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Save Money With Game Rentals

Updated on December 14, 2013

Save Money With Game Rentals

Save Money with Game Rentals. In poor economic times, it is a good opportunity to spend time with the kids at home playing the latest video games. I recently looked into getting games from GameStop, because my kids were doing summer saults for the new Nintendo DS. While shopping for games, I noticed prices for the DS games were pretty steep (in my own cheap opinion). I'm not the "pricey" type so buying them games will be kept to a minimum(If ever there was a time to be frugal, this harsh economic environment fits the bill to a tee). I will probably be visiting GameStop again when the kids are tired of the games and want new ones. I kinda dig the idea of being able to trade-in old video games for money off the new ones. Saving a little cash for trading in something not needed anymore is right up my alley.

Find A Friend To Duell Online!

Play Others Online From All Of The World!

The fall chill is creeping up on us in the East as well as other parts of the world. Its time to settle down for indoor activities again. For great family fun, try some online gaming sites. GameDuell offers their visitors an opportunity to try out certain areas of their site for free. Practice Players have the opportunity to try the site out for free and without any obligations. As a Practice Player, you are given the opportunity to learn about the services offered by GameDuell before deciding if you would like to register as a Money Player.

Practice Players can participate in free duels by using the practice money that GameDuell provides. There are three types of duels that can be played on Game Duell (two player duels, multi player duels,and jackpot duels).

Two Player Duels have two players in a duel that play against one another. The player that began the duel sets the entry fee. The possible winnings are automatically calculated from the sum of the entry fees. The duel lasts as long as it takes for the two players to reach a result. Multiplayer Duels have up to five players participating. The player that began the duel sets the entry fee. The duel lasts as long as it takes for all of the players to reach a result. The Jackpot Duels are exclusively available to Money Players. The jackpot rises along with the number of participants and can reach sums of several hundred credits. Jackpot duels always have predefined start and end times. For some can provide entertainment,new social connections, as well as a way to win real prizes.

Save Money Playing Games On New Entertainment Systems. - Save Money With Video Rentals This Holiday Season.

Save money in these poor economic situations by doing more things at home with your kids. Last year I bought my kids a Nintendo Wii. When it was hooked up to my T.V. we played for at least 3 days straight before my arm got tired from too much batting,tennis and golf swings. The times I spent playing that Wii with my kids were some of the best times I had during the holidays in a long time. Whether I was playing or watching my kids play, I was still entertained by the joy that they were getting out of the games.

Due to tough economic times I will be looking into finding new games to play with my kids. My son is fond of the new Nintendo DS. He wants to be able to play Super Mario and Sonic Unleashed without his sisters disturbing his games.

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What Is The Most Wanted Gaming System Of The Season - The Nintendo Wii And DS Seem To Be My Families Favorite Systems.What's Yours?

My son is fond of the new Nintendo DS.He wants to be able to play Super Mario and Sonic Unleashed without his sisters disturbing his games.What is your family's favorite Gaming System.

What Is Your Family's Favorite Gaming System?

Why Pay Monthly Fees For T.V. - Get T.V. On Your Mobile Phone

Why pay monthly fees for T.V.Secret Software can get T.V. on your Mobile Phone.Over 200 Channels From Sports and Weather,To Digital Radio. Mobile TV Pro allows you to watch the Big Games without any additional Fees or Subscriptions.Selling for under the price of a month of "big 3" service from some cable companies,This New Software is a Steal!

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      6 years ago

      Renting games is a good way to try games before buying. But with more and more games being bought from services like steam, gaming rentals is going to become rare eventually

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Its me Keith

      Here to give "snaps" to another great lens.I'm loving your work.Have a good one!!


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