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Green Lantern Vault Fight Defeating the Manhunters Ultra

Updated on July 10, 2011

Green Lantern Yellow Battery Vault Fight

Green Lantern Yellow Battery Vault Fight
Green Lantern Yellow Battery Vault Fight

Green Lantern Vault Fight Defeating the Manhunters Ultra

The green lantern rise of the manhunters walkthrough continues with the vault fight in mission 3 and defeating the manhunters ultra and protecting the yellow energy battery and its fear energy from being disseminated to the universe. The green lantern vault fight and mission exemplifies why the green lantern game is an absolute essential for those wanting to be a green lantern and see and experience the various sights and sounds of the green lantern comic book universe.

In the vault, the green lantern Hal Jordan makes his way through the secret vault, and finds the Manhunters trying to siphon off the yellow energy at the end of the vault, from the yellow battery. Apparently, the Manhunters have been tipped off by an informant - a betrayal in the Green Lantern Corps - about the vault and the yellow energy. They are trying to harness the yellow energy in hope that it will give them a greater energy source to overpower the green power of will.

Green Lantern Tactics for Defeating the Manhunters Ultra

In the green lantern rise of the manhunters game, the vault fight pits Hal Jordan against two Manhunters Ultra in protecting the yellow battery. This is a tough fight, especially at Emerald Knight level, as Hal must evade the numerous attacks of the Manhunter Ultras, which include a gravitational pull attack, a beam blast attack, and a grapple attack which will smash Hal as he tries to evade the other attacks by dodging to the side. Not to mention, the missile attack from the Manhunters Ultra.

To finish this fight successful, one must use the dodge control exclusively to dodge around and then behind the Manhunters Ultra to avoid the various attacks above. Next when in a good position, use the machine gun construct and shoot at the Manhunters Ultra relentlessly. If skills permit, concentrate at only one manhunter ultra, and cripple the manhunter ultra to the point where he has to kneel. This will allow Hal to heal up. This is important because there are no blue vases here to heal Hal. You have to heal Hal by crippling the Manhunters Ultra. Healing is important because Hal will get hit by one of those attacks above despite his attempts at evasion. Repeat this process until the manhunters ultra is defeated. Of course, one can always use ring surge at some point. Use this power wisely, because it is possible you only have one attempt at it.

Green Lantern Double Manhunters Ultra


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