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Video Gaming Chairs - Best Rockers and Seats For Driving and Flight Simulators

Updated on September 1, 2014

Gaming Chairs - Video Game Rocker Reviews and Guide

A good wireless video gaming chair will really increase your enjoyment of your favorite types of video games. These specialised game chairs are specifically designed to enhance your PC or console gaming experience with many coming with built in speakers, vibration and force feedback, reclining seat and cup holder options, plug in headphones for personal gaming and much more. If you're a dedicated rally dring game player, or F1 racing fan, there are specialized racing game seats for just that purpose with built in steering wheel attachments and operator pedals, or if flight simulator games are your thing then there are dedicated flying simulator game seats for you too. The majority are more general purpose however aimed at meeting the general needs of the average gamer.

There are gaming chairs for kids and adults to use ranging from under $50 for a cheap video game chair to under $100 for more functions, to $200 and more models aimed at providing the ultimate game chair experience. The best gaming chairs will fully immerse you into the gaming environment whilst providing the comfort you need to allow for long, uninterrupted playing sessions.

The following guide to PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 video game rockers, beanbag gaming chairs, PC gaming seats and specialist flight and racing simulator cockpit chairs will hopefully allow you to choose the right design for your needs whilst at the same time, offering up some brief reviews of the best game chairs with steering wheel and pedal attachments out there to help you make that purchasing decision.

Top Rated Game Chair - Editor's Recommended Gaming Chair

Cohesion XP 11.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman with Wireless Audio
Cohesion XP 11.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman with Wireless Audio

This multifunctional faux black leather gaming chair is designed like the seat of a high end sports car to look great in any room as a dedicated video gaming chair or as a stylish piece of furniture. Featuring FM wireless, three-channel audio to provides great sound with fully-integrated speakers and subwoofer, headphone jack and built in control panel. Folds down to provide a stylish gaming ottoman which looks awesome in any room. It's the ideal gaming chair for Xbox 360, PS3 and other consoles.


Secondly, the seat width, depth and general ergonomics is import as this is something you will be sitting on for extended periods of any World of Warcraft player will tell you, those gaming sessions can last into the wee small hours of the night! The seat depth is an often overlooked consideration but an important one, if it is too deep for say, a younger user, then they'll not be able to utilize the backrest for proper lumbar support, too shallow and a bigger user will be equally as uncomfortable.

Padding and Material is another important aspect to look at with this type of chair. Again, for extended periods of use, you want to most comfortable pc gaming chair you can find, and this typically means, some great padding. Cheap PC gaming chairs may skimp here but even some of those with all the bells and whistles something fall short. A nicely padded seat, backrest and armrests can greatly improve your gaming sessions.

A final general point to look at is the mobility and stability of your choice. A swivel seat is a great advantage and something most office gaming chairs should offer. Also, five legs and good wheels are a must for stability. PC gamers should consider purchasing a gaming mat in addition to the chair in order to get the most mobility out of their purchase.

Styles of Gaming Chair

There are multiple types of gaming chair which are better suited to both the type of games you play most, the console or PC you choose, the age range of the user and just in terms of comfort and aesthetics. This range of options allows you to choice the type of video game chair best suited to your needs and budget but can at first be a little daunting

Video Game Rockers

Not so useful for PC gamers (although this will of course depend on your set up) but awesome as a console gaming chair, video game rockers provide excellent comfort, portability and an all round enhancement to your video gaming experience and often at a great price too.

Video gaming rocker chairs are generally designed to sit directly on the floor etc.

Not all video game rocking chairs are the same however, there are often marked differences in terms of padding, ergonics, quality of rumble vibration and speakers. The best video gaming rocker chairs feature top quality components whilst offering excellent speaker sound quality and powerful rumble and will really improve your gaming experience. The cheap rocker chairs out there may ultimately disappoint, especially if you have previously experienced a better quality rocker chair elsewhere. Generally, the few extra dollars paid for quality in this type of gaming chair really pays off in the long run.

LumiSource Boom Chair Stingray
LumiSource Boom Chair Stingray

This low profile chair hooks up to all console systems or your favorite MP3 player, DVD and TV. A rounded base allows for full rock and tilt comfort and a hard wear heavy duty mesh cover will take a beating and still look great. Built in 2.5 inch speakers direct sound straight at the seated user and a foldable lightweight design allow for easy storage and great portability. There is even a battery powered option so you can take this anywhere.


PC and Computer Gaming Chairs

This type of gaming chair is ideal for PC gamers whilst, depending upon your set up, is probably not going to be quite so useful for console gamers. PC gaming chairs are typically designed along the lines of a typical office chair but with the difference of having lots of added extras designed to appeal to gamers such as built in vibration, subwoofers, etc. Computer gaming chairs come in various levels of awesomeness and are guaranteed to enhance your PC gaming experience.

When choosing a PC game seat, there are a few things to look at to ensure you get the best PC gaming chair for your personal needs many of which mimic the things you would look for in a typical office chair.

Firstly, consider the height adjustment. Your chair should offer the capacity of height adjustability, if not, then it's probably a really cheap gaming chair and you'll want to look elsewhere.

Recommended PC Gaming Chair

Lumisource BM-ADMIRAL Boom Video Game Chair
Lumisource BM-ADMIRAL Boom Video Game Chair

Designed with the PC gamer in mind, this comfortable PC gaming chair features an ergonomic design ideal for PC gaming, watching movies or otherwise just relaxing and listening to music. Built in 2 way speakers are aimed directly at the seated user and are adjustable through in chair controls.


Bean Bag Gaming Chairs

Everyone knows how comfortable, portable and just generally cool looking bean bags are but combine that with the awesomeness of a gaming chair! Bean bag gaming chairs not only look chic and stylish but are also some of the most comfortable gaming chairs out there. Nothing beats lounging around on a bean bag game chair whilst playing your favorite console or handheld game and the versatility of this type of seating makes them ideal for a child's bedroom, student apartment, bachelor pad or dedicated gaming room...or just about anywhere else. Grab a game chair with cup holder built in and you've got the perfect entertainment seat.

Video Game Chairs For Flight Simulators

Flight simulator games require that little bit extra to get the real experience of actually flying a real aircraft. Some game chair manufacturers have kindly provided gamers with dedicated flight simulator gaming chairs to allow for that ultimate experience and real cockpit feel of flying an aircraft.

Folding Game Chairs

If you are a little short on space (or even if you are not) you might like to try out a space saving foldable video game chair to make the most of your available room space. Collapsible gaming chairs fold up so they are easier to stow away and store when they are not in use.

Cohesion XP Folding Gaming Chair
Cohesion XP Folding Gaming Chair

If you've not got the permanent space to dedicate to a full size gaming chair then you'll appreciate this folding gaming chair in the form of the Cohesion XP. This foldable game chair will fold down to make for easy storage when not in use and save you a lot of space. When folded open, the XP offers a superbly comfortable gaming chair with a microfiber cover, built in side pockets for storing your stuff, speakers in the folding back rest and a thunderous subwoofer for some real heart pounding audio. Available in multiple colours including grey, red and brown, these chairs can also be linked up for multiplayer fun and will connect to all your favorite consoles and audio devices.


Specialized Driving Game Chairs For Driving Simulators

Jump in, rev those engines and go! With a dedicated race car driving game chair you'll feel like you're sitting behind the wheel of you favorite race car as you send you driving sim games to new levels of enjoyment. These dedicated racing gaming seats are designed specifically for car racing sim enthusiasts to get the most enjoyment out of their gaming time. Whether it's an F1 gaming seat or Nascar is your thing, you will find a racing cockpit simulator to meet your needs. A racing seat with sterring wheel built in really throws you into the action in a way nothing else can.

Openwheeler Advanced Racing Simulator Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair with Gear Shift Mount
Openwheeler Advanced Racing Simulator Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair with Gear Shift Mount

Any racing game enthusiast will tell you there is no true alternative to the experience you get racing in a seat designed to feel like you are in a real racing car. This racing simulation cockpit gives you the most realistic racing experience you can get in the comfort of your own home. It's not cheap, but users say there is just no comparison between this and other racing simulator chairs. It's designed to work with PC, PS2, Playstation 3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii and most driving wheels on the market.



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