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14 Games like Kingdom Rush

Updated on October 8, 2013

Games similar to Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush by Armor Games, is a tower defense game that revitalizes the genre. The game takes place on a path, upon which, players face wave after wave of enemies that appear in predetermined intervals. Kingdom Rush is one of the best games i have played on an IPad, with over 12 mission campaigns and entertaining boss fights, Kingdom Rush is a criminally great package as players can return to the game after completion to finish special challenges, which adds more hours of replay.

Helix Defense

Helix Defense is another entertaining tower defense game. The game takes place in space instead of Earth, and like its predecessor, Helix defense requires players to build towers in order to stop waves of enemies from attacking your base. You are a rookie commander who must protect a human alliance fleet from an alien assault. Use turrets to blow your enemy out of the sky, and force enemies into environmental hazards such as volcanoes. With over 18 levels of gameplay, with each offering a unique challenge to the player, Helix Defense 2 provide s hours of enjoyment as you fuel your thirst for Tower Defense games.

Age of War

Age of war is a strategy/defense game that is quite similar to Kingdom Rush. The object of the game is to defend your base while attacking your enemies’. Use ground units and advanced weaponry to attack your enemy and survive as long as you can. Age of war allows players to unlock new units and defense means as the game progresses. The more time passes the more powerful you become.

Keeper of the Grove

Keeper of the Grove is another fantastic game from the creators of Kingdom Rush. Your main objective is to stop Greedy creatures from robbing the magic grove. Earn upgrades to improve your chances and grow unique defenders to prevent the crystals from being stolen.

Frontline Defense

Strategically place yor army against waves of opponents. From the creators of Kingdom Rush comes, Frontline Defense 2, an addictive defense game that provides hours of exceptional gameplay. Players are able to command, Shotgun Turrets, Bio Chemical Towers, Machine Guns, Ice towers, rockets and rifleman towers as they defend their base from the enemy.

Top Defense

Top defense is a free shooting game that can be played online. It features several persistent upgrades, which allows for a greater variety of attacks and enemy takedowns. Use mines and weapons to destroy the endless waves of hostile vehicles, prevent your enemy from obtaining the missile silos and shoot your way to glory.

Age of Defense

Battle over 30 deadly characters, use over 30 weapons, spells and effects and go through 8 ages as you Defend yourself from the enemy. Our protagonist is a brave warrior that is able to hold 3 weapons at any given time; he is able to throw objects, use guns and arrows as he takes on the enemy.

Bug Attack

Bug attack manages to turn a usual dinner table into a fantastic battleground with heaps of opponents.

Control your favourite bugs in your quest to protect your party table, Defend your castle at all costs, by purchasing cannons and other weapons, and guide thousands of creeping, squirming stinging bugs to victory.

Symphonic Tower Defense

Symphonic Tower Defense is another great strategy game, from the creators of kingdom Rush, comes a game that uses music in order to defeat the enemy.

Tower defense is a fast paced Tower game. Players build Towers that respond to a specific piece of music. Your objective is to build defensive towers in order to prevent the music from getting out of control, and to use music to attack your enemies.

Triple Tower Defense

Challenge yourself in this unique Tower game. Defend yourself as long as you can by placing defensive towers strategically on the plain. Survive each wave of enemies and survive as long as possible.

Hometown Defense

Extra Terrestrials have landed; it is now up to you to defend the hometown.

Hometown Defense is a tower defense/strategy game from the creators of the Doodle God/Devil series. Your mission is to protect your Hometown from hostile alien invaders by using your townsfolk and your weaponry.

Zaptonia Defense

Hordes of enemies are invading you land and it is now up to you to demolish them! Zaptona Defensive is an impressive tower/strategy based game that features graphics similar to Warcraft 2 gameplay. Build defense towers, upgrade them frequently, and strategise your way to victory as you take on endless amounts of enemies.

Cosmo Defense

Cosmo Defense is a simplistic strategy game that is available for online play. Use towers; defend Earth and blast asteroids and other objects using towers.

Paper Defense

Armor games is back again with a fresh and fun take on the tower defense genre. Protect your base from over 50 waves of opponents by using guns, units and walls. Enemies will come at you from all directions and it is your job to take them on. You have a simple base, but you have the power!

Magnetic Defense

Upgrade your ship by absorbing junk, use your magnetic ship to acquire metals and chuck them on your advancing enemies and use special power ups in order to ensure victory. Magnetic Defense is a simplistic game, but yet, it manages to capture the thrill brought about by smashing your enemies into pieces.

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    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 5 years ago from Australia

      I've just gotten into Kingdom Rush and I'm loving it thus far, I'll definitely return when I finish it to play some similar games.

    • profile image

      cargame 5 years ago

      Age of War is my favorite.

    • ImmatureEntrepr profile image

      ImmatureEntrepr 5 years ago

      Great job on your lens! Squid Angel blessings for you. :)