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10 Games Like Cookie Clicker

Updated on September 14, 2014

Who ever thought clicking for hours would be tons of fun? I don’t know about you, but I’m not stopping baking cookies! Idle games have taken the world by storm. Cookie Clicker, the most famous clicking game by far, has players all over the world clicking at that huge cookie on the screen, never stopping until they build a ginormous universe full of nothing but cookies.

But if you’re like me who constantly looks for something new, then here are games like Cookie Clicker that are just as enjoyable and addictive.

10 Games Like Cookie Clicker

1. Cookie Clickers

If you want to take your cookie clicking action to your iPhone, iPad or Android device, then you should definitely check out Cookie Clickers. Become the Cookie Clickers Master by baking as many cookies as you can. Tap on the giant cookie until you have enough cookies to purchase upgrades in order to bake cookies even faster! This game is very addictive, and you wouldn’t notice the time when you play it. This game like Cookie Clicker is free for Android and iOS.

2. Dr. Meth

Two college students hit the jackpot when they created one of the best clicking games ever, Dr. Meth. Just two weeks after its release, Dr. Meth has garnered over 2 million players worldwide. In this game, you build a drug empire one click at a time. Save up enough money so you can hire dealers and assistants to increase production. Dr. Meth can be played from your PC browser. An app for the iOS and iPad are currently in development.

3. Candy Box

Candy Box is an idle game like Cookie Clicker that also features RPG elements. Do not let the ASCII art fool you. While the visual appeal of this game is nonexistent, it’s gameplay more than makes up for it. At the start of the game, all you do is eat candies. The real fun begins when a merchant appears, from whom you will receive a wooden sword. There are quests in this game to keep things interesting. And oh, you will be planting lollipops! Pretty cool, huh?

4. Pizza Clickers

Tired of baking cookies? Maybe it’s time to bake some pizza! Pizza Clickers comes from the creators of the popular Cookie Clickers. The mechanics of the game are similar. There’s a giant pizza on the screen. Tap it to bake delicious pizza. When you have enough pizza, go to the shop and buy upgrades to make baking faster. Free for Android, iPad and iOS.

5. Sushi Clickers

Who wants some sushi? If you do, then check out Sushi Clickers, another product of the creators of Cookie Clickers. Tap on the giant Onigiri as fast as you can to make maki. Go to the shop once you have enough maki to buy upgrades. Increase production and challenge your friends for the highest score! Free for iOS.

6. Clicking Bad

What happens when you take Breaking Bad and Cookie Clicker and put them together? You get Clicking Bad. This endless browser-based clicking game like Cookie Clicker lets you build your own empire of you know what. The game’s interface isn’t as great as other popular idle games, but it works. What sets this game apart is the humor involved, taking reference to the show and the original game.

7. A Dark Room

A Dark Room is a great example that a game can very well be a fantastic medium for storytelling. This web game puts you in a dark room, with nothing to do but stoke a fire. After waiting for a while, a stranger suddenly appears and collapses in front of the fire. Once she has warmed up and recovered, your real adventure begins. Together, you try to build a village and attract more occupants. The quest mode of A Dark Room is reminiscent of old school RPG games, with you having full control of your character.

8. Anti-Idle: The Game

Anti-Idle: The Game has been making noise in the gaming community since 2010, and it’s one of the very few that still competes among the best idle games like Cookie Clicker on the market. Anti-Idle consists of a set of mini-games. You can decorate your house, customize your character’s appearance and even take care of pets. Everything you do in the game leads to certain achievements. You can even leave the game open without touching it and you can still achieve something. Anti-Idle is free on Kongregate.

9. Golden Miner

Golden Miner is another in a long list of seemingly pointless games, just another time-waster that make you procrastinate. But for one reason or another, you can’t stop playing it. At least in this game, you mine gold; it might give you the feeling that you’re rich. You take control of a wizard-looking dude with a pickaxe. You click on the mine to gain gold. Strange creatures (think Giant Ant and Pterodactyl) are available for purchase to aid you in mining. You also gain skill points to increase your stats.

10. Cow Clicker

Don’t like clicking cookies anymore? Then you might enjoy clicking cows! Cow Clicker is a game similar to Cookie Clicker on Facebook. You start out with a pasture that has nine slots and a single cow. You can click on the cow once every six hours. You gain a “click” every time you click the cow. Adding your friends’ cows to your pasture allows you to gain “clicks” when they click on their own cow. Mooney, a virtual currency, can be used to make your cow look cooler. It can also be used to bypass the six-hour wait before you can click your cow again.

All Images Courtesy of Their Respective Game Developers

Which game similar to Cookie Clicker will you play next?

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