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Nidania's Game of War Guides

Updated on April 18, 2014

Nidania's Game of War - Fire Age - Guides

Game of War, Fire Age Guide to setting up alt accounts for farms (for ore, food, wood, stone, and silver). Farms take a bit of time to set up up-front, but they will pump out resources FOREVER for you, saving you tons of time and effort later and letting you enjoy other aspects of the game.

Game of War - Farm Alts Guide

Tired of spending hours searching for wood, stone, food and ore tiles every day? Or worse - getting attacked or collided on a tile and losing troops and power?

Would you rather spend your game time doing more fun things (i.e - kicking butt) and not being dependent on what you can find, or on silly Kingdom RSS tile level rules? It's time to take control and become self-sufficient!

The solution is to build a set of farm alts - each one specialized for one resource, and soon enough they will produce more than you can possibly gather in a day!

"Wait", you say.. "are you telling me to play Farmville instead of Game of War?" No not at all! Yes you'll be building some farms and it will take some time at first (not more time than looking for available tiles and monitoring that you get there without a collision). Before you know it each farm will be producing 100k or more per hour of each resource (that's 2.4M a day of each resource), and you can easily produce more.

Your goal would be to get your farm alts to at least SH 9, and up to SH 14 at most (don't level them to SH 15, that way your hero can never get executed). It's really not hard to get your farms to SH 9. I personally am going to get all mine to SH 14 but anyone would do fine aiming for level 9 and have plenty of RSS this way.

To give you an idea of how nice it gets, here's my currently SH12 food farm stats:

Yes, that's over 15 Million per day of food! My food farm alt is currently SH 12, all my farms are level 11 (one is lvl 12). My hero is lvl34 and that's why it's producing so much (hero skill points in food production)

There's different ways to build and use farms but this is how I do it. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below.

How to Start

 Email Accounts:

First, you'll need a 5 new email addresses. I recommend going to or hotmail/live and setting up a series of email accounts, like this: , etc

(all with the same password to make it easy to log in)

I recommend building 5 farm alt accounts (one 'main' farm - more on that later - and one for food, stone, wood and ore). They will all produce silver since you're be building mostly villas in the cities.

OPTIONAL: Now I didn't do this but you could refer yourself to get rewards. It's a bit of a pain as you'd need to create 5 facebook accounts first, one for each email address and then refer each to the game from your main account. This is totally optional but you can if you want to do this.

Create 5 new Game of War Accounts:

Log out of your normal login, and click "Start New Game" (instructions may differ slightly if you referred your new accounts through Facebook, not sure exactly how that works - if you've done this let me know and I'll update this page).

When you start a new game, it first walks you through some basic tasks to show you the ropes of how to play. Just do that as quickly as possible. As soon as you're done with the forced tasks you'll want to immediately save your new account so you don't lose it. So create a login using one of your new email addresses, then verify your email account (log into the address at yahoo or live mail to click the verify link) . I recommend you use the first email address for your main farm (user1@...), and then the other farms user2@, user3@, etc.

So do this first and save your 5 accounts. Use the same password for each to make it easy, something easy to type. What I do is copy/paste my email address to clipboard on my iPad, and then just paste it in each time to

login (and replace the "1" with "2", etc). So it's really just my password I need to keep typing in.

Do the Beginner Empire Quests:

You want to do the beginner quests on each farm because of the quest rewards and XP you get. You'll need the resource rewards to build, and you'll want the XP to level your Hero.

Log into each account and do the first set of quests (where you create 10 of each tile in your city). If this will be your food farm, do the food tiles last so you don't have to tear them down. So for example, build 10 mines, tear them

all down but 1. Then build 10 logging tiles, tear them all down except 1. Do the same for each resource, doing your main resource for that alt last (since you don't need to tear them down).

Do the same with the city tiles (hospitals, etc). Build Villas last since you'll be keeping those.

*** Try NOT claim the empire quests rewards until you really have to. It's best to claim them later when your gymanos is higher and you get more XP. But you can also claim some if you need resources for a build (or you can have your other farms send you rss)

Join or Create a Farm Alliance

You need all your farm accounts to be in the same alliance so that you can trade rss among them. Also, being in an alliance allows you to do the alliance quests and accumulate alliance store points.

If your alliance has a farm alliance and there is room, join your farms there. Otherwise just create an alliance and join all your farms to it (if creating an alliance, do NOT create it from what will be your "main farm alt", as you'll need to be able to leave and re-join the alliance. So start the alliance from another of your farm accounts and then promote all your farms. An alliance can have up to 100 members so you can allow others in your main alliance who have farms to also join your farm alliance (the more members the more alliance catalog points build up)

Use your Beginner's Teleport (before SH6!)

Your new farms are in a different kingdom than your main account, so you'll need to teleport to your kingdom and start a little farm cluster for your farms somewhere near where your main city is located. You must do this at level 5 or higher or you lose the free beginner's teleport.

Level Up!

The fun starts once you have your framework ready (you've completed the beginner empire quests), and you have: 1 barracks, 1 storehouse, 1 marketplace, 1 hospital, 1 gymnos, 1 academy, 1 forge, 1 watchtower and the rest villas.. Some of these you can only build a higher levels so just leave a tile open for later. For outside the city, you'll want one of each rss type and the rest whatever that farm will specialize in (i.e. - a food farm will be all food tiles except for 1 mine, 1 logging camp, and 1 quarry)

The first few levels of each resource/building are easy as they are 'instant construction', so just go to each tile and level it up to the point where you're not really waiting long for it to build. Then log in to your next farm and do the same. For now just level the resource tiles, do city tiles as needed (when it's a requirement for next stronghold level)

What I recommend is each day - pick one farm alt to be your "pet project" of the day. Stay logged into it at work or school and every hour or two log in briefly and start the next build (and start a daily & alliance quest each time you log in).

Your "Main" Farm alt

The goal of your "main" farm is to level that stronghold as quickly as possible. This is so that your marketplace will be a high level and you can transfer more rss to your main account faster and with lower taxes (temporarily join to your alliance to transfer rss in bulk). If you just need a particular rss (some food, some wood), you can attack that particular farm.

The purpose of the main farm is to store rss, so that each of your cities and keep producing their main resource. Otherwise, once a city reaches the capacity for that resource it won't produce anymore. Yes you do spend taxes transferring resources, and then when you transfer or attack your main farm you lose again - but it's worth it to allow your farms to product at maximum levels.

I'd never be able to accumulate this much resources, especially food, if I didn't transfer resources to a main farm daily:

So each day be sure to transfer rss to your main for holding (whenever the city capacity maxes out).

On the main farm alt, if you want you can build traps for some protection and level the storehouse as much as possible. If you plan on attacking this farm alt then don't build traps or a high level storehouse.

I personally keep my storehouse leveled high on my main farm alt, and plan on having traps soon for some protection so it's not an easy target. When I need a lot of resources on my main account (such as to start a stronghold build), I join my main farm to my main alliance and transfer resources.

When I just need a quick shot of food or something else I attack that particular farm.

On the main alt farm only, you only want to initially level up the buildings/tiles required to upgrade to the next stronghold (walls, barracks, mine, etc.). Just keep looking at the SH upgrade requirements and do those until your main alt farm is stronghold level 14. Since this will be the main holding place for your rss, there's no point in it producing because it will always be over city capacity in all resources.

Be sure to level your marketplace as high as possible to keep taxes low and enable you to transfer more resources per march.

Hero Skill Points

It's important that you do as many quests as possible on each farm (daily & alliance quests). You need the XP to level your hero so you gain more skill points. So each time you log into a farm be sure to start the quest timers and collect quests rewards.

Only put hero skill points towards the resource of that particular farm (i.e- food farm should have ALL skill points possible in food). To get to higher level skills of a resource you will have to put a few points in other skills in the skill tree along the way, that's ok.

Until your Hero is lvl 32 or so, you're not going to have enough skill points and won't produce much at all, so don't worry about putting points into production. Instead put points into construction to speed up build times until your hero is around 30 (or until you can calculate that you'll reach the II and III production levels)

Once your hero is lvl 30 or higher -- reset your Hero Skills (buy a skill reset - 150k alliance points).

It's the Production III and II levels that give the best boosts... so once your hero is at LVL 32 or so, use your alliance points to buy a skills reset (150,000 points) and do the minimums downs the skill tree to get to production level III of your resource, and then backfill the levels II and then level I production. For the other productions that you don't specialize in just put the bare minimum points so you can continue through the tree to the production you specialize in.

Once your hero is high enough and you've maxed out production I , II and III of your specialty, you can put remaining hero points in silver for example and start leveling your villas for silver.

Level up the gymnos whenever you can to ensure you get the most XP gain. Try to collect on Empire quests much later when your gymnos is high (14) and then collect the empire quests.


Don't bother with researching until much later, once your farms are producing plenty of resources, because it costs a lot of resources to research and you can only get up to a certain point anyway since you're not going to level your farms past 14. When you do research, just research your main resource (ore, food, etc).

How to get all your Resources!

I don't recommend taking any resources from your farms until they are at least level 7 or so. The point being to ensure that each farm has enough resources so you can level their stronghold (to SH 9 or up to SH 14).

To ensure that each farm alt maintains some of each resource to grow, I like to level the storehouse so that it will protect at least 300k of rss. To get to SH level 14 you'll have to level it up some more but you can always tear it down later and build it up to a lower level if you wish once you're SH 14.

You'll also get the resource you want when you attack your farm if the storehouse is protecting the rest of the resources, otherwise you'll get a smaller amount of each resource.

Once your farms are producing nicely, either attack them individually or transfer rss to your main farm alt. Just make sure take out the rss from each farm before it hits city capacity as they stop producing at that point.

Other than to maximize production due to reaching city capacity, the other reason I like to transfer all my rss to a main farm alt is that that when I need a lot of resources I can just temporary join that one farm to my main alliance to transfer resources (and that's why you want your main farm alt to level up to 14 if possible so that transfer taxes are low and you can transfer a lot of resources per march)


Yes, at first building up your farms will be a lot of work (I still don't think more work than searching for tiles to gather), but it does take some time.

After the first couple of weeks it gets much easier because the builds take longer so you don't need to log in as often. In your 2nd month you'll really see the benefits and be raking in the rss.

Use speedups for progress, such as when you log in and a build has only 15 min to go... just use a speed up so you can start another build right away and you can log out.

You'll accumulate some gold from the daily casino spins, use them for speedups if you want.

Take advantage when you level to a new VIP level, that gives you 24 hours of VIP. This decreases construction time before you can use the free speed up so log into that account often that day to take full advantage. VIP at 7/8 is nice because of the quest autocomplete, so save your free VIPs for then.

Save your Daily/Alliance Chances for when you are at VIP 7 or higher as well.

Once your farms are level 9 or higher you'll have enough resources to do things like build troops or traps for kill events, so you can easily get prizes on your main by attacking your farms.

Don't craft any gear until you can craft good gear that has silver boosts (Gold Necklace is perfect for your food farm it has boosts for silver and food). You will slowly accumulate mats through quests, save them until you can craft at least a blue item.

Once all your rss tiles are at the level you wish (9, or 14) then start leveling up your villas so you can start farming SILVER as well. Remember to also keep sending silver to your main farm so that each city continues to produce it. (or attack your farms often).

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      3 years ago

      Thanks for the article. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts solution for your email addresses. I added for example 1@, 2@, 3@ etc...for my accounts and as shortcuts and it works just great.


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