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Fashion Story Game - Clothes and Fashion

Updated on May 31, 2013

In the era of nowadays, technology makes amazingly big steps into the future. Many devices are being created as we speaking, probably reading :), to ease people's life and to help them to come closer to each other.Today I will be speaking about applications, and particularly about TeamLava/Storm8 applications.

TeamLava is the mother of series games called "story" that can be downloaded through different application markets. These games are available both for IOS and Android users. The concept of the games is simple and extremely addictive. Within couple of years Teamlava managed to have more than 20 million downloads. TeamLava games are free to download and play but within each application there is a choice to buy "diamonds" or "gold" to boost your progress in the game. Each week TeamLava pushes new updates in each application.

Storm8 Games

  • Farm Story
  • Fashion Story
  • Dragon Story
  • Restaurant Story
  • Bakery Story
  • Pet Story

and more


Probably the most addictive application is called Fashion Story. This game is made mostly for female players and generally it is aiming those who like fashion and designing. The concept is very simple. You have a boutique with clothes, shoes and accessories that you can order and sell. There is a specific time frame for each order and when order is ready you need to put it on racks and counters for selling. There are females customers entering the boutique and buying from racks and counters. Each boutique owner has its own avatar that can be dressed from the closet. The closet consists of many clothes that can be bought with coins or diamonds. Avatar skin color, eyes and hair style can be changed easily. Coins come from the customers and diamonds from the quests (diamonds can be bought for real money as well). The levels of the game reach up to 99. The boutique can be expanded to enormous size by adding specific number of tiles horizontally and vertically (17x20, 18x21....23x26). Every week Fashion Story developers are pushing new updates into the game. New updates bring new catalogue for boutique and new clothes to the avatar closet. New decorations are also introduced weekly to help each player to design its own boutique. Each boutique can be designed with different tiles ( 37 options so far) and wallpapers (37 as well).

In app purchases:

24 gems for 4,49 euro

50 gems for 8,99 euro

105 gems for 17,99 euro

275 gems for 44,99 euro

580 gems for 89,99 euro

Each weekly update has a different theme, depending on the season or holiday. For example this week's update 3/19/2013 was Easter themed. The decorations included eggs counter, hanging bunnies for the walls, stylish "Faberge like" eggs. The most common themes are Christmas, Valentine's Day, Carnival, Saint Patrick, Easter. Usually during those holidays, there is a major update, that includes a different version of the game (for example Valentine's Fashion Story edition). What makes the game addictive, is probably the decoration included in the various chests, that are sold for 24 gems. Each chest has a theme also, and inside the chest there are 6 objects, usually 2 displays, 4 decorations and usually 2 clothes for the avatar. These chests bring the most of the money, as many players buy in a regular base more than 10 chests, in order to win the first prize (the display). New chests/boxes are usually introduced for limited time with every theme.

Which Team Lava game do you play? If the game is not mentioned in poll, please insert your choice bellow in comment.

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Designs Sample

There is also one interesting fact worthy to mention. All Team Lava players have possibility to connect to each other and to add each other as neighbors in all Story games. It can be done by creating a unique ID within any Team Lava application, which is actually kind of forced if you wish to continue progressing in any story game. This ID is associated with each device (udid) and its called Storm ID. So if you created Storm ID in Fashion story and later you downloaded Dragon Story, your ID is already ready and recognized by second game.

Storm ID is useful if you play few story games and wish to add same friends or neighbors to your games. Fashion story or any other game can't be reset and its impossible to start over. The only way to start from the beginning is to transfer all Team Lava games via Storm ID and UDID to another device, which can be done via company website or via mail sent to customer service.

Team Lava customer service is helpful but extremely slow. Sometimes it might take 72h or more to respond. Automatically generated response from customer service is extremely irritating. But we must mention that Team Lava games are almost bug free.

I would suggest to everyone, who likes playing games, to try Team Lava applications. I'm sure you will find one suitable for yourself.


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      4 years ago

      does anyone know what is in the heart chest?


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