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Green Toys - Eco Toys For Young Children

Updated on October 19, 2010
Eco-friendly fire engine from Green Toys
Eco-friendly fire engine from Green Toys

The other day I was at a yard sale when I happened across a product from Green Toys.  It caught my eye since I had not heard of the company before, plus in these times of global warming and saving the planet, I am always on the lookout for all things green. 

And Green Toys are definitely what they claim to be - Green.  In fact, all Green Toys products are created from recycled plastic milk containers, thus significantly decreasing their energy consumption and carbon footprint.  What's more, all toys are made in the USA (California, in fact), which is a refreshing change from the factory of the world - China.  I remember watching a program on TV last year, showing the Port of Shangai, with the mind-boggling amounts of huge containers filled with products, including toys, departing for the rest of the world.  Aside from concerns of cheap labor, all this transportation is not great for the environment.  When you purchase Green Toys, you can do so with a certain ease of conscience. 

Green Toys Vehicles

And even the packaging is eco-friendly. Just the basics are used, with none of the wasteful cellophane and those annoying twist-ties that usually mean it takes the best part of half an hour to free the object from its box. Only corrugated boxes surround Green Toys products, and. in line with the company's ethics, even these are recycled.  Recycling is a very important part of the world we now live in - we are realizing the need to reuse as much as possible, and to waste as little as we can.

Green Toys Boats for the Bath

Good for the Environment, Good for Young Children

The well-being of a child comes foremost in the minds of all caring parents. Therefore, when faced with a choice, most parents would not want their toddler or young child ingesting traces of chemicals which could be detrimental to their health and well-being. But an awful lot of well-known plastic products, including toys, contain the chemical bisphenol-a (BPA). BPA, however, is a known hormone disruptor which can cause permanent damage to a developing child, including neurological problems and the onset of certain cancers. Green Toys are also free from all PVC and phthalates, which are the main 'nasties' in plastic products. 

The great thing about Green Toys products is that they do not contain BPA, PVC or Phthalates.

It is particularly desirable to avoid products containing BPA for babies and very young children, because it is this age group that are more likely to suck toys and put them in their mouths. Green Toys products are all made from recycled HDPE plastic, which is polyethelyne plastic and one of the safest plastics around.

Green Toys for Babies, from 6 Months

What Age Range are Green Toys Products Aimed Towards?

Green Toys manufacture products which are suitable for very young children. Many of the toys are suitable for children from 1 year or earlier, including the colorful Fire Engine with its pivoting ladder, Dump Truck which tilts, and Recycling Truck. There is a cool tool set, suitable for children aged from 2 plus (boys always love tinkering about with tools, even when very young), and a tea set also aimed towards two year olds (tea sets can be popular with both boys and girls). Young children can with Green Toys safely and happily from a very early age. The wonderful Tug Boats, for imaginative play in the bath, are even designed for children as young as 6 months, as are the Babies Building Blocks and Stackers.

Green Toys - Home Kitchen

Great Reviews

Green Toys products have some great reviews across the board. Previous customers have given Green Toys a high rating. The toys are sturdy, durable and well-made and, of course, 'Made in America from Plastic Milk Cartons'. The vehicles do not have metal axles, which means no rusting ( a problem I have had in the past with numerous toy vehicles over the years).  

Green Toys Outdoor Toys, Plus Gardening Sets

Green Toys - Creating the Future?

I think Green Toys are a wonderful company, facing head-on the problems we are encountering in the times we live in. A great choice for all green-minded parents, but also perhaps a sign of the future, as we continue to find ways to reuse and recycle the billions of tonnes of rubbish we have in the world every year. Whilst, as a whole, we are not likely to cut down significantly on the amount of toys we purchase for our kids, Green Toys are perfect for the conscientious and great for the planet. The fact that the toys are made from recycled milk containers is both interesting and exciting, and even a lesson for your child in the importance of looking after our planet.  The environmental impact from the manufacturing of plastics is enormous, so recycling is always the best option.  Green Toys are definitely a big step in the right direction.


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    • profile image

      Jane 6 years ago

      That's really lovely green toy collection. I loved it. I think everyone would have been aware of these green toys but nobody takes it seriously, moreover people usually buy some cheap quality for their kids which are not safe. I will surely buy such green toys for my kids.

    • greatlove profile image

      greatlove 6 years ago from Beaufort, NC

      Nice hub! Thanks for sharing.