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Best Christmas Gifts For Toddlers 2015-2016: Only The Unique, Unusual And Coolest Gifts

Updated on July 5, 2015

The Top Toddler Gifts To Give For Any Occasion

When it comes to giving the best Christmas gifts for toddlers, you have to forget what is popular. Instead, think about what he/she is currently into at the moment.

When my son was 2 years old, umbrellas fascinated him. I can't remember why now. It must have been from a tv program or a book, but he was crazy about it. So when Santa came, he came with a cheap umbrella. And believe you me, that umbrella was his favorite toy for a few good months. He even made sure it was right next to his bed at night.

Yes, he was that into it..

Anyway, if you're looking for some more ideas, here are some great toddler gift ideas to choose from.

Best Gifts For Toddlers Under $30 Dollars

Here are 10 gifts for toddlers that both boys and girls would love to have.

Sand And Water Table

This is one toy that will grow with your child.

It encourages creative and imaginative play and most children love spending hours playing at a water table.

This is great for both indoor and outdoor play. Although if you do take it inside, just be prepared for a whole lot of mess -- sand all over the play room is not a pretty sight.

One thing I suggest is that instead of using sand, you can instead use beans, corn or rice. They won't be useful for making sandcastles but they're easier to clean and safer for the kids too.

Duplo Building Blocks

Building toys are always a popular gift. Kids usually love it and parents are more often than not happy that their child is learning while playing.

You gotta get the little engineers trained at a young age, right?

Duplo's my go to building toy whenever I'm buying for a young kid. I know it works and it's durable too.

Kick Scooter

Frankly, I think my son could have done without one. But it was one of those presents that he really wanted to have because all the neighborhood kids had it.

And I tell you, the look on that little boy's face when he opened his present was priceless and I'm sure a lot of other kids would like to get one too.

Buy one with three wheels for the little ones like Radio Flyer's My First Scooter.

Top 6 Gifts For Toddlers - These are my personal top gifts for toddlers

Here are 6 things that make great gifts for young toddler boys or girls.

Books...Books And More Books

Books are always good presents. Always.

I have to warn you though that when you give a book during Christmas, it may be overwhelmed by all the toys and it will probably not get as much excitement as toys themselves. BUT and this is a big but, it's one of those gifts for toddlers that will be used long after all the other toddler toys are gone.

Musical Toys

I find that a lot of different musical toys make for a great toddler gift. From drums, to xylophones to a hape rhythm set, these toys are almost always "music" to a 2 year old's eyes.

Just imagine all the opportunity for a lot of banging, blowing and strumming. Nothing could be more fun (and educational!). The whole sensory experience is always a treat for kids.

Who knows you might even find out that your child is a musical genius.

Vtech Kidi Beats Drum Set

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set
VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

For musical minded kids, a toddler drum set is the one to give. Get the parents ready for it as there's bound to be lots of banging immediately after christmas. They might want to soundproof their child's room :-) . !


Role Play Costume Sets

It isn't Christmas when the children are not dressed into little Fairies, Spiderman or Santa. Find out what imaginary character the child likes right now and find a corresponding costume.


No matter how popular and in demand toys are in many children's Santa list, clothes are still one of the more practical presents you can give to a child.

Funny shirts are always good as are clothes with characters that the toddler is currently interested in like Dora, the Octonauts, Mickey Mouse or Elmo.

Don't limit your purchases just on shirts though there are other things as well such as

  • character underwear
  • a nice winter hat
  • socks
  • jackets
  • a special raincoat

Electronic Toys

Personally, I think it's best to delay electronic toys as much as possible. But then again, this is the world our children are growing in so they might as well get used to it (My thoughts on these toys are still very much conflicted as you can see.)

There are tablets that toddlers can use now but I recommend starting with something like the Leapfrog fridge phonics.

Toddler Gifts Survey

Who Are You Buying A Present For?

See results

Listed below are toddler gift ideas grouped for boys or girls. Now I know that many of these toys can be played by both boys and girls BUT these are just the traditional toys we associate the sexes with. If your little girl loves dinosaurs then by all means get her the super cute dinosaur set featured for boys below.

Drill Set Construction Set And All That Jazz

Anything construction related is always good for boys. Drill em, put them apart, put them together again. These gifts for toddlers are always a Christmas staple. I know the battery-operated drills look very cool but if you want your child to get screwing with their hands and get those fine-motor skill mastered, do away with it. The thing is that drilling will be so fascinating, he would rather use it than manually doing the labor - don't we all prefer that too?

But of course, you can also just hide the battery-operated ones after he's had the hang of it so he gets to play with the other ones too!


I don't know what it is with boys, but pirates are a firm favorite. I love this pull along pirate ship for a toddler gift. It's great for little hands and gets them moving around too


Dinosaurs, little boys are fascinated by it for many years. My five-year old is still very much into it in fact. The leapfrog lettersaurus will get them to know their letters or to encourage creative play, you can buy them some dinosaur figures or stuff toys.

A Basketball Set

For the sportsminded kid, a basketball set is great gift idea. There are many sports-related gadgets for young kids now. So whatever sport your family is into, you will often find a corresponding toy that your little one would love to have. Remember, Andre Agassi started training at age 3! :-)

Cars, Airplanes And Other Vehicles

For many boys, car is often one of the first words they utter. And this fascination with anything that moves or has an engine goes on for a very long time (well, the men in our lives are still into it, aren't they?). I love the battat take-apart airplane-- they get to play imaginatively with it plus they practice those little hands too.

Best Gifts For Toddler Girls

Dress Up Costumes

have a friend who at the very start was keen on not "imposing" girly things on her little girl. But guess what? That's exactly what she wanted - castles, princess and dressing up. Who can blame her? Aren't they just the cutest? So for your little girl any dress-up costumes for princess, fairies and other traditional characters are a big win. Alternatively, you can buy her a doll to dress-up - that's a lot of fun too. Just make sure they're big enough so that her little fingers can put the clothes on and off easily.

Slice and Bake Cookie Set

Well, lots of cookies are needed for Christmas so they might as well play pretend they're helping us. There are also kitchen counter set that any child will love. Along the lines of kitchen gadgets, a tea and picnic set are good gift ideas for toddler girls too - we have so much fun with this - all the fake bacon sandwiches we have to eat!


There's always Barbie and for many young kids, despite all the many dolls that are in the market nowadays, Barbie is still a childhood staple. You might also want to have a look at the very popular lalaloopsy rag dolls.

Doc Mcstuffins

She's the doc that's invaded our television and is now largely loved by man children. She makes going to the doctor a lot more fun and hopefully our kids are no longer as scared of people in white coats because of Doc Mcstuffin. This is popular this year so it might be a problem to find one of the Doc Mcstuffin toys, so be prepared for the havoc that could ensure if you really want to get these toys.

My First Purse

Little girls, they all love to be just like mom. And what else does mom have with her all the time? Her purse. Stop her now from taking all the stuff out of your own purse and give her her own - you'll have so much fun watching your little Diva copying exactly what you do.

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