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Top 10 Games Like Candy Crush

Updated on January 17, 2014

Collection of the best games similar to "Candy Crush"

Are you looking for a game like Candy Crush? Do you want something different for your mobile device. But not TOO different?

Something with all the strategy, fun and enjoyment you get from one of the best mobile phone games around?

If you have an iPhone or other cell phone surely you have heard about the popular, "Candy Crush" game. It is hard not too! This game has only been top of the charts in popularity for over a year.

It is a fun, and extremely addicting game. I know that I certainly find myself wasting far too many hours hoping to get, "just one more level".

If you are anything like me, and millions upon millions of others out there, you will (or already do) simply love this game. But what if you are looking for a game that is close, but still something a little bit different.

Most of us who have played the game think that Candy Crush is the best game out there, but what games are available that are similar, yet still a ton of fun?

The reason I wrote this lens was to help you find some mobile games out there that are a lot of fun, similar to Candy Crush, and either free or so low in price as to be negligible.

I hope you enjoy this list, and if you have anything to share, or any other games that deserve a spot on the list, I hope you will let me know in the comments at the bottom of the page.

==>>>Get Candy Crush

Get Candy Crush iPhone 5s
Get Candy Crush iPhone 5s

I love this game; you may too!

If you have not tried Candy Crush yet -why not give it a shot? You may like it.

This lens features "games like" Candy Crush, but if you have not tried the game itself, yet -you really should. It is a fun and addictive strategy game that will have you staying up late at night trying to get, "just one more level".

When I first played this game a few years ago, I honestly didn't think I would like it. Though my wife raved about it, I thought the "candy" theme behind the game was way too "cute" for my tastes. I tend to like things that are a lot more realistic. However, the game did exceed my expectations, or at least the need to beat it did.

All I can say, is that this is a game that really grows on you. I find myself, giving this game a good 15 minutes of my time while I am waking up in the mornings. Usually trying to scrape out another level, which can get pretty tough when your level is up in the high 300's.

If you have not tried it, and have a mobile device, why not give it a shot. It is free and one heck of a lot of fun. Check out the game:

==>>>Get Candy Crush

If you want there is even a another free app you can get that works as a guide to help you improve your game.

Check out the: Guide for Candy Crush Saga

Games like Candy Crush

Without further ado, here they are the top 10 games similar to Candy Crush. Games are in no particular order, any of these might be the perfect match for YOU!


Bejewelled Blitz
Bejewelled Blitz

Bejewelled Blitz, a game I have loved for years

The orginals are still very good!

To be honest, one of the things I really liked about Candy Crush when I first started playing it was that it seemed similar to another series of games from PopCap, that I really liked, Bejewelled, Bejewelled Blitz, and Peggle.

These are all very addictive games that have a certain cartoonish "fun" to them, similar to another really fun mobile game I won't mention. (Hint: it rhymes with "Andy Rush".

These games came first, they have similarities, but they still have not lost their charm. All are still fun games to play and worth your time.

Dots Mobile Game
Dots Mobile Game

Dots - A new game that is flying up the popularity charts

Dots is a relatively recent release. Only coming out in May of 2013, unlike some of the other choices here, a few of which have been on the marketplace for as long as a few years.

In some ways this is a similar game to CC (Candy Crush) in that the point is to match three or more to raise your score and keep the game moving on. This version is sort of like a minimalist version, though, with very little of the "flash" of CC, but with all of the fun.

It is currently ranked as one of the top 10 games in most countries, so this is also a worldwide phenomenon. I feel like it is almost a requirement to play, just to see what it is that everyone else is talking about when it comes to this cool app.

Yet another match 3 game, but one that is hard to put down!

Review of the Dots Mobile Game

Rather than Candy Crush, get  your fix of Chocolate
Rather than Candy Crush, get your fix of Chocolate

Challenging Chocolatey Choice

Chocolate Fix -Free Version

This is another fun and sugary game. Where the some of the previous choices were just CC with different skins; same basic play, with a few small twists, this game keeps the candy "fun" but in some ways is a lot more original.

This game is actually closer to Suduko than it is to Candy Crush. The oint is to figure out what the right solutions are for the chocolate candies based upon the available information. As you get right answers you keep moving on in the game.

This is a far deeper puzzle game than it looks at first.

It also features multiple challenge levels, so you can defeat the game on a nice easy challenge mode, and then go back and run through it again on a more difficult challenge level, where you may be really tested to complete the challenge.

Basic tips for playing and winning chocolate fix.

Color Zen
Color Zen

Play a game, relax, and bring a little peace to your soul

Color Zen - A game about zen and relaxation

I like to play mobile games. I will admit, I can be a bit of an adrenaline junkie. These games get me keyed up and keep me wanting more.

Color Zen is not as hyper as some other games. It is not as adrenaline filled. But that is the point.

Sometimes you want ... No... Sometimes you need to relax. At least I know I do.

If I feel like playing a game with out getting a little bit nuts trying to "win" these silly little things, Color Zen is one of the games I play.

It is fun trying to smoosh the colorful images together while listening to some cool music.

Color Zen is hard to describe - See more of it yourself - Gameplay Trailer for Color Zen

Dumb ways to die
Dumb ways to die

Dumb Ways to Die

An app based on a viral song

The name makes this game sound horrible, but it is based on a song that went viral, and was in fact quite a catchy tune, a few year back. (No matter what else you do, watch the video below. It is very funny).

In the viral song, a series of cartoon characters die in horrible ways because they are not following proper safety precautions. This game walks you through their deaths with a series of different actions you need to take to keep them alive.

A fun game, but it probably only really "works" if you are a fan of the song already, which I certainly am!

Check out the original Viral Ad/Campaign/Song - "Dumb Ways to Die"

In 2011 Melbourne had a problem with some training accidents. SO they hired a advertising agency to make a "fun" campaign to keep people conscious of safety around trains.

The song and cartoon video, "dumb ways to die" was the result.

This song is simply hysterical. The words are funny, but also good reminders for safety. They pictures are humorous. But the melody and song itself are highly engaging and very memorable.

The best part is that Melbourne Metro reported a 30% decrease in accidents following this campaign.

Viral and effective!

Haven't seen it yet?

Check out the video and let me know what you think! I love this catchy little number.

More Games Like Candy Crush

CandySwipe FREE
CandySwipe FREE

Obviously another game that is very close to the original. Perhaps even too close.

Jewel Quest Heritage for Kindle Tablet
Jewel Quest Heritage for Kindle Tablet

Jewel quest is the only "kindle only" game on my list and a great choice for those kindle users who may not have access to all the iOs game options


Part puzzle game, part dungeon crawl, a great game for the Candy Crush lover of puzzle games who is also into simple RPGs


I would also like to know your thoughts on the "Dumb Ways to Die video above"

Let me know what YOU think - Share your Favorite games and/or ones that should be on this list in the comments below.

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