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Realistic Lottery Tips

Updated on September 20, 2010

Be Smart -- Have Fun.

There Is No Guaranteed Lottery Win.

Winning the Lottery is luck--you must understand this. There is no Guaranteed Lottery Win. No one can sell you software, books or guides. No one can relate secret strategies or methods that will guarantee you win the lottery. But, don't despair just yet. Just because no one can guarantee you a lottery win every time, doesn't mean that you can't greatly improve the frequency and size of your lottery winnings by educating yourself about how the lottery works.

Play for Fun, But Play for Keeps.

Let's face it, math--to most of us--is a four letter word. Understanding statistics and math systems can be painfully mind-numbing. But, taking the time to understand the basics will double your ability to make the correct choices when you play any kind of lottery. The most important part of learning about a lottery is learning when to play--and when not to play. And the methods and strategies that currently exist out there are meant to give you the tools to reign in frivolous lottery spending and help you understand Correct Lottery Behavior (CLB). CLB comes down to three important steps.

Educate Yourself

The first step in larger and more frequent winnings is to educate yourself about the specific lottery you intend on playing by noting the statistics, the frequency and the history of the winning numbers.

 All lotteries operate on the simple core idea of picking, ’X amount of numbers out of X amount of numbers’. This means you might have 3 out of 50 numbers or 6 out of 73 numbers. Although the core idea is the same in both of those scenarios, the statistics of winning are drastically different. The statistics change again if one of the numbers have more weight—as in a Powerball lottery. Understanding the type of lottery you are playing and the statistics is important.

 You will also want to know how often the lottery is drawn and the cost per ticket. You will need to understand these variables to put a lottery method into play. Most lottery methods will set an expense budget that relates to the probability of wins. The frequency of the draw and the cost per ticket will dictate how the method is implemented.

 Lastly, you will want to document the history of the winning numbers over the course of the last 6 month to a year—or longer. You can typically find winning number results online at the lottery website. The farther back you document the better off you are—in most cases, although some methods require less documentation and rely on other indicators. Once you find the numbers, just copy and paste them into a text document for later use.

Lottery Tips from National Geographic Documentary

Pick Your Winning Method.

The next step is to find a method that works for you. There are many methods currently available and all have their advantages and disadvantages. Below I’ve outlined a bit about each method and some of the advantages and disadvantages.

 1. Lottery Wheel Systems: Lottery Wheel Systems are a method of playing lottery games, in which the player buys several tickets, and arranges the numbers on the tickets in such a manner that they will have a guaranteed winner if the drawing results fall within a certain range of numbers. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of possible wheel combinations, but they all boil down to three key elements:

1.      The minimum guarantee (for example, I want to match a minimum of 3 numbers),

2.      The number of lottery numbers drawn that must fall within your set of numbers in order to guarantee a prize, and,

3.      How many different numbers you're including in the wheel.

 2. Lottery Guide and Method Books: Lottery Guide and Method Books come in a number of formats, offering a variety of information. Most strategies in these books focus on a specific time-proven method that returns results based on manipulating the lottery system. Many books and systems do nothing more than simply teach you about statistics, lottery wheels, number frequency and best lottery number picking strategies. However, having it all spelled out in a handy book is what makes these guides worth having. Step by step instructions—no guess work means no mistakes.

 3. Lottery Software: Lottery Software automates what the Lottery Books teach. The advantages to lottery software are that you don’t have to learn a lot of math. It takes the thought process out of the equation, but, unfortunately it also takes the fun out of the adventure as well. The other downside to lottery software – wheels or charts or tracking – is that they are typically more expensive than a simple book. But, lots of people utilize software with good success and in fairness, there are many lottery software programs that allow you to get closer to the numbers. Although never closer than you would on your own with pure knowledge.

 4. Lottery Cd’s and Tapes. I have to chuckle every time I see a hypnotist tape on ‘How to Win the Lottery’ or a meditation tape on ‘How to Pick Lottery Numbers’. Please, Please. Do not purchase this junk unless you want a good laugh. Winning the lottery can not be guaranteed, especially by being hypnotized. It might however, help you quit smoking.

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Play For Fun

The third important step is simple – Play for Fun. To often people comb the internet looking for the quick fix and instant gratification that winning the lottery can provide. But it is important that you play lotteries for the right reason. Of course, you want to hit it big, but ultimately the thrill of crunching numbers and the anticipation of the draw is what should drive you to invest time in learning lottery methods.

I hope I have by now made it clear that there is no guaranteed lottery win. That you can improve your chances to hit more numbers by educating yourself and taking the time to understand how lotteries work. But ultimately, winning the lottery is luck – not mysticism. Math, not magic.


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