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8 Games Like Command and Conquer (C&C) - Popular Strategy Games

Updated on January 5, 2016

Games Like Command and Conquer (C&C)

Searching for some strategy games like Command and Conquer? There are plenty of great strategy games like C&C for fans of the series.

Command and Conquer is a popular real time strategy (RTS) game series which began back in 1995. The game series has been one of the biggest commercial successors in the video game industry with most games holding a score within the 80's on the Metacritic website.

Fans of the RTS genre will no doubt enjoy this collection of 8 games like Command and Conquer. After you've gone through the list don't forget to leave a comment about your favourite game or share another Command and Conquer like game that we haven't included.

8 Games Like Command and Conquer

Other Real Time Strategy Games


1 - Anno Series

One Of The Must Try Free Games Like Command and Conquer

The Anno series will have you feeling like you are in a C&C game in this free game like Command and Conquer that focuses on the economical side of building up your own empire.

Anno is more MMO than RTS but the strategy and warring factions definitely feels like a Command and Conquer game. You are simply one of the pawns in the game rather then the all mighty general calling the shots.

The game offers deep gameplay with is filled with action and is available for free online which does increase the accessibility of the game.

The unique mix of strategy, PvP action, exploration, management and advancement of your own tank make this a free game like Command and Conquer worth your time.

Anno 2205 (Kinguin)


2 - Men of War

Another Popular Series Of Strategy Games Like Command and Conquer

Men of War is a 2009 real time tactics video game that focuses on soldier driven battlefield combat. By taking direct control of your troops you'll battle across Europe, Soviet Union, North Africa and more. This combines with a total of three campaigns that ensures a nice variety on offer.

Based heavily around military tactics, base building, resources and heavy research the game will have you putting together squads of soldiers and vehicles. Supplying these troops are at the heart of the experience with each soldier and vehicle in your army holding their own weapons and supplies which are not infinite, requiring you to tackle the real threats of war.

The game takes this realism further with the likes of vehicles that allow for parts to be individually damaged rather than a static health number, this is combined with destructible environments, realistic fire spreading and much more.

Men of War (GOG)


3 - Empire Earth (Series)

An Older But Great RTS Game Like Command and Conquer

The Empire Earth series offers 3 real time strategy adventures that span across world history, focusing on buildings, citizens and the raiding of other civilizations the games will take you from prehistoric into the future age.

Featuring very similar gameplay to that of Age of Empires the games are historically accurate RTS games with a few unique tricks such as the morale and hero systems which are all about giving you more options for combat strategy. With dozens of Epochs to advance through the strategy and available units are constantly advancing.

If Command and Conquer and Age of Empires are your all time favourite games then Empire Earth feels very much like a balance between the two.

Empire Earth Gold Edition (GOG)


4 - Act of War

A Popular Collection Of Turn Based Strategy Games

Act of War focuses on current era military war and has you take your squads into harms way as you fight your way in and out of various battlefields. Set in the near future where the price of oil has created an economic crisis players will fight factions in the game world to claim their own share of these resources.

Mixing pre-rendered cut scenes into the real time strategy gameplay you'll get over an hour of live action in addition to solid gameplay. While the game was released in 2005 it does stand up well against more modern releases.

With features such as wounded units, prisoners, destructible buildings and the ability to shape the surrounding areas to barricade your troops in for a tough battle. As far as military orientated real time strategy games goes Act of War is one of the better options.


5 - Company of Heroes (Series)

Two Games Like Command and Conquer Generals

Company of Heroes offers two strategy games like Command and Conquer Generals for fans of the C&C game series. The games were released in 2006 and 2013.

The original Company of Heroes received some of the highest scores ever for a RTS game from a number of gaming magazines. The game takes place in World War II and offers plenty of unique single player campaign missions that will appeal to RTS fans.

Multiplayer is also available for the competitive real time strategy fans or those that just want to play with friends (keep in mind that the age of the original game means that these days you will only be able to play with friends as there is no active online community left for the first game).

While the game didn't change the RTS genre the perfect execution of simple (but effective and enjoyable) gameplay mechanics led to its commercial success.

Company of Heroes: Complete Edition (Steam)

Company of Heroes Games

Company of Heroes - PC
Company of Heroes - PC
Get the original Company of Heroes game now for a bargain price, experience one of the best games like Command and Conquer Generals available. The single player experience has good scenario variety and well tweaked strategy balance that I really enjoyed and had a C&C feel to it.

6 - StarCraft 2

One Of The Few Futuristic Games Like Command and Conquer

StarCraft 2 is the perfect futuristic real time strategy game. The campaign is one of the best RTS experiences available and will also appeal to competitive gamers with its active competitive scene. The original is also a great experience although the outdated graphics and lack of multiplayer available may turn some gamers away.

The StarCraft games take place in a fictitious (but possible) future and features three different races that the player can play and play against. The races include Terran (human), Protoss (an advanced alien race) and the Zerg (an alien race of creatures).

In StarCraft 2 each races campaign is split into a different game although players can still access the other races in multiplayer and AI matches. As the player advances through the campaign they can upgrade units as they see fit to suit their playstyle and make choices regarding which missions to pursue.

If you are a fan of military style RTS games then StartCraft 2 (and the original) should definitely be near the top of your list.

StarCraft 2 Games

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
The original Starcraft 2 game has players taking control of Terran (humans). Lead the revolution, steal from the Protoss and defend against the Zerg in this first StarCraft 2 edition. StarCraft is by far the best RTS storyline and the competitive scene is larger than any real time strategy game before it (if that interests you).
StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Expansion Pack
StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Expansion Pack
Heart of the Swarm puts players in control of the ruthless Zerg, can you get your revenge while holding onto your humanity? The expansion offers gameplay very similar to that of Warcraft 3 with players making use of the Queen of Blades in many missions as a hero unit.

7 - Supreme Commander (Series)

One Of The Few Console Games Like Command and Conquer

Supreme Commander is a real time strategy game series that is available on PC and Xbox 360.

The two games currently in the series were released in 2007 and 2010 with both games scoring well amongst critics. The game is also considered to be the spiritual successor of Total Annihilation and Spring.

Supreme Commander takes place in the future and will have players travelling across the universe. This means that no mission or map is the same with a variety of different environments available.

The Supreme Commander series focuses around a giant mech called an Armored Command Unit (or ACU). This mech is used to build a base and upgrade your technology as you attempt to beat your opponents. There are a variety of game modes available to players along with a campaign with nearly two dozen missions to complete.

Supreme Commander - The Supreme Commander Games

Supreme Commander - PC
Supreme Commander - PC
Available on both PC and Xbox the first Supreme Commander game offers a great strategy experience. The game takes place in the distant future and has three different races battling for their chance to end the 1000 year war.

8 - Age of Empires (Series)

A Series Of Popular Strategy Games Like Command and Conquer

Age of Empires is another one of the big real time strategy games available. The game series has a number of core games along with several expansion packs and even an online version of the game. The games are predominantly available on PC and Mac but a few mobile spin-off games are also available.

The Age of Empires series focuses on historical gameplay which for the most part also aims to be historically accurate. Players can experience single player and multiplayer games or battle through the campaign mode.

The standout in the Age of Empires series is without a doubt the second instalment (Age of Empires II: Age of Kings) which holds the high score of 92% on Metacritic.

Fans of the RTS genre should definitely start with this great PC game like Command and Conquer.

Age of Empires III

Age of Empires III: Complete Collection - PC
Age of Empires III: Complete Collection - PC
The Age of Empires III Complete Collection is a great way for RTS fans to get great value on their Age of Empires purchase. With this collection you get the original game along with the several expansion packs available which add more units and more campaigns. Definitely a must purchase if you are looking to get into Age of Empires.

Did You Find A Game Like Command and Conquer? - Know Any Other Great Games Like Command and Conquer?

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    • profile image

      Wired Zombie 253 

      3 years ago

      Isn't this supposed to be a list of games like Command and Conquer? I like most of these games but the title should be a liat of RTS games..

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      You know, this is really just a list of RTS games. Anno is a very non-C&C game, as is StarCraft, to a lesser degree. Supreme Commander is more grand scale, unlike C&C which is more micro-intensive. Act of War is perhaps the most C&C like of these. Games like Earth 21xx are not even mentioned (admittedly, 2150 is quite old and 2160 is sort of low quality). Anyway, that is not to say any of these are bad games or ones C&C players wouldn't enjoy. It's just that the only similarity is that the changes are in the same genre (although, Anno is arguably not), of course games of the same genre are similar.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      This list may be helpfull for people who like to buy not the complete wrong game for their kids and don't want to end with "My pink Pony World" instead of an RTS game but that's it. CnC is not just about RTS and you will have big trouble my friend to explain me what STARCRAFT has in common with the CnC.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      ahh i ever play all of this game you post but thank for info :-)

    • profile image

      random dude 

      5 years ago

      Another great rts game would be halo wars for xbox. It is a little restricted in terms of building, but has a well constructed ai interface.

    • ImmatureEntrepr profile image


      7 years ago

      Another great quality lens! Love your lists Mr. Sammy. Squid Angel blessed! :)

    • Camden1 profile image


      7 years ago

      These games sound like something my teenagers would enjoy - I'll wait until their spring break to let them know about these! No need for them to get hooked on a new game while they have so much homework!


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