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Guild Wars 2: Caledon Forest

Updated on June 24, 2018
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Guild Wars 2 Caledon Forest Hints and Tips

In GW2, the sylvari hero starts off in the Caledon Forest area. When the sylvari hero arrives in the Caledon Forest area, he will be exposed to the large array of activities and combat scenarios that will be present in this area. Consequently, the hero may be at a loss about what to do next. This will provide a brief guide for the sylvari hero on how to go about the important things he needs to focus on in his initial ventures into the Caledon Forest area. These hints and tips will allow the hero to develop a sense of direction on what to do next, and allow the hero to build up his character and pursue his interests (enjoyably) within the GW2 game.

Guild Wars 2 Caledon Forest Points of Interest and Repair Merchants

The Caledon Forest is divided into various sections, and each section will have one or more of these things – points of interests, quests areas, skill challenges, scouts, vistas, waypoints, merchants and trainers.

The hero can head towards the points of interests, if he so chooses. These points of interests are located along main roads, towns and villages. They can also be located in isolated alcoves away from the roads. For the low level character, caution is advised and he should stick to the points of interest along the road. Away from the road, hostile mobs may be encountered, and the hero may succumb to the mobs fairly rapidly. This leads to a loss of equipment durability, and repair work is needed (see below). The points of interests are often areas where the hero can acquire one or more quests. Do the quests to improve on the character. Generally, the hero should go for the quest appropriate for his level.

One of the most important things to identify early on in the game within Caledon Forest is the repair merchant. The repair merchant will repair the hero’s equipment when worn down. The two repair merchants within the Caledon Forest starting areas are near the Village of Astorea and Mabon Market.

Scouts also provide a quick brief point of view of the turmoils and conflicts within each area in Caledon Forest. The hero can visit the scouts and then choose which point of interests to go to and which quests to undertake.

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Caledon Forest Vistas

Vistas are high points, or relatively high points where the hero can visualize the landscape around him. The hero needs to find a way to the vistas, and then survey the area for dangers before proceeding to reach the vistas. Reaching the vistas will earn the hero experience points.

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Caledon Forest Waypoints

Waypoints within the Caledon Forest are essential for the hero for fast travel. Should the hero die or is defeated at some point within Caledon Forest, the game allows the hero to be transported back to the nearest waypoint. If the hero had not visited the nearest waypoints before venturing into a battle quest, then he will be transported to a waypoint far away. And it will be a long way back to the quest the hero is currently engaged in. Reaching waypoints also allows the hero to earn experience points.

Guild Wars 2 Caledon Forest Skill Challenge

Guild Wars 2 Skill Challenge
Guild Wars 2 Skill Challenge

Caledon Forest Skill Challenges

Scattered across the Caledon Forest are areas where the hero can pick up some free skill points. Not all skill points are free; some of them require the hero to overcome certain challenges.Skill points can then be allocated to unlock slot skills. However, there are only three slot skills for below level 21 characters. So even if skill points may be in abundance, there are only so many slots to unleash these skills during battle.

Caledon Forest Events and Personal Story

Whilst travelling around Caledon Forest, the hero will encounter events. Join other players for the events, or if the hero is in an isolated spot, then he may want to do the events alone.

Alternatively, the hero, for example, the sylvari hero, may want to stick to the personal storyline. In between the personal storyline, the sylvari hero is encouraged to do more things (listed above) in the Caledon Forest area. This is necessary to increase the experience level of the hero to match that of the personal storyline. Otherwise the hero will surely perish and have his adventuring gear severely worn down by overpowerful monsters in the personal storyline.

As the hero completes more quests and events, the Caledon Forest level of completion bar will increase and experience points will be earned.

From playing within Caledon Forest, Guild Wars 2 is a fantastic game where heroes can ride into the battle action from the word go (when they enter the game). They can pursue the personal storyline, or they can delve straight into battle with their fellow heroes against the mighty villains and monsters of Tyria.

Moving on from Caledon Forest - a great place for multiplayer events, battles and getting experience points.


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