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Gold Board Game

Updated on June 26, 2014

Awesome Gold Board Game, and Templates to Print Your Own

As a child, I had a favorite gold mining game that was so much fun to play. However, they no longer make it!! So when I started making my own board games with my own kids, I thought it would be fun to make a similar game.

You can see a picture of the original game board, and if you keep scrolling you'll find links to some free printable board game templates to make a similar game for yourself or your classroom.

Click here to download your own printable gold miners game template.

My Ravensburger Knock-off

Click the Gold Miners Game to download
Click the Gold Miners Game to download

Ravensburger's Gold Mining and Bandits game is great for math and strategy!

Unofficial Gold Rules - The Rules as I remember Them (haven't found the original rules yet)

Setup: all hexagon game chips are placed face down on board spaces. The bandits, gole pieces and blank pieces should be mixed together and randomly placed on spaces with holes on them.

Train starts at the edge of the game board. Every time a player rolls a 1 (with the Locomotive) the train gets ome space closer to the town. When the train arrives in town the game is over.

Each player takes turns rolling the die. They move however many spaces they roll. If they land on a chip they flip it over to see what it is. If it's gold they keep it. If it's blank they discard. If they get a bandit they have to roll again. If they roll a number higher than the number on the bandit's head they get to keep the bandit as part of their treasure (and he is worth in gold the number on his head). If the player rolls a number lower than the bandit than all the gold that is not safe at home that the player collected is lost to the bandit and placed underneath the space where the player found the bandit. Other players can attempt to win everything underneath the bandit by landing on that space and rolling a number higher than the number on the bandit's head.

If a player goes back to his or her home, he can safely store his gold there (no bandit can take it once it's home).

Rafts: A player must have the exact number rolled to get on a raft, but they can park the raft on any shore bank of the lake they are in. The raft stays where they player leaves it, and someone else can ride it if they roll the exact number to get on it in is new location.

Once the train returns to town everyone counts the gold they have safe at their home. If you have gold in your hand that you haven't brought home, it does not count in your score. Whoever has the highest number of gold nuggets wins (one game token can be work five pieces of gold, and one bandit can also be worth as much as five pieces of gold).

Update: I did just find the original rules here.

Eureka - Also Known as Gold - Great Game for Math Building Skills and Strategy

Strike it rich in Golden City!

Gold has been discovered in the foothills outside Golden City and every able-bodied person from miles around is off to grab a share.

But things can be tough for a prospector, who must be lucky enough to find the gold and to get it safely back to town - fending off bandits and claim-jumpers - before the train arrives,

Time is running out - can't you hear the train in the distance? May good fortune be yours!


1 Game Board

48 Gold Nugget chips

16 Bandit chips

10 Spare blank chips

6 Raft chips

6 Wooden Prospector figures

1 Wooden Locomotive

1 Die (with Locomotive 1

Strategy game for 3 - 6 players ages 8 - adult.

Playing time: 40 minutes

Sometimes You Can Buy it From


You can't buy it new, but you can sometimes snag a used copy. It's worth a shot anyway.


Printable "Gold" Templates

When I couldn't buy the Gold game I decided to make my own. It's very much simplified compared to the original game, but it does work!

Have you ever played the Ravensburger Gold game?

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    • amytrumpeter profile image

      Amy Trumpeter 3 years ago from Oxford

      Looks great! I am the 'Game Night Contributor' on Squidoo, and have given your lens a 'BOOST'!

    • shauna1934 profile image

      shauna1934 3 years ago

      @shauna1934: Your template has been reposted.

    • shauna1934 profile image

      shauna1934 3 years ago

      @zardoz1970: I love your fantasy game idea. I may have to steal it. I'm currently working on a version based on Disney's Frozen for my kiddos. Thanks for writing.

    • profile image

      zardoz1970 4 years ago

      could you repost the editable version of your game board. i printed the color version and my daughter and i made our own custom pieces an we have not been able to stop playing. we changed the theme and subbed a dragon instead of a train making it a more fantasy based game.