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Best Games like RuneScape

Updated on November 6, 2014
There are many games like RuneScape
There are many games like RuneScape | Source

RuneScape Alternatives

There are more than 200 millions players of the game RuneScape! It has the largest users base among all the free MMORPGs ever. The developers Jagex Games Studio knows how to make an entertaining game.

"RuneScape" is a browser based 3D fantasy game. The game shows the medievalist fantasy world of Gielnor. There are a lot of skill sets to master. It is all about mini games, doing many things and magic.

There are quiet a few games like RuneScape. If you are a RuneScape fan then you may like games like Eldevin, Mabinagi or Drakensang Online. In this hub, I am going to discuss about some such cool games.

Eldevin is an addictive game
Eldevin is an addictive game


Official website:

Eldevin is a online multiplayer fantasy game. You can play the game on the official site via your browser. You can also download the game client.

Eldevin has been developed by "Hunted Cow Studios Ltd.". The game is big. There are hundreds to quests to pursue. There is large fantasy world to explore. There are virtual cities, hills and dungeons. The player has to get over 200 talents divided in six talent trees. The game's main attraction is the NPC and PvP combats in real time. The game is a mainly strategy based one.

Eldevin Game Play Video

Mabinogi: a South Korean MMORPG
Mabinogi: a South Korean MMORPG


Official site:

"Mabinogi" is a MMORPG game similar to RuneScape. The developer of the game is "devCAT". The South Korean farm "Nexon" is the publisher.

Though the game is published from South Korea, it is based on Irish mythology. The game world has also Irish flavor. It has cool hand painted graphics. The game play is sill based.

The action takes place in the three continents of Ulad, Belvast and Iria. The player can be a human, elf or giant. There are character cards to create characters. The player needs to get the skills. Ability Points(AP) are required to improve the skills. The game is enjoyable due to the scopes of good social interactions. One can play music, sit by the campfire or share foods with others. A player can compose her own musics. One can also play the musics created by others.

The game is becoming more and more interesting due to the regular updates. This game was hacked on 2008 by a 16 years old school boy from Japan who looted 325000 USD worth game items.

Mabinogi: Game Play Video

A scene from "Villagers and Heroes"
A scene from "Villagers and Heroes"

Villagers and Heroes

Official website:

The game "Villagers and Heroes" was previously named as "A Mystical Land". The VAH version is much better than the older AML. This game is now 100% free to play.

This browser based MMORPG will be liked by the RuneScape fans. The game is known for its simplicity and smoothness. Ease of play and the relax mode of it has gain a lot of fans of it.

The player has to be among the four classes: Warrior, Wizard, Hunter and Priest. There are a lot of activities to perform in the game. You can do crafting or house making. You can also make groups with other players to do stuffs jointly.

Villagers and Heroes Game Play Video

Lord of the Rings Online :  a sceenshot
Lord of the Rings Online : a sceenshot

Lord of the Rings Online


"Lord of the Rings Online" is much better than the offline PC game. If you are happened to be both LOTR and RuneScape fan, then this game is a must for you.

LOTR Online was a paid game in the beginning. Later, the game is made free to play for everyone. The game follow the major events of the Middle Earth due to the activities of some grey, white or black wizards, hobbits, men, elves and the forces of the darkness from the points of views of different characters. The story line is divided in various books.

The combats of this game are mainly PvE. There are also PvPs too. The visual is polished. The characters are lively. It is a great game to play.

Darkensang Online Gameplay

Drakensang Online

The game can be found in

The game Drakensang is one of the best games like Runescape. The game is made by "Bigpoint". This is also a hugely popular game. It has a massive users base of 18.7 million. It is hack and slash game which is inspired by Diablo.

The setting of the game is a medieval fantasy world plagued by evil demons. The realm has no surviving protectors to save it from being destroyed. The players will have to play the rolls of saviors. One will get the chances of killings more than 500 types of demons. There are 39 skill sets in the game. There are four PC classes in the game: Mage, Ranger, Knight and Dwarf. One will get a lot of quests in the game. Constant update is making the game better.

Crystalsaga is a popular browser based game
Crystalsaga is a popular browser based game

Crystal Saga

The game Crystal Saga should be interesting to a RuneScape fan. This browser based game has a big world to explore. The graphics of it is excellent.

The player can choose from the classes of Ranger, Mage, Rough, Knight and Priest. The game is known for its AFK battle mode. In this mode the player will combat automatically. One can program every aspect of it. Customization is the best thing about this game. One can collect and customize pets and items according to your choice and needs.The story line of the game is much focused than most of the MMORPGs.

Crystalsaga Gameplay Video

The "Cryptic Studio" made "Neverwinter" is a very good RuneScape alternative game. There are also some more really good ones.

"Wartune" is browser based game which is a mixture of turn based game and a RPG. It is also a very popular game. There are also games like "Ensemble" or "Koyoti" which are quiet like RuneScape.

I know the above mentioned list is not a all comprehensive one. But this article is not a University Research Paper, it is a personal one and so there will be partiality in it. Don't be shy to give your valuable opinions.


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