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Cheap GO KARTS For Sale Online

Updated on February 16, 2016

Can you find Go Karts for sale online? You Betcha.

But are they really the kind of high-speed, Gas-powered Go Karts you meant to find?

Er, um. Ok, so probably not. Unfortunately, we're mostly talking about pedal go-karts in this price range.

However, after some intense digging, I did find a few gas powered go karts .

I also found some plans and a kit so if you are feeling a little mechanically inclined you could build your own and save some money!

There's nothing quite as awesome as the smell of gas fumes and the rough ride of a crazed go kart. Enjoy the thrill!

What type of go kart are you hoping to find?

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Best option

ScooterX 196cc Sport Go Kart 6.5HP *45mph
ScooterX 196cc Sport Go Kart 6.5HP *45mph

If you can get mom to lend you the extra money, than definitely go for this single-person go-kart. I'ts fast, mean, and ready for anything. You'll be glad you found the extra coin for this baby.

Or, keep reading. There are some great options of go-carts below


Go Kart Tracks

One of the best things to do with your new go-kart is to build a track for it. Most people do this in their opwn back yard. For off-road go karts you can build berms and jumps. For street go-karts you can still race it on mown grass, and build a figure-8 course using old tires and lumber and straw bales to mark the outside barrier. Family Fun!

As always ..... WEAR A HELMET!!!

Scooter X

Finding an affordable go cart is a little bit of a challenge. Thankfully, Scooter X has made it their mission to do just that and they have a few, single-seat designs that are quite affordable

You are typically going to be dealing with a two-stroke model, here, so you've got to be willing to mix the oil and gas -- a small price to pay for all of the fun you are about to have.

The ScooterX design uses an almost luge-like setup, which is really kind of fun and accentuates the go karting experience.

The only downside with this baby is that it seems to be built cheaply. So you might steer away from this unless you have a nice small engine parts store near you that is willing to order in the parts you might need from time to time. Just realize you get what you are paying for and that half the fun of go karting is tinkering with your ride.

ScooterX 196cc Sport Go Kart 6.5HP *45mph
ScooterX 196cc Sport Go Kart 6.5HP *45mph

For those of you who can spend a little more, go with this baby. It gets you a 4-stroke engine and a better all-around setup.


Razor Ground Force

Razor, the company that brought you the ever-popular small-wheeled kick scoote, is back with an incredible, electric-powered line of go carts.

Unlike other ride-on toys, these go-karts actually have enough power to be loads of fun and are recommended for children 8+

It takes about 4-6 hours to charge these buggers, so plan on charging them overnight or while the kiddos are at school. And then you get about 45 minutes of fun, with top speeds reaching 15 miles per hour. Plenty of time to set new course records on the back yard track.

It uses a hand brake and hand accelerator on the side of the steering wheel so even children with short legs or disabled children can enjoy this go-kart.

Several varieties are available. Here's the list:

Razor Dune Buggy
Razor Dune Buggy

supports up to 220 pounds


Pedal-Powered Go Karts

Kettler Pedal Powered Go Karts

I love their design. Thes pedal-powered cars just makes the kid in me rejoice.

Unfortunately, when I was a child, I only had one friend who was lucky enough to have a pedal powered go kart. And he wasn't big on sharing. The one time he wasn't home, my little brother somehow got mom to let him ride it instead of me. It's a tough life. Or, so I remember.

No Smelly Gas. No Charging Times. Just Good, Ole-Fashion, Pedal-powered Fun!

I like that these use vinyl tires. There's nothing more frustrating than tires that slip when you are pedaling, so the vinyl is a great choice for these.

The geek in me absolutely loves the fact that this one has a "disengage" lever that lets the driver disengage the wheels from the peals for rabid, downhill coasting.

At only 37" long, with an adjustable seat, it is prepared to fit most leg lengths. Just make sure that whatever age you fit into it, the child can figure out the hand brake for stopping. The Kabrio is for ages 4-6 and the Aero is geared towards ages 5-8. (9 year olds are typically too tall.)

YBike Explorer Go Kart

I simply had to include this one. The simpliscity in its lines and modern colors really appeal to the adult in me, and the two-bar steering speaks of a little more challenging ride that is bound to teach of world of self-confidence.

Let's face it, its easy to turn a steering wheel. What isn't as easy is the two-handle bilateral steering that you find on skidsteers and lawnmowers. However, once kids get it, they love it.

This little bugger turns on a dime and is great for kids who have a smaller area to ride it in.

It also only takes a little over 15 minutes to put it together, so dad will have the rest of Christmas to go play with his own toys.

Rated for ags 6+ up to 100 lbs.

Ybike "Explorer" Go Kart (White)
Ybike "Explorer" Go Kart (White)

This one is, hands down, my favorite.


Go Kart Kits and Plans

Go Kart Kits and Plans

For the mechanically inclined, a kit or plan is a great way to go.

Or, if you have a welder, you can put together your own frame and kit from scratch.

Or, you could compromise, and buy the frame pre-welded and then just add your own parts.

A lot of options when it comes to building your own go kart. Plus, it's twice the fun!

Azusa Engineering Go-Kart Kit
Azusa Engineering Go-Kart Kit

Just add an engine and some elbow grease.



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