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Goal Tycoon

Updated on July 23, 2016

Changes to Bonus system for first leagues!!!!

New starting next season League 1 bonus will be paid in Euros for USA leagues. This is a big change that will make upgrading stadiums a lot cheaper as there will no be no need to deal with the transfer from local currency to gold, then Euros savings lots of money in exchange fees.

Football Manager

Online Football Manager with ability to make real life money. You get the players, train them, upgrade the stadiums choose tactics, and watch your rise or fall based on your decisions. If you succeed you rise through the leagues, and if you fail you lose your position and popularity.

Changes to Goal Tycoon

They recently made big changes to the market where you buy the material to repair and upgrade your stadiums. Now most of the items are now sold buy the game instead of market glory players. As a result prices for some stuff have gone down quite a bit and the will not fluctuate from day today. They also doubled the quantities of all energy drinks and food from 100 to 200 per purchase. Another change that they are trying out in Romanian is that the are paying out the season bonus for the first league in Euro's instead of local currency. So come give it a try now is the best time to start. Any questions just post a comment.

PS please use my refferral link if you decide to play, but either way give the game a try.

My Experience

Well Goal Tycoon has been going for about 30 months now. In this time I have replaced my whole team, made it to league 1 once and have upgraded my seating by 10000 seats. I have had a lot of fun and am going to continue to play for as long as the game keeps going. As of the end of this season ending in the begging of January 2016 I will again be adding to my seats because I will again be reaching another 10 euro.

Enjoying the ESO for about 3 months now great game and getting better.

Team Income Ruff Guide

Seat Repairs Costs Based on 6000 Seat Arena.

Using the 600, 300, 100 dispercement.

Time Frame 1 Day 7 Days 1 Month Euro Cost

Low Quality Seats.
Plastic .13$ .07 .49 2.10 .39$
Gold Rate 357 .43 3.01 12.90

Medium Quality Seats.
Fabrics .04$ .11 .77 3.30 .16$
Gold Rate 357 .65 4.55 19.50

High Quality Seats.
Steel .02$ .06 .42 1.80 .04$
Fabric .04$ .05 .35 1.50 .20$
Gold Rate 357 .36 2.52 10.80
Pitch .16$ 2.00 14.00 60.00 .16$
Gold Rate 357 .40 2.80 12.00

Total Gold 1.84 12.88 55.20
Cost Euro .95$

Player and Coach
1 Day 15 Days 31 Days

2,300 34,500 71,300
Match Income
Number of Matches

1 Match 7 Matches 15 Matches

6,000 Seats 7,800 54,600 117,000

Value in Gold 21.80 152.60 327
Value in Euro .12 .84 1.51

Net Income
6,000 Seats Euros

Seat Income 117,000.00
Minus Wages 71,300.00
Equals 45,700.00
Convert to Gold at rate of 357-1 128.00
Subtract Gold Repair Cost 72.80
Convert to Euro at rate of 168-1 .43
Minus Cost of Euro To Repair Stadium .95
Total Net Income -.52

Changes To Popularity Bonus

Popularity bonus at the end of the season
As you very well know, at the end of each season you receive a Popularity bonus depending on the League your team is in, as follows:

- 1st League - 50 Popularity points
- 2nd League - 25 Popularity points
- 3rd League - 10 Popularity points
- 4th League - 5 Popularity points
- 5th League - 4 Popularity points
- 6th League - 3 Popularity points
- 7th League - 2 Popularity points
- 8th League - 1 Popularity points

Starting with this end of the season, the bonus system will change so that the in each country, the mangers will receive the bonus given previously multiplied by the number of Leagues available in that country, as it follows:

- 1st League - 50 Popularity points * no. of Leagues
- 2nd League - 25 Popularity points* no. of Leagues
- 3rd League - 10 Popularity points* no. of Leagues
- 4th League - 5 Popularity points* no. of Leagues
- 5th League - 4 Popularity points* no. of Leagues
- 6th League - 3 Popularity points* no. of Leagues
- 7th League - 2 Popularity points* no. of Leagues
- 8th League - 1 Popularity points* no. of Leagues

With this change filling your arena is way easier. Gonna make the game more profitable now. Great time to get started.

Best things for staring out.

To earn money to keep your team going and upgrade your stadium the two best ways are winning and ticket sales getting referrals helps a little especially if they can get their popularity over 50 and keep it there.

What are you updating first? - Upgrading

What is the most popular upgrades?

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Tell me about your experiences so far! - What has been your greatest match yet?

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