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Great Looking Diablo 3 Mouse Pads

Updated on December 9, 2012

Epic Looking Mouse Pads with Exclusive Game Art

The release of Diablo 3 have been awaited by so many gamers worldwide. It's probably the most anticipated game of this year. And the game has a huge fan base by now, with millions of copies sold. With such a fan base a whole world of merchandise opens up, and already some great looking diablo 3 accessories has been released. One of the most amazing of them all is SteelSeries new Diablo 3 Mouse Pads, they made one mouse pad with each d3 class (wizard, demon hunter, barbarian, monk and the witch doctor) all with some really bad ass game art on them. But these pads doesn't only look extremely good they also are made for gaming. SteelSeries are known for their top of the line gaming equipment The pads are made out of QcK's high quality cloth that are gives amazing glide for all kind of mouses. The amount of work SteelSeries has put into these mouse pads are just silly, you can really feel that it's a group of gaming geeks that have put thoghter these mouses. By gamers for gamers! Let's start looking on some of these great looking pads, let's start with the Witch Doctor and his Voodoo magic!

Diablo III Gaming Mouse Pad - Witch Doctor Edition

Witch Doctor
Witch Doctor

This is my favourite class and mouse pad because of the crazy skills the Witch Doctor have. Evberything from swarming mosquitos to exploding frogs,that's just crazy. And I love the voodoo design of everything around this class. The armour and weapons just look mystical and dangerous. All that applies to the mouse pad I think, the witch doctor just looks amazing in that image. I love the voodoo mask he's wearing on the pad, for me that mask makes the picture.

Diablo III Gaming Mouse Pad - Barbarian Edition


This barbarian looks like a freaking animal with all those muscles poping out of him. Not my personal favorite to be honest, I like the look of the barbarians in the actual game better then this one, think they went a bit over the top with all those silly muscles and he looks to bad ass for my taste. But it's still really well made and it's all about personal preferences really.

Diablo III Gaming Mouse Pad - Demon Hunter Edition

Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter

The demon fighter is one of the most popular classes of diablo 3. They have great skills for avoiding damage and attack, helping them holding the enemy at distance and taking them off with diffrent range attacks. On the mouse pad there a female demon hunter looking like some kind of bad ass ninja. With some nasty monsters in the background ready to attack her. Looking awesome like the rest of course.

Diablo III Gaming Mouse Pad - Monk Edition


The monk with this spirit powers and high kicks makes a dangerous fighter. This is one of my favourite classes because of all the heals this bad ass class can do. And the mouse pad looks great, the monk with his huge combat staff ready to kick some demon ass!

Diablo III Gaming Mouse Pad

Diablo 3
Diablo 3

Here's a nice looking mouse pad with the standard logo of Diablo 3, there's not any of the classes on this one and if you ask this one dosen't look at all as good as the other pads. I guess I miss the awesome game art that the rest of them have. But hey...the D3 logo looks great, I can't deny that.

Buy the Diablo 3 Mouse Pad on

Steelseries Limited Edition Diablo 3 Mouse Pad Unboxing & First Look

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