the top so you can get it back quickly. That's not likely to happen though, because it comes with a back hand loop for secure handling in either orientation. Complete with a shoulder strap for easy transport as well, the Over-Board Waterproof iPad case is the relaxed and secure way to take your iPad to the beach, pool or on board

Iphone helicopter

The i-helicopter functions properly and does what it's supposed to at your command. 2 EXTRA ROTORS + 2 EXTRA TAIL ROTORS ARE INCLUDED! USB CHARGER INCLUDED! Motion control or thumb control The i-helicopter has controlled white lights in front and a multicolor flashing light right below the tail rotor. These can be turned on or off by your iPhone when playing

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