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Best Gadgets for Boys (of all ages)

Updated on August 14, 2013

Boy's Gadgets are Men's Gadgets Too!

Gadgets for Boys means Cool Toys, Spy Gear, and Electronics. I grew Up the Gadget King...or at least I would like to think so. I had the latest binoculars and Swiss Army Knives. A collection of electronic organizers, when things were measured in kilobytes. If it were multifunctional I had to have it. So what are some of the best modern Gadgets for Boys....We will look into electronics, outdoor activities, and sports and see what technological wonders we can dig up.

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Let's Start at the TV

It is important to balance outdoor play and indoor games in a boy's education system. A young man will find himself torn between the splash of mud and the "call of duty" of video games. This is modern life, it is ok to indulge both sides keeping the bigger picture in mind. Let's start with the video games... like eating dessert first!

Let's Assume He has Video Games - The Top Three Video Game Consoles

Most likely, any young man... ok any man at any age.... will have a video game system. But it must be one of the three: The Contenders

We have a lean mean keester kickin' machine in the XBox

Arriving tastefully dressed and ready to gamble enters Playstation

Smiling and winking. Hello, Mr. Wii

So who wins this battle? They all do.

Each system has a particular mold that it can fit and descriptions will help you decide which one. There is an old saying however, "Just ask the lad." that can go a long way. But if you want to have a little more control over the types of games and stimulation you are providing, take note of the systems below.

XBox - This is a serious machine. If you know the person you are giving this to and they call themselves a gamer, it might be wise to look into the XBox as the console of choice. Call of Duty and Madden are the games that could define this system (ok ok Halo as well, relax). But the XBox is the true video game console as such would have it. Bro.

Playstation - Sony delivers a sophisticated machine that acts more like a central computing hub than a video game system. A choice for the more studious in my opinion. Less razzle dazzle and more organize and play. This is actually my console of choice, though the XBox rules for gamers. I can wear a tie or just listen to music, but I most likely am not throwing my controller against the wall.

Wii - The Wii is friendly. That is the best way to understand the person you are thinking about in terms of the Wii. This video game console lends itself well to the casual video game player and has a pleasant interface, and an ease of use that acts more as a neighbor and less like a pal. A comfortable relationship that you can chat from time to time and share yard equipment, but they won't tell you how to live your life. Yes, I just personified the Wii

What do YOU think? - Which is your Favorite System

Which Systems is the must have... in your opinion?

See results

Spy Gadgets - For the James Bond in all of us....

Every young man growing up dreams of having just one of James Bonds' cool gadgets. Maybe a submarine car, or a laser cutting watch, or even a lapel grappling hook. Many of these gadgets will remain Hollywood fantasy, or at least be a bit out of a gift price range. However, there are some pretty incredible spy gadgets that may help to satisfy a bit of the 007 in all of us.

Night Vision - While growing up and pretending to play army man in the parks of Cleveland a dream of night vision filled the heads of young men. The ability to see in the dark was reserved for Navy Seals and Super Heroes and not for the likes of us young hoodlums. But with technology racing ahead at the speed of light, night vision for the masses has reached its day. While obviously able to be abused for the side of evil instead of good, night vision in the curious mind will actually bring about an interest in all things nocturnal, more like animal watching and night hiking, and not people who make walk the street at this hour. A dependable and mature young man could have his wish fulfilled with a gift of owl eyes... however, it may be more difficult to find a grown man that fits this mold. Though I am sure there are a few.

Monocular and Binoculars For day time super powers nothing beats being able to see incredible distances in a single glance, to spot a coin from a mile away, or leap out and startle a loved one because you saw them coming before they even arrived. Boys and men alike marvel in being able to enhance their senses... again it is the super hero complex we all face and love. As a gent moves through the years, the quality of binocular needs to improve with the declining eyesight. This is a scientific fact (*no it isn't). For the nature lover and traveler alike you will bring smiles to their face and twinkles to the eyes: gift a pair of binoculars or just a monocular to give site to the almost blind.

Camping Gadgets, Outdoor Gadgets - Low-Tech High Function

Outdoor gadgets are important for camping and the like. Not every amazing gadget needs a current running through it to bring joy to a man or boy's face (yes it can help a lot). But for those guys looking for unplugged engineering marvel there are options out there that would make MacGyver a bit jealous.

The Pocket Knife - The pocket knife has it all.... enough tools and wonder to help an individual survive years in the wilderness alone (please do not attempt, as this is an exageration meant to make a point and not a recommendation to have you or any man in your life spend years trying to survive in the woods by themselves for years, thank you for your cooperation) This knife alone can make or break an entire camping trip. The versatility involved with having a saw, a knife, another knife, a magnifying glass, another knife, a corkscrew, a toothpick, and more can save your hungry stomach or your cold hands from the brutality of a campsite. Don't skimp on the Swiss Army Knife, your Navy Beans will suffer.

Utility Tool or Leatherman - The working man's Swiss Army Knife will save any male from a pinch in today's modern world. Built more for being handy and a tool instead of a survival instrument, this amazing gadget will serve a more useful and practical purpose in a man's pocket. Screwdrivers, wrenches, and levels are more the tricks of this tools trade but again the engineering used to pack such a versatile instrument into the palm of your hand: Gadgllicious!

Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman - On a desert island, one choice...

outdoor gadgets
outdoor gadgets

Which do you Choose?

Life depending on it, Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman

See results

Sport Gadgets - The Coolest Gadgets for the Athlete

Every active person knows that even in the great outdoors or playing basketball having cool gadgets that not only look sweet but serve awesome functions in the process will make all their friends say "nice." Some of the most clever and cutting edge gadgets involve those that are used in sports or in the pursuit physical excellence in competition, even against oneself.

Sport Headphones - an essential gadget that is often overlooked, especially for those who run often. It takes a special pair of headphones to stand up to the pounding of pavement or court as a guy runs, hitting the ground with quite a bit of force. Add in the fact that you will be sweating and the regular old ear buds just don't cut it. You need a headphone that stays in the ear yet is lighweight and out of the way. There are headphones design specifically for the sports guy or athlete.

Cooling Towels and Super Absorbent Clothing - This is a low-tech looking piece of fabric but with high tech research and construction behind its design. Often designed on the nano-level incorporating micro-weavings and space age fabrics, these articles of clothing will not only be compact and lightweight but will often be constructed and made to repel odor. Though you can't see it these pieces the gadgetry is really more felt than seen :)

Your Workout - how important is clothing?

Do you use special clothing, with added technology, when you workout?

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Remote Control Spy Car - Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6 With Camera on car and Monitor on Remote!

There is no doubt that this could be the single greatest gift of the year: Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6. This amazingly modern version of the remote control car features a camera that transmits what the car sees to a monitor on the remote control itself. That is right, no more getting up and walking down the stairs or the other room to investigate a strange noise. No longer will you have to risk your own life to look both ways before crossing the street. You can simply send out this trouble spotter.... of course it would be pretty cool to attach a listening device and do some amazing spying on an older sibling and their gossip buddies, or simply take a spin down a dirt trail doing some nature site seeing from the vantage point of a gnome. Great stuff, great price, great gift.

USB Gadgets - Plugging in the Tech

USB Gadgets are those amazing, often made-in-china, gizmo that plugs into your USB port and with that power you have a large number of different devices to choose from. Really the interesting thing is the novelty of many of these usb gadgets being that it plugs into the USB port. Anything single user friendly you can plug into a wall can become a USB gadget. Here I want to highlight some of the stranger and more interesting USB devices that you can purchase to the envy of all your co-workers... warm your coffee, cool a beverage, and even shave!! USB Gadgets are the way to go.... sort of.

Calling all Cell Phones - Android vs. Apple

Right from the start, there is no right answer. But this is my take on Apple and Android and hopefully will give you a little bit of insight before you decide on your next phone... the new every two if you will.

Apple is the way to go if you are already using many Apple products. It is that easy. If you are wondering which way to go, stick with what you have been using. This applies to everyone accept one group. If you are the adventurous type and own a Mac, maybe two, and an iPod touch make a switch to Android, and keep an open mind. But if you are comfortable with your devices there is no reason to switch and you should not feel guilt about staying with Apple.

Apple's interface is useability is really an incredible feat. They kept product, software, and user experience all under one mind and this is how the system works. As is should. There will be bugs, but with Apple it is the rarity. For some more insight, my mother, a grade school music teacher has an iPhone, so does my good friend who is a corporate lawyer in NYC. So the ease of use is universal and will almost always be a good experience.

So what about Android. Android is a different breed. Born on the battlefield of different ideas of open source... slowly.. and then rapidly piecing together the best bits from the best brains around the world. A powerhouse of potential and a workhorse, there are no limits to Android and its ability to be changed by the user. Of course, with this comes bugs bugs and more bugs. And as delicious as the dessert operating systems sounds, there is still some disconnect in the Android World. Power users apply here.

iPad, Xoom, and Amazon Kindle - Let the Computing Begin!

Bottom line, the iPad is still the king of the tablets. It is beautiful, sexy, sleek and a heck of a workhorse to boot. I am amazed every time I get my hands on one of these. I instantly think streamlined information and productivity/lifestyle tool. Apple continues to win this battle and you will never go wrong getting your hands on one of these and smudging the screen while flinging birds through the air, plugging in a guitar, or looking at the night sky. The iPad really has an app for just about everything, though if you are an Android fan, the quality gap is closing. This Holiday season it is still the iPad that is guaranteed to delight.

The Motorola Xoom, as tablets go, is really a pretty incredible machine. Running Android allows it access to an incredibly huge and growing app marketplace that is beginning to rival Apples. The other selling point for this guy is that it is more "gadgety" than the iPad. It is smaller, it is black in color, and in my eyes screams "Mighty Mouse!" Anyone that uses this tablet knows that it is a serious contender and that the road forward looks great. For someone heavily invested in Android... ie: has spend a small fortune, like I have, on apps, this is the way to go. Though I am sure the next great tablet is around the corner... it always is. So sometimes you just need to go for it right now!

Finally we have a real show stopper in terms of the future. The Amazon Kindle Fire... this thing is blazing hot right off the bat. Let me tell you what really makes this machine special. It is the Silk browser and cloud interfacing that is the future of mobility. It basically offloads the work and processing demands to the server side. It keeps vital information ready at a moments notice... what this means is that instead of searching for a page or a book it is already ready already ;) Browsing is smoother and interaction much more seemless. The fire is priced much more friendly than the iPad and is just as much a work of art as well. Amazon actually loses money selling the Kindle Fire, but with such an amazing collection and interface to their collection of media, you will be gladly purchasing through them for a long time coming. This device is amazing.

Any of these three will brighten anyone's day. Think of the person you are shopping for... are they into fashion and main stream media, then probably an iPad it is.... are they tech nerds and love computer.... go with the Xoom. Intellectual with an appetite for information at the fingertips... Kindle Fire! Have fun making someone's day with one of these as a gift (even if it is yours ;)

Is there something super cool that I missed? Please tell me!

A Call to Arms - Please give up your gadgets here

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    • AstroGremlin profile image


      5 years ago

      Gadgets are the modern equivalent of frankincense and myrrh.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I am too old to be a 'boy' but i still love these suggestions. Great post, just squid liked :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      i love my Playstation

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      all boys, love their toys! great lens.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      all boys, love their toys! great lens.

    • mercin12 profile image


      7 years ago

      I love my iPod Touch. And I don't think it has a competitor, although the old generation iPod Touch is now priced the same as the Kindle. But the Kindle has a bigger screen.


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