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Gifts for a Royal Baby from Harrods of London

Updated on September 27, 2014
Gifts for your own baby
Gifts for your own baby | Source

Gifts for your royal baby - worldwide shipping from London

Royal baby mania is here! Your children, grandchildren, nephews or nieces might not have been born with a silver spoon in their mouths but that doesn't mean that they can't be treated to the same gifts as babies in the British Royal Family.

Harrods, the most prestigious London store, has a range of exclusive gifts and toys that are just perfect for your own little prince or princess and what's more, they offer fast shipping to almost anywhere in the world.

All the selection you see here are branded with the world-famous logo and all are truly delightful. .Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge welcomed Prince George into the world last year, plus there's the news that The Princess Royal's daughter, Zara recently had a daughter, it's inevitable that the world will see a resurgence in fine British baby goods. I've had such fun collecting my favorites for you.

And now we hear that Prince George will soon be having a new brother or sister. The world is going royal baby crazy.

All images © Harrods, London, and used with written permission via Viglink.

Top gift

Teddy bear. A great gift
Teddy bear. A great gift | Source

This little chap is without doubt my favorite. Why? I know, it was a very hard decision because all these gifts are stunningly gorgeous and so well made but look at the embroidered date on this teddy bear's foot. I would be so delighted if I had a teddy with nineteen mumble ... mumble ... on it! Especially if there had been a royal baby born that year - it would now be a family heirloom and something I could leave to my eldest granddaughter. How lovely is that?

And you don't have to be British to create an heirloom to commemorate the birth of a royal child and your own family baby. You'll be commemorating the birth of a future monarch. Harrods create a new bear every year so if your family is expecting a new baby next year, there'll be a suitable version then too. Remember that these gifts can be shipped worldwide.

See more.

So very cute

Here's a great idea if you have any Scottish ancestry in your family. Although this cute little Scottie dog in his (or her!) own tartan bag is listed as a baby toy, I'm sure that there are lots of girls of every age who would adore to own this little fellow. Again, we see that Harrods branding to give this gift and extra caché and a touch of super style. I even think that this could be a lovely décor item, sitting on a shelf, and not necessarily in the nursery.

This great gift costs under £15 and the international shipping costs are low indeed, especially when you consider how prestigious an item this is. It's also a great idea for dog lovers, especially those who have their own real live Scotties in the family. Even grannies would love this as a gift (I know!)

More here.

Royal children throughout history

Bringing Them Up Royal: How the Royals Raised their Children from 1066 to the Present Day
Bringing Them Up Royal: How the Royals Raised their Children from 1066 to the Present Day

How very strange it must have been to be born into the Royal Family in earlier times. This even applies to members who are still alive today.

Royal nannies, wet nurses - all things that seem like another world to us today. King Henry the Eighth played off his two daughters against each other as they both vied to be Queen of England.

Diana, Princess of Wales is credited with trying to give her boys a normal upbringing but did she succeed?

Will the royal children brought up in this century be different? Here's an excellent book so that you can learn more about royal children through the ages.


The British Beefeater

Another super-cute bear complete with the Harrods logo. Beefeaters, if my information is correct, were first established in the fifteenth century and still exist today, caring for the Tower of London. If you've ever visited the Tower, as I have, you'll know just how majestic and historical they are. It may be that there is no better symbol of the City of London. Note that the Harrods 'H' sits on his chest - a lovely touch.

This is a great toy for any child but also an ideal gift for anyone who is a lover of history - especially British history, as it represents an institution that goes back for hundreds of years. It's such a cute idea for new babies, toddlers and even for adults and will soon become a family heirloom at a bargain price.

See a futher selection.

Meet Gilbert

Gilbert is a very special bear. He doesn't wear a uniform like his other friends, that's true, but he truly represents the style that is Harrods thanks to his signature ribbon bow. He is totally soft and cuddly and lovely to snuggle up with, whatever your age! As with his other friends, he is branded as being from Harrods in a subtle way on the sole of his little foot and on his signature ribbon that sits so pleasantly around his neck.

An unpretentious little chap, Gilbert will please children from babies upwards. He is subtly stylish and he knows it! He's a cuddlesome character who will grace any nursery or crib. He's not just for babies - this grandmother sees Gilbert as one of her own favorites!

Meet more of his friends.

Who can resist?

Look. One of the cutest teddy bears ever in the world with his little British heart! Just look at his little face - isn't that one of the sweetest expressions you've ever seen? Your baby or favorite child will love this little chap - how could they not?

Just like his other friends, this little guy is super-cuddly and has the famous Harrods insignia on he bottom of his little foot. He can also be shipped to just about any country in the world and is such a lovely present for a newborn or an older child. Doesn't everyone love cuddling up with their favorite teddy bear in bed? Here's another family heirloom in the making. What's more, he 'hearts' Britain.

See more.

Further reading

The British Royal Family is a completely absorbing topic. Its history stretches back so many years and includes scandals both recent and historical. This is a fascinating subject and shows the sort of life that most of us can't possibly imagine. What was life like as a royal in the seventeenth century. What was life like in the twentieth century? And what about today? Find out. These books also make great gifts!

What will life hold in store for young Prince George? It seems to me that his parents are eminently sensible people who will bring him up to be a useful and valuable member of the British royal family.

See below for a video of his first royal visit. He already had the wave.

© 2013 Jackie Jackson


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    • BritFlorida profile imageAUTHOR

      Jackie Jackson 

      5 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

      @Leonieaff: Aren't they gorgeous? I think I want them all:)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Who can resist a teddy? No matter what family you are from - goes to show that children need only love ... and a teddy! I am tempted to get one myself!


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