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geeky gifts wicked geek books gadgets and geek ideas

Updated on December 18, 2013

wicket nerd gifts for him and her, geek gifts for men and women alike

If you are looking for some crazy geek gifts for men and women alike, you're at the right place. A geek is not alone. Hidden inside, everybody is a geek to some respect. Are you mad about Pineapple Jam or you love to play with your UFO Inflatable Spaceship Squirter Pool Float Toy. Do not be ashamed. Everybody has its geeky side. It means that you love something dearly and express your individual taste. To be a bit wicked and being a bookworm reading your geek books is not a bad thing. Or have you just created your funky cupcakes with huge star shaped sunglasses on top ? Not a problem.

I love people who are creative and passionate about something. And geeks are. Geeks do have ideas of there own about the world. They are great creative individuals with great geeky ideas. Newton, Einstein and Van Gogh, they where all geeks in there own way and became famous because of there passion and out of the box thinking.

To be a geek is fun, you can do great things. Collect your geek stuff and create and explore great wicked geek ideas. Let's go and travel with me through the land of the geeks. The land of crazy bizarre and funny objects and incredible strange geek ideas.

The Geek Atlas:

128 Places Where Science and Technology Come Alive

For if you live in the land of Geek, th world is open for you. You will see the world through geek glasses. You will wonder about the invention of the screw. How the life of aliens will look like and if mermaids are for real.

Geeks ask questions. They are curious and want to explore the world. Geek books offer answer to many strange and normal question. Like, why is it dark at night? Or why is the sky blue ?

I too, ask these questions and often do some surfing on the web to find out the latest news about aliens or how many exoplanets there are discovered.

While surfing the web I encountered many great geek ideas. Geek gifts ideas and gadgets that are super cool and a must have for many a geek.

I personally have a big wishlist. And if I can not buy the geek stuff because it is to expensive I still love to read about it.

There are many geek books around, that let you experience the crazy inventions and scientific creations of super Geeks like Tesla and Newton.

Geek gifts and geeky ideas.

Nothing but the Geek in me - great geek gift ideas

Are you looking for a wicked geek book ? searching for some great geek ideas and geeky gifts for a special occasion? Well I can only tell you what I love and really enjoy checking out on the internet. The problem with geeky stuff is that you can not buy it everywhere. Even Amazon often has to disappoint the true geek.

They do have a lot, but if you really digging for gold, it is hard to find on Amazon. But I will give you some geeky gift ideas just to get you started. When it comes to presents, thinking outside the box always brings the best results. This is not a matter of money but of creativity. You can buy cheep gifts or expansive ones. The price is not the issue. The true geek is more interested in the geekness of the gift.

So for all of you, I just give you some wicked geek gift ideas. Stuff that's on my own geek wishlist. Whether I can afford it or not.

Wooden gifts for geeks

Eco friendly geek gifts

To me the combination of high-tech and wood is something irresistible. The two things things are on first sight contradictions. But that's why I like the combination. It's like if the Flintstones are doing computer stuff. Aand often, not always but often the products are eco-friendly as well. Something I find important. If pos. a eco geek gift is the best.

Audio Technica ATHESW9A Portable Wooden Headphones

100% Bamboo Handcrafted Keyboard

Starcraft II:

Wings of Liberty Collector's Edition

Metal, Stainless steel and iron gifts for the sturdy geek out there. Wicked stainless steel ideas for a present or gift. Hardcore up to the bone. Whatever you do, you do it the hardcore way. Stargazing at night when the freezing cold makes the sky at night clear and crisp. The best time to get that telescope and see how Jupiter and Venus are in conjunction.

Do you still need a campfire, while you're on nightwatch, use your Swedish Firesteel to spark the light of the bonfire. Roast your corn or warm up you coffee while looking at the mountains on the moon.

The hardcore gaming approach. Stainless steel gaming headphones and cool silver metal mouse movements.

While playing Warcraft of Starcraft, get the max out of the game with steel headphones and mouses.

Go for steel.

Crazzy invention from the past - Geek invention in black and white

Oh man, if this great big wheel invention was painted in holographic colors as well it would be ubergeek. This is really super. Do'nt you want this super geek car not for Christmas ?

cool geek nerd gifts - air theme ideas for a gift

wicked geek gifts
wicked geek gifts

The air we breath, inhale and exhale. Do alien life forms need air as we do ? I guess not. Never think an alien will look like a human being. I will be completely different. And will have different needs.

I found some great wicked geek gadgets with the air theme this time. Have fun.

Air Power Dusters Quantity:

6 per Pack

AirZooka Air Gun


Wicked geek gifts - fire and bonfire ideas - fire geek gifts for a fire person

Bonfire in Spain
Bonfire in Spain

Wood,Metal, Air and Fire

Ain't that something to admire.

Camco 58031 "Little Red Campfire" Propane Camp Fire

Heart set in stone for the real stone geek.

Heart set in stone for the real stone geek.
Heart set in stone for the real stone geek.

The stone geek in me - Stone themed gift ideas

Scissors, paper stone, an old game. If your up to a stoned gift idea, here are some examples. Stones are more important in our lives then you would think. From mort and pestle to healing stones to diamonds and granite. Although we sadly live in the plastic age nowadays. The stone age is not completely forgotten.

Lets go back to the time of the troglodytes and the cavemen. Lets listen to some rock music through some rock speakers in the summer garden.

What is your geeky habit ? Do you sniff every morning if the flowers are still fresh ? Or do you clean your keys every day ? Or are you an addicted bookworm ? Let me know, do not be ashamed, come out of the closet and open your heart...

All geeky comments are welcome - and non geek as well of course. I'm a tolerant geek...

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