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GTA 5 secrets

Updated on October 8, 2013

GTA 5 hidden locations and easter eggs

The new GTA 5 has come with some funny secrets and easter eggs. For example there are UFO's to be spotted, there is an frozen alien in the beginning of the game, secret locations and treasures! We will give you the locations of all the above right here, right now!

Finding bigfoot in GTA 5 - Bigfoot location GTA 5

Like I said there are funny things added to GTA 5, one of them is the sasquatch or more commonly known as bigfoot!

When you do find bigfoot, be sure you do not point your gun at him or he will vanish. This method will require for you to finish the story 100%. You will not only see bigfoot, he will also start talking to you.

Frozen alien easter egg GTA 5 - Frozen alien location

During the prologue of the game, after you get into the getaway car, you are given the option to drive off the side of the road along a frozen lake. At this frozen lake you will be able to find an alien in the ice below. Going to check this alien out will result in you failing the mission, but that's worth it ;)

Great video showing you the location of the frozen alien in GTA 5 during the prologue mission

Best similar to GTA game - Just Cause 2 Open World Shooter

Just Cause 2 is very similar to GTA. The world of Just Cause 2 is kinda the same size as GTA but it feels more open world. You make lots of uses of your parachute and hook. You have 3 factions to join and a massive story quest line. Missions include the takeover of military bases for your faction and there are lots of ground, air and sea vehicles to choose from. The game also have great graphics and really is fun to play especially for those who love GTA.

Just cause 2 Trailer

UFO in GTA 5 - Flying UFO location

This easter egg brings you a flying UFO on Mount Chiliad at night. But you will only be able to see this one when you have 100% completed the game.

Another flying UFO in GTA 5 - Flying UFO location

This UFO can be found in the air while flying over the city. It is not possible to land on it, because the energy field of the UFO will throw you off.

The crashed UFO in GTA 5 - Finding the UFO on the bottom of the sea

At the north of the map, in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, you can find a crashed Alien Spaceship.

In order to see it, you need a submarine. One of the many way to obtain it is to buy the Sonar Collections Dock in Paleto Cove.

Finding CJ's house in GTA 5 - CJ's house location

Funny easter egg for the ones who played GTA San Andreas. This easter egg gives you directions on how to go to CJ's house. Carl Johnson (CJ) was the main character in GTA San Andreas. His house is located in Grove Street of San Andreas. The block where CJ lives is just south of Franklin's safehouse, along the road from Grove Street Garage.

GTA 5 references to Back to the Future - Reference to back to the future

A Back To The Future easter egg makes an appearance in GTA 5! To see the secret easter egg reference, simply head on over to where I am in the video and that's it! It's cool to see that the classic, "1.21 GW" phrase made it's way into Grand Theft Auto V!

Reference to Stephan Kings the shining in GTA 5 - The shining reference

The jacket that Jack Nicholson had on in the movie "The Shining" can be purchased in GTA 5! But that's not all, also the Ryan Gosling's jacket from "Drive" can be purchased in the same store!

Jaws reference in GTA 5 - You needed a bigger boat.... or ANY boat!

Go for a swim in the midst of the sea and the sharks will find you. Ones the shark attacks and kills you, you will be given the achievement: "You needed a bigger boat... or ANY boat!" , which is a reference to the movie Jaws.

Creepy ghost in GTA 5 - The ghost of Mount Gordon

The creepy ghost of Mount Gordon appears between 23:00 and 00:00 hours. On the given location provided in the video, you will see the ghost hovering above a rock.

The zombie easter egg in GTA 5 - The Vinewood Zombie

Really funny easter egg in GTA 5, the Vinewood Zombie! When you are near one of the movie theaters in Los Santos, you can carry out a 5-7 minute conversation with an actual zombie! No, he's not chasing you around and attempting to eat your brains, but listening to him ramble on about his job as the famous "Vinewood Zombie"

No country for old men easter egg GTA 5 - Crime scene from the movie No country for old men

This easter egg shows you the location of the crime scene from the movie "No country for old men"

Red Dead Redemption easter egg GTA 5 - Reference to the Rockster game Red Dead Redemption

One easter egg can be found on as a picture on a wall the other one is in Franklin's mansion, on the bookshelf you will see a reference to another game of Rockstar, "Red Dead Redemption". Just use your ingame camera phone and zoom in to see it.

Alien invasion mode and killing clowns easter eggs GTA 5 - Killing aliens and clowns easter egg

When taking drugs received from Barry starts funny missions as Trevor or Michael. As Trevor you will have to fight clowns when and as Michael Aliens when tripping out.

Hidden treasure in GTA 5 - Easy money 12.000 from sunken treasure

When diving on a specific location in GTA 5, you will find a hidden treasure on the bottom of the sea worth 12.000 dollar. Check out the video for the location.

How to get a Bugatti Veyron in GTA 5 - Location of the Bugatti Veyron

Cars cost a lot of money in GTA 5, especially the special cars like the Bugatti Veyron. It's like the best car in the game and you will find the location in this video so you can get it for free!

Making money in GTA 5 - Guide on how to use the stock market to make money

There is only one way to make millions of money in GTA 5, and that's by using and manipulating the stock market. Use this video to learn how and when to invest money so you can buy the legendary cars, planes and all of the rest!

Games like GTA 5 - Open world games similar to GTA

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    • Scorpiongod LM profile image

      Scorpiongod LM 

      4 years ago

      Wow! Great man great. I can't play even GTA IV but I'm building a Gaming Computer soon. Great findings man. I got a huge motivation to play GTA 5.


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