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Guild Wars 2 Human Thief Skills

Updated on September 10, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Human Thief Skills

In Guild Wars 2, the human starts off at Shaemoor Village. Shaemoor is a village being overrun by centaurs. The human thief will demonstrate his thief weapon skills in defending the village. As the human heroine triumphs over the centaurs and gets to enter Divinity's Reach, she will be invited to take part in the celebrations by Falen. This will provide a brief guide and synopsis of the thief skills in defeating the bandits in the welcome home quest. It will also provide a guide on how to find the kidnapped Falen and proceed to the next part of the human storyline quest.

Guild Wars 2 Use Thief Weapon Skills

Guild Wars 2 Use Thief Weapon Skills and shadowstep to defeat bandits
Guild Wars 2 Use Thief Weapon Skills and shadowstep to defeat bandits

Use Thief Weapon Skills

The low-level thief has the following skills with which to defeat the centaurs and later on the bandits -

  • Backstab - attack the enemy from the shadow, striking for double damage if hit from behind.
  • Lotus Strike - inflict poison on the enemies when the foe is struck.
  • Wild Strike - chain attack that strikes the enemies again.
  • Double Strike - strike enemies twice.

The above skills will rotate depending on the heroine's pre-actions at that time. For example, if the heroine went into the "hide in shadows" mode (thief slot skill), then she can sneak up behind the enemy and do a backstab. More dagger skills follow -

  • Heartseeker - allows the hero to leap and strike at the enemy. A true opportunistic skill, it causes more damage the weaker the enemy is.
  • Dual Wield - fire a blinding shot at the enemy and then shadowstep them to attack them with the dagger.

Shadowstep - this is activated with key F1. It allows the heroine to shadowstep the enemy and steal from them. In attack mode, once this is activaed, this weapon skill will morph into a different form of attack (need to press F1 again) depending on the thief's mood and impromptu use of weapons at that time.

Once the heroine is equipped with a pistol, equip the pistol in the offhand to open up the pistol offhand thief weapons skill. This includes the following -

  • headshot - stun the enemy with a head shot
  • black powder - fire black powder into the combat field, blinding enemies and can be used to do a combo attack with the right finisher.

Note that some of the above attacks require initiative. So keep attacking with the main move (button 1) until initiative builds up again.

These weapon skills are blended together to form a series of fluid thief-like battle moves.

Guild Wars 2 Find Falen

In the welcome home quest, the hero uses the weapon skills to test and defeat scores of bandits. The ultimate aim of this quest is to find and rescue Lord Falen. To do this, the heroine must follow the arrow signs on the minimap to the main market square. The door of the house that contains Falen is marked with a green asterisk. After defeating the bandits, open this door and go upstairs to rescue Falen.

If the heroine is now addicted to the mesmerizing battle movements of the thief, then be ready to execute more of the weapon skills for the next quest.


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