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Great Summer Water Toys

Updated on June 19, 2012

Awesome Water Toys for All Ages!

Are you trying to find something to keep the kids from getting bored this summer? There are some great summer water toys that any kids would love to play with... ok, lots of adults would probably love some of these as well! Whether you are trying to stay cool with an affordable pool, floating toys, cute sprinklers or amazing water slides, there are tons of great summer water toys to choose from.

I know that my son needs a lot of activities to help keep him from getting bored over the summer since almost all of his friends travel to other states for extended periods of time. We have found a lot of great activities, games and toys to help keep him occupied and smiling on those days when friends are away as well as great toys to liven up parties and BBQs for father's day, the 4th of July and more!

This page features lots of wonderful water toys including some of the absolute favorite water toys in my neighborhood which my son and his friends play with. I hope you enjoy browsing these toys and have a safe and happy summer!

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Slip n' Slides have been around since 1961- most of us remember endless hours of fun on them when we were kids! You really can't find much more of an iconic summer toy than a Slip n' Slide®.

Today, there are far more choices available, you can find Slip n' Slide® toys like we used to do it- on your tummy in a straight line, or newer versions on knee boards, inflatable bogey boards, double or triple slides, walls of water, large splash pools and more!

Slip n' Slides are easy to set up, take down and store and can provide hours of fun for the entire family!

Toddler Water Toy - lots of wet fun in one water table!

Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table
Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table

This wonderful water toy is perfect for kids aged 2 and up. This fun water table can help your child develop certain early motor skills whist enjoying the summer splashing festivities with lots of great, wet activities!

Some of the fun activities that your toddler will love in the Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark include turning the ferris wheel to scoop up and drops off balls, dropping the balls down the spiral and watching them go round and round and down into the lazy river as well as filling the cup and pouring it into the funnel to power the twin water wheels.

Click the link to buy or to watch the video on Amazon.


Nerf Super Soaker Lightningstorm Blaster®:

This is my son's all time favorite super soaker! He has enjoyed many, many hours of spraying me as I try to do yard work as well as engaging in water battles with his friends.

The water drum is easy to fill from most sinks or a hose and quickly and easily attaches to the gun. There is a motorized blaster and a shield as well as a detachable stock. The drum holds an impressive 37 ounces (1.1 Liters) of water so you will still have water after your friends run out.

The motorized blaster is a great feature because there is no pumping required which is great for lots of kids, but is also great when Mom somehow get ahold of it! Whether you are looking for a great water gun for your child or one to secretly add to your own arsenal for the next time they douse you, this is the best of the best.

Amazing and Affordable Water Slides

BIG summer toys that right there in your own back yard!

Perfect for a 4th of July party, BBQ, hot day, parties or just for a day of family fun, water slides are a great way to keep the kids entertained, cool and wet for extended periods of time. You can have the excitement of a water park in the convenience and comfort of your own backyard without having to worry about the kids getting lost in the crowds.

Banzai Double Cannon Blast Inflatable Water Slide:

This fun, inflatable water slide is recommended for kids 5 and up. It features water blasting cannons for dueling, a splash pool, bumpy water slide and an air blower is included! The double cannon blast water slide will give your kids hours of fun! This water slide is 26.75"L x 15.5"W x 16.5"H and can be inflated (with the included air blower) in under 3 minutes!

Blast Zone Splash N Spray Inflatable Waterslide:

The Splash N Spray Inflatable Water Park brings is a basic, yet super fun water slide. Set up is easy.Your kids will have hours of fun climbing up the back, zooming down the slide into the splash pool and crawling through the tunnel!This water slide comes with a cooling sprayer system which is easy to attach- just use the hook and loop fasteners and attach a hose. The sprayers spray down onto the top of the slide, and water runs down into the splash pool. This water slide is 17.0L x 8.0W x 8.0H

Blast Zone Jet Stream Water Slide:

The Blast Zone Jet Stream Water Slide is one of the coolest Blast Zone slides available and is designed for kids who love splashing, sliding and spraying. It has a large splash pool, Super Slide, two Screamin' Spray arches, two Slammin' Hoops and a climbing wall. Despite it's colossal size, the Blast Zone Jet Stream Water Slide takes only around 5 minutes to inflate! This water slide will keep your kids entertained for hours on end. Good luck getting them off it when it is time to go in!

The dimensions of this water slide are18'L x 12'6"W x 9'H

Cute sprinklers - perfect for tiny tots!

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Grub Scouts Sprinkler Toy With Hose Attachment
Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Grub Scouts Sprinkler Toy With Hose Attachment

This is an adorable sprinkler for ages 3-6 which features cute Grub Scouts who are Sunny Patch Friends, gently sprinkling water from their hats! Your child will be delighted by the cute Grub Scouts and thrilled when you turn it on.

This adorable sprinkler will keep your little one cool for hours as they run, play or dance in the water!


Intex Inflatable Dinosaur Pool & Playcenter:

This little splash pool is absolutely adorable and lots of fun! Way better than a plain old kiddie pool, this amazing little pool offers kids hours of fun!

There are multiple play centers within this pool and your child will enjoy playing with the dinosaur, getting sprayed with the gentle spray (must be connected to a hose) and splashing around in the water. The pool is lightweight and holds an impressive 47 gallons of water! Dimensions: 7.9' x 6.25' x 3.6'

Heritage 15' x 52" Round Deep Gold Above-Ground Pool Package:

Here is a great above ground pool which makes keeping cool over those hot summer months easy, practical and fun! It is always a great party or BBQ when the kids have somewhere to cool off and mess around for a while (just please remember that children must be supervised when swimming). Having a pool can provide many, many hours of entertainment and great family bonding time for the whole family as well as a great (fun) method of getting some exercise.

The pool is durable and I can be assembled by a group of 3 adults- there is an instructional DVD included.

It is a pretty big pool at 15 feet across and being 52 inches deepIt has a strong, painted galvanized steel ledgeThe vinyl liner (20-gauge all-weather) is tough enough to withstand everyday useThe ladder has a child restricter swim-thru barrierCleaning is easy1 HP pump and motorExtra wide thru-the-Wall skimmerStep-by-step above ground pool installation video makes set-up quick and easyManufacturer's 20-year limited warranty

What impressed me the most about this pool though is that for a store bought above ground pool it really is quite attractive! Most are really not that pretty- ours certainly isn't.

Poolmaster Super Combo Water Volleyball Game:

How about a game of water volleyball or badminton? This is a great way to liven up any pool party! The heavy weight net comes with polyfoam floats to keep it upright in your pool without damaging your pool. The set comes with a deluxe water volleyball and the inflating needle, 4 badminton rackets and 2 birdie.

Aviva Rock-It Totter Pool Inflatable - with DuraSkin:

A fun, brightly colored inflatable teeter totter to use in the pool! Kids just love climbing on the inflatable toys in pools and this one is no exception! Children (and some grown ups) will have tons of fun rocking back and forth on this cool see saw.

What are your favorite summer toys?

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